October….. Number Ten …the God Force, Good Karma and Money Issues

By Elizabeth Summers


By October, the beautiful season of Fall has arrived bringing with it new looks in Mother Nature, new weather conditions and new life styles for we humans as we begin our nesting for the next several months.

As Mother Earth began to wind things down in the month of September, the final surge of energy blasts forth in October as if to say “I am not done yet”! For all, there is a sense of fate stepping into one’s life. There can be a change of fortune, a moving in a different direction, an opening of luck and even a witnessing of miracles!

This tenth month of the calendar year has all the energies of a compound Number.  Not only does Ten carry the qualities of ONE but the ZERO “super charges” Number One which adds to its intensity.

The ancients believed that the ZERO symbolized eternity, wholeness, oneness equaling the power of God.  To these believers, this glyph was the Alpha and Omega concept represented in the geometric of a circle.

Metaphorically speaking, the ZERO is like a Delco battery sitting on the store shelf full of force and power. It is not until the battery is connected to the motor in a car, for example or some mechanical device, that this battery and specifically one’s life, that it literally gets one’s motor of life charging ahead!

The ZERO in the tenth month of the year “supercharges” the single Number One and intensifies it to move forward with courage, intellectual direction and initiative.

Let’s examine just what is being supercharged by ZERO that can bring a new exciting energy to many in October as they say, write, and think the Number Ten.

October, the tenth calendar month equates to the Wheel of Good Fortune in Tarot cards. Very interestingly, money always seems to be in the news in October.  Stock Market downturns, lottery winners, budget concerns….all seem to grab the headlines. 

However, happily, the Number Ten is not a nasty Karmic Debt Number which usually leads to personal and financial losses in a lifetime.  The Number Ten is not about a debt still to be paid and rectified but an energy to be enjoyed as a consequence of good behaviors and choices made in this incarnation and/or previous human lifetimes.   There is a freedom connected to this Number that says “your debt has been paid and now you may begin again”. 

The Number Ten is one of the good Karma codes that can bring prosperity to those who deserve it.  If life’s struggles have been burdening you, step back; view everything from a larger perspective allowing a broader vision or realization to take form.

Therefore, October is the time to stand on your own and use all your energetic skills to the positive that currently may be buried in your subconscious.

Basically, the Number One, intensified by the Zero, represents drive and focus.  This intellectual and masculine energy represents “no nonsense’ leadership.  Ambition and determination are then buzz words. Being a “bossy boss” is a danger here. 

There is much more focus under the Number Ten. This intellectual vibration leads one to take one step at a time towards goals unlike the possible completions and emotional confusions of September. Having said that, know that October can be a culmination of a series of events that bring success and material accomplishments to you. The justice of the Universe is in play.

In October it is important to see life from a larger viewpoint. Destiny or fate step in under this code filled with surprises, changes in direction and rapid developments that bring new beginnings.

You may feel more determined to stand alone, make decisions, arrive at inventive solutions and have all the courage needed to carry them out.

Should failure and loss plague you instead, understand that every circumstance in life is the result of choices and you are experiencing the consequences of those out of alignment choices.

Regroup, trust that you will be guided and move on because the Wheel of Good Fortune keeps turning and there is another October in your future.

Spiritually guiding clients since 1988, Elizabeth Summers provides practical information by combining Numerology, Astrology and Tarot interpretations in her personal readings. Website:  www.elizabethsummers.com.

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