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Intergral Body Work System Practitioner
Home Phone: 1-708-710-6227 Website:

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Integral Bodywork® System – Ron Shereyk
The pain and suffering in your body-mind are an invitation to greater awakening! Ron Shereyk is a Certified a Practitioner of the Integral Bodywork® System and has trained with Everett Ogawa, its founder, for more than 13 years. The Integral Bodywork® System consists of 10 sessions of interactive bodywork as well as several transformational practices including meditation, breath work, TRE™, and Integral Stretches. Using the body as a route to self-discovery, the system can help alleviate pain and allow a person to deepen the body-mind connection. Ron brings over 20 years of practice in martial arts and zen and has personally experienced the transformation that accompanies Integral Bodywork®. His goal is to help others enhance their own developmental process, move past limitations in the body-mind and realize new possibilities. Ron is a 5th-degree black belt (Godan) and instructor in Aikido and a Certified TRE™ (tension/trauma releasing exercises) Provider. Ron offers regular workshops and private sessions. To learn more about Integral Bodywork® go to or contact Ron at [email protected] or 708-710-6227.
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Photo of The House of Liquid Mercury – Talent Group
c/o Forever Photo Studio 12945 Western Ave. Blue Island IL 60406 Chicago South Suburbs Work Phone: (312) 539-2240

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The House of Liquid Mercury was created with the Artist and Performance Artist in mind. Not only to facilitate work, but to create an avenue for them to share their passions unto others. Doing so will open the doors to those never having been exposed to the Arts or Performing Arts while at the same time creating a job for the Artist. For the attendees, this is the place to learn something new or expand their repertoire as Artist. Via the Talent “housed” herein, these Artists will inspire self-development and creativity within the community.

Workshops are designed to be private, comfortable, and fun. This is done by making workshops available in the late-evening hours and weekends, so those working long hours or having additional responsibilities can benefit at a later hour or day. Topics include Art, Burlesque, Choreography, Dance, Improv, Makeup, Modeling, Performance, Presentation, Self-Development, Crew and Stage Training just to name a few.

Guests will meet other like-minded friends. EVERYONE has the right to make their dreams reality. EVERYONE has the right to create, as the HOLM believes there is an Artist in everyone.

Unleash the mind, expand horizons, cross-borders and begin to morph. Be, like liquid Mercury…

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