Friday , September 25 2020

Conscious Community Magazine

All About Town – Whatever the Vehicle, Let Peace be your Destination – Past Life Regression Hypnotic Session with Kasia Szumal

By Theresa Puskar During this curious time, when our lives are filled with greatmystery and a future that lacks any kind of certainty, it is my deepest belief that the most powerful way we can contribute to the world is by cultivating our sense of inner peace. How can we …

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The Art of Listening

By Jakeb Brock  There are essentially only two proactive postures for human beings to assume: exertion and listening. Human exertion encompasses all manner of doing, working, accomplishing goals, expressing ourselves socially, as well as emoting and thinking. Doing, working, and socializing tend to be consciously instigated behaviors, while emoting and thinking often …

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