Numerology, Compatibility and February, the Month of Love

By Mary Herter –

February is the month of love. When we look at the number 2, it speaks to us about being part of a couple, companionship, or partnership, and no longer having to do things alone, as with the number 1 energy of January. What happens when we don’t feel compatible, and are struggling with partnership?

First of all, let’s take a look at calculating your Birth Path number. All you need to know is your date of birth.

Month + Day + Year = Birth Path

Once we know our Birth Path number we can use it to gauge our compatibility with another. In Numerology, there is what are called triads. These triads are a perfect match, for the energy of the numbers is highly compatible one with the other. The triads are as follows:

1, 5, 7

2, 4, 8

3, 6, 9

Next, we can calculate the Birth Path of our partner, significant other, husband, wife, friend, or business associate. All you need to know is their date of birth. After adding their date of birth and arriving at a single digit number, you can now compare that Birth Path to your own.

Let’s take the following example:

John’s date of birth is 07/13/1936 7+13+1936= 1956= 1+9+5+6= 21= 2+1=3

Lisa’s  date of birth is 09/25/1940 9+25+1940= 1974= 1+9+7+4= 21= 2+1=3

Well, wasn’t that an easy example. John and Lisa are both a 3 Birth Path. They are certainly a perfect match.

But wait, you are saying, what happens when a pair is not a perfect match? The match can still work, as long as we know how we can foster the relationship with the numbers.

Let’s look at another example:

Paul’s date of birth is 10/06/1965 10+06+1965= 1981= 1+9+8+1= 19= 1+9=10/ 1

Stephanie’s date of birth is 06/10/1968 6+10+1968= 1984= 1+9+8+4= 22= 2+2=4

Paul has a 1 Birth Path and Stephanie has a 4 Birth Path. Looking at the triads we know this is not a perfect match. If you look at last month’s article, I outlined some of the main characteristics of the numbers. The 1 energy is all about doing things alone, being the best, using your intuition, and feeling like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. The 4 energy is about building a solid foundation, being part of a team, structure, and hard work. When you look at the characteristics of these two numbers it appears challenging to find common ground. When a relationship is worth the effort you can always find common ground. For Stephanie, it will be very important for her to feel part of the team/couple. Paul will need to compromise his desire to do things on his own. He no longer needs to have the weight of the world on his shoulders as Stephanie will be more than happy to help carry part of the load. Paul can use his intuition to find solutions, and Stephanie will jump in to do the heavy lifting, as she does like hard work after all. Paul is always wanting to be the best, so he will strive to make sure that Stephanie is happy, and provided for.

As long as we understand the characteristics of the numbers, and both are committed to making the relationship work, we can use this knowledge to foster a very loving relationship. Here’s to compatibility!


Mary Herter has a gift and passion for helping others. Her powerful intuition, coupled with tarot and numerology, increases her ability to help her clients realize their life’s purpose. She uses the tarot cards, numbers, and her psychic gifts to answer questions about careers and relationships, and to see what the day, month, and year have in store. Contact her via her website at:


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