November…Balance, Partnerships, Intuition, Mother Energy, Groups

By Elizabeth Summers


As the falling leaves swirl around us, so does the multi-level energies of the Number Two and more importantly, the Number Eleven of November. This high-strung vibration of intuition can create some intense nervous energy in those that are very emotional and sensitive, even to the point of physical illnesses from worry.

Ruling the subconscious, the Numbers Two and Eleven can bring on wild dreaming and restlessness which is not uncommon.  These possible agitation energies can cause impatience in relationships that require a lot of balance, setting of boundaries, or negotiating situations into “win-win” through diplomacy. Therefore, it is not surprising that many “flare-ups” can occur around the Thanksgiving table!

The Number Eleven is a Master Number taken on only by old souls of spirituality who have volunteered to come to the human with only one purpose—to serve as a spiritual messenger. However, to fit all this electrical energy into the “human shoes” can be quite a trick, so the human reverts to the lower energy of Two.

 Flipping back and forth energetically between Two and Eleven can become quite dizzying and confusing on occasion! One of the best solutions for this is to be around water; either living near ponds, streams, or oceans, or jumping into Jacuzzis will calm this hyperactive static down to a more grounded level.

In November, we move mid-month from the sign of Scorpio into the sign of Sagittarius. This can be a shock to many, as Saturn, the “Marine Corps Drill instructor” of the Universe will now be sitting in the sign of Sagittarius until December 20, 2017. The word “Sagittarius” is Latin for “the archer,” and sure enough, Sagittarius souls will take aim at their goals mid-November, and intensify all efforts as it zooms into December.

Don’t ask them to sit still too long, and as boredom sets in their favorite phrase just might be “I’m out of here!” Their quest for excitement, mixed with a little intrigue, can make them a force to be dealt with during the gentle energies of November.

Planet Jupiter has now moved into Libra where it is happy! Although all signs will benefit from this move, Libras will definitely find abundance and opportunities filling their lives until October 2017.

Jupiter's effects are to expand our experiences, our knowledge, and our understanding. Jupiter represents optimism, growth, generosity, joy, and abundance.

From a Tarot perspective, the Number Two is the High Priestess card, which brings in a need to listen to one’s intuition, especially when dealing with partnerships. The Number Eleven is the Justice card, requiring balance in partnerships that frequently have arrived from previous incarnations.

Where the energy of Number One is assertive and aggressive, wanting to be the leader in all situations, Number Two says, “show me the way, and I will follow.” This quiet, supportive vibration, especially as a birthday Number, can get misinterpreted as weak, and thus get walked on like a doormat. Non-combative and easily led, this “people pleaser” can become codependent, needing to be snapped out of their victim energy in difficult personal relationships, especially in families.

The Number Two is one of the “mother” indicators in Numerology. This feminine sensitive vibration needs to learn to be true to themselves, and speak up in their own defense. Setting boundaries, and saying the word “no” in many cases can be quite a challenge in corralling noisy children, or setting boundaries in relationships, but it must be done. The out-of-balance of Number Two is victimhood, but there are no victims in life, only inappropriate choices that have been made that need correction.

The Numbers applied to the word “November” add to a total vibration of transition of 13/4 which is the Death card in Tarot. The old is passing away, and we are moving into a planning energy of nesting, prior to new growth and beginnings that come in the Spring.

Thanksgiving provides the perfect opportunity to serve others for all of us, especially the Number Two and the Number Eleven. This energy, which is fastidious, very detail oriented to a fault, sometimes can put all the details together for a wonderful event. Very hurt by criticism, be sure to “compliment the cook” on this special holiday, or Number Two energy will not be inviting you back!

Relax, enjoy, and be peaceful in this rather slow-moving month. More importantly, be in gratitude mode for all the abundance that the wonderful month of November celebrates, and trust that “all is well.”

Spiritually guiding clients since 1988, Elizabeth Summers provides practical information. Ancient Numerology interpretations, Astrology, and Tarot are used in all of her readings. Website: For a private Numerology reading with Elizabeth Summers, please go here to review your choices:


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