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Photo of Lori Daniel Falk
Thought Leader Wisom of The Angels
Work Phone: 1-262-442-2464 Website:

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An Artist, Author, and Coach is known for her portraits that serve as epigenetic emotional healing tools. Her art has found homes in 25 countries around the world, has graced the covers of numerous magazines, was a regular feature on the DailyOm and is exhibited at Hay House 1publishing conferences. As a Thought Leader, her inspirational, engaging style enables her to make complex information understandable, making her a sought after guest speaker, teacher, and coach.

Prior to embarking on this spiritual journey, Ms. Falk was the editor and publisher of the international trade publication RTW (Ready-To-Wear Review) providing retailers with the fashion industry’s pertinent monthly news. Utilizing her years of experience as a fashion buyer and retail manager as well as her expertise in sighting emerging trends, she was often referred to as the “go to” person in the retail fashion industry. During that time she wrote a series of books on retailing including “Electronic Commerce: How to Sell On The Net”, “Resort Retail, Attracting Today’s Busy Woman”, “Capitalizing On The Billion $$$$ Airport Retail Market”, and “Retailing in Today’s World”. Her most recent book is, “What The World Needs To Know Now, Wisdom of The Angels”.


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Photo of Alessandra Gilioli, M.F.A.
Medium/Healer, Visionary Artist and Spiritual Coach
Work Phone: 1-872-301-2081 Website: Galactic Crystal Healing

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Medium/healer, visionary artist and spiritual coach, specializing in connecting to higher guides and emotional healing – unlocking human potential. Unblock and unlock your higher potential TODAY!

Services and Classes Offered.
Shamanic Teacher/Trainer.

  • Individual channeling clarifying ones spiritual path.
  • Individual counseling providing overall spiritual healing.
  • Can access your personal spiritual guides, angels and teachers, providing guidance and messages to you.
  • Trance and sound healing to access and aid higher.
  • Brain activity and function.
  • Individual and group work.

Available for:

  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Seminars
  • Classes
  • Individual or group training

Alessandra works with healing sacred sites world wide, clients spanning from the United States to Japan and Brazil among other countries. she works via Skype and in person.

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Photo of Nancy Murder
Infinity Foundation
1280 Old Skokie Road Highland Park IL 60035 Work Phone: 847-831-8828 Website:

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INFINITY FOUNDATION is the Chicago area’s leading holistic education center. Infinity offers Courses For Life®, providing you with experiential courses in personal, professional, and spiritual growth to enhance your life. Location: 1280 Old Skokie Road, Highland Park, IL 60035. Contact 24 hours a day: Infinity Foundation or 847-831-8828

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Photo of Robert Novak
Intuitive Healer and Speaker
Work Phone: 1-219-246-6296 Website:

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An inspiring teacher, writer, speaker, high frequency life force guide, and Yuen Method master and instructor. His divinely inspired transformational work with clients is the catalyst, which provides them with the empowerment and improvements in their lives to become their own self-experts, to know their purposes in life, and to live them.

Robert’s Offerings
Robert has the unique ability to pinpoint exactly the answer that improves and progresses one’s life.

  • FREE Live Events via phone 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • High Frequency Transformational group gatherings every Thursday
  • One-on-One Sessions:
  • Deleting Stress and Pain

Life Force Enhancement
Your Next Divine Opening
Intuitive Soul Guidance
Akashic Record Consult
Oracle Card Reading

  • Yuen Method Training and Success Integration

Creator of inspiring transformational writings:

  • The Spirituality of Success
  • God’s Divine Creations for Knowing Your Soul’s Purposes
  • Restore Feminine Power – Restore Peace, Restore Balance
  • Messages from the Light – Divine Guidance on How to Live on Earth for the Advancement of Your Soul and Consciousness
  • Improve Your Physical Potential

Creator of inspiring transformational meditations:

  • Sit with God
  • Christ Seed
  • Inner Child
  • River of Love, Power of Choice
  • Planetary Transformation Meditation


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Photo of Theresa Puskar
Author, Performer, Corporate Trainer, Inspirational Speaker and Motivational Audio Book Producer EDU-TAINMENT PRODUCTIONS
Work Phone: 1-630-272-1805 Website: Theresa Puskar

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As a published author, corporate trainer, inspirational speaker and motivational audio book producer, Theresa Puskar is a communications dynamo!  With over 25 years of experience, she is thrilled to provide you with a one-stop shop to service all of your communications needs.

  • A celebrated producer, she has worked with a plethora of New York Times best-selling authors, including Marianne Williamson, Gregg Braden, Brian Tracy and Dr. Joe Vitale.
  • She is the author of The “Terri” children’s book series, seven books for children ages 5-9 that focus on a variety of social and emotional issues.
  • A powerful motivational speaker and corporate trainer, Theresa edu-tains her audiences, touching hearts and minds in a way that is engaging and life-transforming.
  • She has recorded several powerful motivational audio programs, including her most recent, How to De-Clutter.
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Photo of Ann Ruane
Reiki Master, Certified Teacher of Crystal Healing, Author Lux Eterna Healing
Work Phone: 262-510-1012 Website: Lux Eterna Healing

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Support your healing from trauma, overcoming of anxiety, recovery from injury, or movement through grief with energy healing. Achieve balance of mind-body-spirit through shifting perception, loving who you are, and healing the energy that blocks joy, connection, and physical ease.

Her book, “Fall in Love with the Whispers of Your Heart: A Guide to Transformation from the Inside Out” is an opportunity to continue self-discovery in your own time and at your pace. It helps you choose connection over perfection and find gratitude for who you are. Books 2 and 3 in the series will be available Fall 2022.


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Photo of Ron Schereyk
Intergral Body Work System Practitioner
Home Phone: 1-708-710-6227 Website:

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Integral Bodywork® System – Ron Shereyk
The pain and suffering in your body-mind are an invitation to greater awakening! Ron Shereyk is a Certified a Practitioner of the Integral Bodywork® System and has trained with Everett Ogawa, its founder, for more than 13 years. The Integral Bodywork® System consists of 10 sessions of interactive bodywork as well as several transformational practices including meditation, breath work, TRE™, and Integral Stretches. Using the body as a route to self-discovery, the system can help alleviate pain and allow a person to deepen the body-mind connection. Ron brings over 20 years of practice in martial arts and zen and has personally experienced the transformation that accompanies Integral Bodywork®. His goal is to help others enhance their own developmental process, move past limitations in the body-mind and realize new possibilities. Ron is a 5th-degree black belt (Godan) and instructor in Aikido and a Certified TRE™ (tension/trauma releasing exercises) Provider. Ron offers regular workshops and private sessions. To learn more about Integral Bodywork® go to or contact Ron at [email protected] or 708-710-6227.
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Photo of Rhonda Linda Schultz
Ancient Origins Aromatherapy
Home Phone: 630-863-1029

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Linda Schultz , Certified Aromatherapist, Ancient Origins Aromatherapy, Energy and chakra assessments. Custom essential oil blends for all types of issues and chakra balancing. Phone consultations possible. Packages available. Specialty Egyptian oils available. Chicago, IL. Call: 630-863-1029.

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Photo of Carol Swanson
Carol Swanson LLC
Home Phone: 608-359-4720 Website:

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Carol Swanson LLC, Medical Intuitive & Wellness Consultant, specializing in the release of chronic health issues. Intuitive Health Analysis and Treatment Protocol. Deep Meridian Clearing releases the energetic blockages/trauma that support your illness. Clients worldwide. Serving Humans and their companion animals. Contact: carol.swanson@, or 608-359-4720 or  608 741-2083.

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Photo of Katarzyna (Kasia) Szumal
Past Life Regression Hypnosis with Kasia Szumal
47 W Polk Street, Suite 153 Chicago IL 60605 Work Phone: 847-966-1110

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Have you been struggling with overcoming fears, stress, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, traumas, unpleasant or difficult situations, worries, low self-esteem, finances, physical conditions, self-sabotage, addictions, obsessions, discomforts, anxieties or phobias ? If so , Past Life Regression could be your answer.
The Past Life Regression hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool to find out the root causes of problems and release it from your physical body, emotional body and mental body. You can feel or see changes in the body the same day or next days. Also, Past Life Regression hypnosis is a great tool to discover who you are, your passions and your past life’s.
Each session is 60-90 minutes long, and is conducted on Skype. If you do not want to be hypnotized, no problem – there is a telepathic support person for that.
If you are ready to resolve your cause of problems and let go of emotions, fears, addiction, obsessions and negative feelings, please call Kasia Szumal a certified Past Life Regression hypnotherapist 847-966-1110 (Conscious Community Magazine), or email [email protected].

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Photo of The House of Liquid Mercury – Talent Group
c/o Forever Photo Studio 12945 Western Ave. Blue Island IL 60406 Chicago South Suburbs Work Phone: (312) 539-2240

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The House of Liquid Mercury was created with the Artist and Performance Artist in mind. Not only to facilitate work, but to create an avenue for them to share their passions unto others. Doing so will open the doors to those never having been exposed to the Arts or Performing Arts while at the same time creating a job for the Artist. For the attendees, this is the place to learn something new or expand their repertoire as Artist. Via the Talent “housed” herein, these Artists will inspire self-development and creativity within the community.

Workshops are designed to be private, comfortable, and fun. This is done by making workshops available in the late-evening hours and weekends, so those working long hours or having additional responsibilities can benefit at a later hour or day. Topics include Art, Burlesque, Choreography, Dance, Improv, Makeup, Modeling, Performance, Presentation, Self-Development, Crew and Stage Training just to name a few.

Guests will meet other like-minded friends. EVERYONE has the right to make their dreams reality. EVERYONE has the right to create, as the HOLM believes there is an Artist in everyone.

Unleash the mind, expand horizons, cross-borders and begin to morph. Be, like liquid Mercury…

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Photo of Michael Whitcomb
Work Phone: 616-516-0194

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Michael Whitcomb began his metaphysical journey at the age of three. Often his mother witnessed signs indicating he was spiritually gifted. The most common sign was him striking up conversations with animals. His mother would watch in awe as the animals seemed to understand what he was saying and vice versa. At the age of six Michael became aware of his gifts and trained others on the school bus. He would use Play-Doh for visualization and songs to manifest their intent. At eleven he got his first deck of tarot cards and would walk to local coffee shops to do readings for customers. This experience gave him a deeper understanding that the gifts came from within and not the tarot. At fifteen Michael met his ritual teacher who taught him ritual magic and energy work for two and a half years. At nineteen Michael began Reiki training, and after four years he was certified as a Reiki Master Teacher. He has always been interested in astrology and started doing it professionally in 2011. Since then he has worked with thousands of clients. Each session will awaken your awareness within.

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