NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS: It’s All About the Numbers

By Mary Herter

As we ring in the New Year in 2017, we can be more successful in achieving our resolutions if we can understand how the energy of numbers affects us. Each of us has a unique numeric blueprint made up of our name and date of birth. For the sake of simplicity, let’s focus on our Personal Year number. This number is very important in determining what our focus will be for the year. By creating harmony between your resolution and your Personal Year, you will supercharge your chance for success.

Personal Year= Day of Birth+ Month of Birth+ Current Year

In numerology, we keep adding the digits in a number until we get to a single digit. For example, if your birthday is December 5th, you would add 1+2+5+2+0+1+7 to get your Personal Year Number.

Personal Year= 12+5+2017= 2034, then take 2+0+3+4= 9

A Personal Year of 9 is strongly focused on what is no longer serving you. Many people find in a 9 Personal Year that they clear out clutter, they may clean out the house, or maybe just a closet. They may find relationships changing; perhaps someone they spent a lot of time with is no longer in their life. A job that was held for many years no longer satisfies you, and you look for something new, something better.

What follows are some examples of what could be a key focus for each Personal Year:

Personal Year of 1:  new beginnings, going it alone, using your intuition, being the best

Personal Year of 2:  cooperation, duality, desire being part of a couple, teammate

Personal Year of 3:  drama, creativity, friendship, freedom, advancement

Personal Year of 4:  solid foundation, teamwork, structure, order, hard work

Personal Year of 5:  change, travel, charisma, beauty, adventure

Personal Year of 6:  family, career, community, communication

Personal Year of 7:  search for spirituality, reflection, introspection

Personal Year of 8:  abundance, money, power, ambition, success

Personal Year of 9:  letting go of what no longer serves you, endings, transition

Now let’s use the example of the 9 Personal Year. If you are in a 9 Personal Year and your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight you can be successful. You know that the extra weight is no longer serving you. You need to let go of the behaviors that have kept you overweight. Have you been a couch potato? That is no longer serving you. Get off the couch, and into some sneakers, and start walking. Take the stairs at work, the elevator isn’t working for you! Do you eat too much at every meal? Stop it! That no longer serves you. Eat smaller, more frequent meals. Look at everything you do and ask the question, does that serve me? Will doing that lead to weight loss? By focusing on letting go of what doesn’t work, you will create what does work, and achieve your New Year’s Resolution.

Mary Herter has a gift and passion for helping others. Her powerful intuition, coupled with tarot and numerology, increases her ability to help her clients realize their true life purpose.  She uses the tarot cards, numbers, and her psychic gifts to answer questions about careers and relationships and to see what the day, month, and year have in store.  Contact her via her website at:

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