Numerology Nuggets – May the Force be With You

By Mary Herter – 

May the Force be With You The energy for May is all about the 5 in Numerology. In a nutshell, that means beauty, charisma, adventure, change, travel, and possibly chaos or confusion. 

My favorite song for the month of May is Born to be Wild. If an adventure is in the cards for you, definitely head on out. If you were “born to be wild,” this is your month to revel in it, just be careful not to overdo it. 

Any kind of adventure, even a walk in the park, or a trip to the zoo with the kids is a wonderful way to enjoy the 5 energy. 

If you feel that winter has been too long, and are ready to embrace warmer weather, get on out there and try something new and fun.  

This month is a great time for change, as the energy will support you whether you are looking for a new job, or a new house, go for it! 

Keep in mind that this month there’s a potential for chaos or confusion. When making plans, make sure everyone is on the same page, to avoid any falling outs or hurt feelings. 

If you feel like your world has been turned upside down, this is the month to get out there and set it right side up. Stop judging yourself too harshly, life is too short for that. You have the power to make all of the necessary changes to move your life in the right direction. Let the month of May be the wind beneath your wings that takes you to new heights. 

Don’t let the fear of change hold you back. Try to see the best possible outcome, and hold on to that vision. Too often fear holds us back, and keeps us trapped, yet know the energy of May- the month of 5, can give you that extra boost. So, dream big, and May the force be with you! 

I welcome your questions, and will answer as many as I can each month. A recent question came in regarding a move, and if there is a specific location that is better than another. This is a perfect question for May, as the time is right for change, and the 5 energy will support you. As far as where to move to, that is a bigger question, and one that is easily handled with Numerology.  

I will use myself as an example. I am a 9 life path, meaning my date of birth adds up to the number 9. I live in Santa Fe. I add up the numbers that correspond to the letters in Santa Fe (1+1+5+2+1+6+5= 21 = 2+1=3) which equates to the number 3. If you remember from an earlier column, I mentioned there are triads of natural match numbers. They are as follows:  




Because I am a 9 life path, and Santa Fe adds up to the number 3, I live in a spot that is a vibrational match for me. Is this the only spot for me? Of course not. There are plenty of cities out there that add up to a 3,6, or 9, and would suit me just fine. Because Santa Fe is a natural match number, it is no wonder that I feel so alive here, and finally feel like I am home. The weather agrees with me, as well as the mountains and the dry climate. It feels like Heaven to me! So, to find out if the city you are interested in moving to is a match for you, simply add up the vowels and consonants in the name and compare that to your Birth Path. It is that easy.  


If you are on the fence about where to move to, even after finding out the city is a natural match for you, plan a trip there to experience the vibe. Can you picture yourself living there? How does it feel? Are there opportunities for work? How is the housing market? You will probably find that if the city is a match for you, all else will fall into place. Make the most of the 5 energy of May and go for it! 

Mary is as passionate about the numbers as she is about tarot. To find out more about Mary, or to schedule a reading, please go to To have a question answered in next month’s column, send an email to: [email protected]


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