Numerology Nuggets – May the Force be With You

By Mary Herter –  May the Force be With You The energy for May is all about the 5 in Numerology. In a nutshell, that means beauty, charisma, adventure, change, travel, and possibly chaos or confusion.  My favorite song for the month of May is Born to be Wild. If an adventure is in the cards …

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Numerology Nuggets – The Magical Energy of April and the Number 4 

By Mary Herter –  We’ve all heard the proverb, “April showers bring May flowers.” This is quite apt, as I looked to the tarot cards to see what they wanted me to focus on for this month’s Numerology article. Four out of the five cards drawn were the suit of Cups. Cups hold water or collect the raindrops from the April …

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November…Balance, Partnerships, Intuition, Mother Energy, Groups

By Elizabeth Summers As the falling leaves swirl around us, so does the multi-level energies of the Number Two and more importantly, the Number Eleven of November. This high-strung vibration of intuition can create some intense nervous energy in those that are very emotional and sensitive, even to the point …

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October….. Number Ten …the God Force, Good Karma and Money Issues

By Elizabeth Summers By October, the beautiful season of Fall has arrived bringing with it new looks in Mother Nature, new weather conditions and new life styles for we humans as we begin our nesting for the next several months. As Mother Earth began to wind things down in the …

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September… Closing Up Shop

By Elizabeth Summers As we write, say, even think the Number of a particular month, its influence of energy returns to us from the Universe. Perhaps not in a blatant way but be on alert for the subtle influence of each month’s themes. As we move into the energy of …

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August…Money, Power, Authority

By Elizabeth Summers August, the Eighth month of our calendar year, finds our energy picking up in a more dynamic way from the slowdown of July. The practical pace of life accelerates, and mental reasoning about the “now” kicks in. The Number Eight applies to the human condition in more …

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