Saturday , January 22 2022

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Interview with Diana Kushenbach: Helping Others Connect to a Higher Awareness

By Anna J. Anthony Anna Anthony: Diana, you have a very impressive background in law enforcement that led to the title of “Police Intuitive.” When did your law enforcement career begin merging with your psychic gifts and abilities? Diana Kushenbach: I was not fully aware of my psychic and mediumship …

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Interview with Stacy Chandler from Stacy’s Place of Healing Part I

by Anna J Anthony  Anna Anthony: Stacy, thank you for allowing me to visit Stacy's Place of Healing, and experience one of your magical crystal bed sessions! I was very relaxed, yet I feel there was a lot happening. What exactly was going on while I was on the healing table, surrounded by …

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Interview with Atala Dorothy Toy from Crystal Life Technology

by Anna J. Anthony​ Atala Dorothy Toy is the president and founder of Crystal Life Technology, Inc., an interdimensional communicator, nature spirit photographer, practicing yogi, author, and former vice president of the American Society of Dowsers. This is just a small list of Atala’s accomplishments and contributions to the metaphysical …

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