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Andean Earthkeepers – Nusta Karpay – Goddess Transmissions

By Christina Pateros – 

The Andes Mountain Range is the longest continental mountain range in this vast and breathtaking natural world. From those snow-capped peaks of the Peruvian Andes come the Indigenous iconic Q’ero, also known as the Children of the Sun. Draped in expertly crafted ponchos of alpaca reds, blacks, and oranges, these direct descendants of the Inca retreated to their homes and villages in the highlands at the time of the Conquistadors’ invasions centuries ago. Returning to the lower sacred valley region only this past century, these Earthkeepers grace us with their incredible gifts of Ayni (sacred reciprocity), and heart-centered living in service and gratitude to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and connection to spirit. There’s no better time than this moment to receive the knowledge of these Earthkeepers and Wisdomkeepers of the Andes.

This Andean wisdom is shared in the form of Karpay: rites, initiations, empowerments, downloads. Words that translate to gifts if we are willing to receive, and gifts from the unseen realms to guide us on our earthly journeys. Farmers, weavers, and the healers of their communities, the Andean Q’ero Paqos are but one tribe of many tribes in this earthly realm who connect with the unseen realms of the cosmos. As a student and apprentice (life-long learner), practitioner, and teacher in this lineage, I am led deeper and deeper into my heartspace with each opportunity to immerse into the wisdom of the Andes.

I share here, seeds of energy, the Nusta Karpay: sacred goddess transmissions of seven specific Andean feminine earth energies. These Andean archetypes connect us to the sacred feminine, universally carrying energies of awakening and empowerment. In a ceremony of initiation, light colored rocks are the tools of transmission, and the Q’ero Paqo or his apprentice is the transmitter. The magical energy of each Nusta connects to a corresponding chakra of the body’s energetic system, informing, empowering, balancing, and softening.  

“The Nusta rites brought me to tears as I released something so deep it resonated through my lineage,” Christiane Northrup, seeker, medium, shaman, and seer said. “My child felt it 100 Earth miles away, and I know all my relations felt it throughout star time.”

Mama Ocllo is the first Nusta earth energy connected to the first chakra. Associated with Lake Titicaca, she is the energy of Earth Goddess, grounding at the root. Illuminating the base opens the portals to the six chakras above to open and receive.

Maureen Lamb Liedtke, a shamanic practitioner, says Doña Mujia, the second Nusta goddess, resonated deeply for her beyond words. “I just felt she (has) guided me through my feminine years, the woman, the mother, the goddess in me. She smoothed me into my wisdom.”

Doña Mujia is the “spirit of the water,” the mermaid goddess of the second chakra acknowledging sexual energy. Maureen and I spent a deep sacred time at a waterfall in Peru with Don Mariano Quispé Flores, a Paqo elder. The spirit of water lives through Doña Mujia and the archetypes of water throughout the world.

  • Mama Simone represents earth energy magic at the gut or third chakra.
  • Doña Teresa brings blessings of love and forgiveness through the heart or fourth chakra.
  • Maria Sakapana through the fifth chakra celebrates and enlivens the throat, communication, and expression, with breathing, chanting, and crying.
  • Huana Huaman Tikkla is the seer stimulating the third eye and intuition in the sixth chakra.
  • Tomasa Huaman Tikkla, the sister of Huana, liberates via the crown chakra, connecting with light beings and sacred divinity at the seventh center.

For men, awakening of the heart allows a deepening connection to your own inner knowing, tuning into your own feelings, as well as the empathic feelings of others. For women, the same as above, and an invitation to the wild untamed femininity that longs to be free.The reclamation and celebration of the divine feminine is here for both women and men to embrace equally as we continue to awaken. Deepening this feminine connection strengthens our relations with ourselves, with Mother Earth, living energy, and indeed to all of creation. These rites call us to receive, to empower ourselves, and radiate the balance and light of creation into the world.

The Nustas are divine gifts; opportunity for growth, healing, and releasing of outdated ways of being; an invitation to open and receive clearing and light; awakening spaces that long to be seen, acknowledged and given permission to dance with radiance.

With the guidance of this ancient ritual, connection to archetypical beings allows for the joy of self-acceptance, and freedom of outer expression with alignment to Mother Earth, the infinite cosmos illuminating connection to all living energy.

CHRIS PATEROS is a painter, healer, guide, writer, teacher, and lover of all things beautiful. For over three decades she has dedicated her life to healing herself and empowering others through her work. You can find more information on her websites:, and, or calling 708-602-7511.


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