Numerology Nuggets – The Magical Energy of April and the Number 4 

By Mary Herter – 

We’ve all heard the proverb, “April showers bring May flowers.” This is quite apt, as I looked to the tarot cards to see what they wanted me to focus on for this month’s Numerology article. Four out of the five cards drawn were the suit of Cups. Cups hold water or collect the raindrops from the April showers. Cups also represent emotions and your intuition. The cards want me to focus on balance, following your passion, and building a magical life. First, let’s take a look at what the 4 energy has in store for us this month. 

In Numerology 4 is about balance, stability, building a solid foundation, and working as a team. There is a stability to the 4 that was lacking in the 3 energy of last month. The best analogy I have heard is a comparison of a three-legged stool to a chair with four legs. The four legs of the chair keep it steady, but only three legs on a stool can sometimes catch you off-balance if you sit on it wrong. The foundation of the chair is stronger than the stool. 

I want to point out that when looking at a numeric energy of a number, there are positive as well as negative associations. What I mean by that is, try looking at a number as an energy continuum. You have zero as the center point or a perfect balance of that number’s equilibrium. As you move to the right, the energy will increase, or become too strong. Moving to the left, the energy will be less, and quite weak as you move further away from the center point. 

Let’s first take a look at our emotional balance. When we are at zero or center point, our emotions are balanced. If we move to the right of the scale, our emotions may be too strong. For example, we may strike out at someone in anger because we are having a rotten day. If we move too far to the left of the scale, we may not be showing any emotion; more like a whatever attitude or you avoid a situation completely so that your feelings are not affected.  

What about our foundational balance in this month of 4? Again, looking to the energy scale, we’ve achieved a perfect foundation at center point or zero. Moving to the right, we’ve a foundation that could be too strong or rigid. This may cause problems for us, if our rigidity keeps us in a constant state of resistance. Do you find yourself always saying “no?” How about when we move too far to the left? Is our foundation too weak? Do you find yourself saying “yes,” when perhaps a “no” would be for your highest and greatest good? Finding that center and standing in our power is the greatest gift we can give ourselves in this month of 4 energy. 

What about passion? What are you passionate about? This is a perfect energy to bring more of what you love to do in your life. Has work or family commitments been keeping you from your passion? Find time this month to incorporate more passion in your life. Do you love painting? Try waking up a little earlier for some “me” time and put that brush to the canvas. Remember, this month is all about finding balance. Don’t be the three-legged stool and leave your passion out of the equation. 

April is a great month to focus on balance in all areas of your life emotional, physical, and spiritual, as well as work. Look to be at Zero or at center point on the energy scale. If you notice an area that you are overdoing it in, what can you do to rein yourself in? This is an amazing energy to rebuild yourself and to move forward in joy and happiness. You are in the driver’s seat and only you can decide how you want to best take advantage of the magical energy of April. Let those April showers bring May flowers in your life. Happy building! 


Mary is as passionate about the numbers as she is about tarot. To find out more about Mary, or to schedule a reading, please go to



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