Cosmic Daily Weather

Cosmic Daily Weather


Cosmic Daily Weather by Kelley Hunter 

September 2015


The classic pair of mythic lovers, Venus and Mars, hangs low in the morning sky to begin the month with emotional fireworks that impact relationships. Pay attention to your loved ones and give due honor and appreciation. After weeks of internal questioning, we may find that certain relationships and situations are no longer good for us. Are you ready to follow the path with greatest heart? A partial eclipse on the 13th closes some doors and opens new ones. What inspiring adventure beckons to you? We have some time to review decisions and renegotiate viable terms when Mercury is retrograde, from September 17-October 9. Still, some agreements will unravel as circumstances and talking points change. Unexpected developments on the global stage may take us by surprise, toppling thrones, creating new alliances and offering brilliant solutions that tip the balance. A total eclipse on September 28 compels original initiatives. Be brave and pragmatic, acting in accord with Earth-honoring values. We have no choice but to step up and get with the program—without compromising Nature’s wellbeing. That makes sense, doesn’t it? More people are waking up to this simple truth. 

NEW MOON Solar Eclipse—September 13, VIRGO

FULL MOON Total Lunar Eclipse—September 27, Libra-ARIES


Tuesday, September 1
We start the new month on an emotional high, with mythic lovers Mars and Venus (still retrograde) joining up. Use this heart-based expressive and creative energy well. You may be surprised how things turn out. The Moon in Aries sparks activity, eliciting fireworks. It turns Void of Course at 11:37am, when it meets up with Uranus, the Revolutionary, creating mulitple shortcircuits in the system. This is a great day for public demonstrations and new initiatives. 

Wednesday, September 2
The Moon starts into practical Taurus at 4:02am, grounding new ideas into form and function. Get to it. This earthy, hands on day is made for doing, building, shaping. Many things come to fruition, how satisfying. The road is smoothed to maintain a steady, unhurried, productive pace. Haste makes waste, as they say.

Thursday, September 3
Try unusual and creative strategies if the energy gets stuck. Make sure you are enjoying whatever you are doing. Results are so much finer when your heart is in what you are doing. Start the day slowly if you need to set your groove. Donuts, croissants and coffee for an impromptu morning meeting may be just the thing to put heads, hearts and taste buds on the same wavelength, stimulating ideas and turning up the creative volume.  

Friday, September 4
A short Void of Course Moon at 5:20am moves already into Gemini at 6:48am. Keep your mind and options open as the day proceeds with plenty of balls to juggle. Priorities shift by late afternoon and you are ready to call the day done by 9:30pm. You need some down time, dreamtime, chill time, meditation time—whichever modality suits your style. Some may be inclined to overdo the TGIF libations. The energy field is already challenging our basic reality. We don’t need extra help to stretch that envelope into unreliable territory. 

Saturday, September 5
Variety is the spice of life. This play day invites spicy fun in all sorts of ways. Try saying yes to whatever comes your way and see for yourself. Out and about, you’ll hear news on the streets and from many friends and acquaintances. Networks are a-buzzing, but the most meaningful news comes from having your feet on the ground in the middle of it all. With the VoC Moon at 6:04pm, take special note what new news or unexpected call comes along to spice up your evening. Plans are likely to change accordingly. 

Sunday, September 6
After hovering at stillness for the last two weeks, tapping deep into our hearts, Venus turns to forward motion at 3:29am. We feel our emotional state turning toward meaningful expression, as we determine what we truly want and how to proceed. We linger with this question through the morning, with the Moon Void of Course until 12:40pm. As it enters Cancer we still have time to carefully consider how to proceed. This is a big question, answered more fully as the week and month tick on. We may need more clues, which the mirror of Life will provide.

Monday, September 7
The extended holiday weekend gives us pause to think about what is most resonant to our emotional state of being. Important conversations take place in private and public forums. Tensions arise from misunderstandings and fiercely defended points of view. A willingness to listen is not shared by all parties. Keep your compassionate ear open. Most people are doing the best they know how. Kindness is a gift. 

Tuesday, September 8
Overnight developments pop up in the morning news, moving the currents of change toward high tide. Significant developments open the door to progress, as some lingering issues are resolved. A short Void of Course Moon from 8:28-9:36pm give us a breather to consider the consequences. Then our creative juices are stimulated by the Moon in Leo. Which brave-hearted leaders are stepping up with courage and good will? The combined force of the Pluto in Leo(1937-1957) and Uranus in Leo (1956-1962) generations is called forth to show the way.  

Wednesday, September 9
A great day for the arts, as the creative juices continue to flow deep and sweet. A great day for love and relationship is in the cards as well. “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with,” sang Stephen Stills. 

Thursday, September 10
The Moon continues along its happy path in Leo, cavorting merrily with several planets along the way, including the still-paired Venus-Mars. This suggests romantic moments, creative flair and sexy dancing through the day and into the night. Though Thursday is not a usual date night, give this one a try.

Friday, September 11 
All good things must end. The Moon goes Void of Course at 8:03am with a bit of a reality thud as we finish off some last compelling bits of required business before Saturn changes sign next week. The finish line is close. We’ll already feel a lot better by the time the Moon moves into Virgo at 8:56am, encouraged by a job well done. Things seem to be moving along well. Stepping stones are lining up to smooth the trail ahead.  

Saturday, September 12
Illusion, confusion or visionary insights overnight lead to a lingering hangover or one sort or another. By midday, get yourself together to take care of pressing practical matters that are best not put off with an eclipse coming. Consider this phenomenon like a cosmic storm warning and prepare. 

Sunday, September 13
NEW MOON (partial) ECLIPSE in VIRGO, 1:41am CDT

Eclipses are like cosmic reset buttons. In Virgo, particular matters claim our attention. It’s all in the details. Something needs to be realigned to resonate with changes in the Earth’s energy field. Pay attention to your health via signals from your body. A quick Void of Course Moon from 9:08-9:41pm emphasizes this point, creating a pause to consider circumstances that need to and will shift during the next month. The Moon enters Libra to engage consciousness-altering dialogue with others as we consider priorities for the coming season. With your mind wide open, possibilities are extraordinary. 

Monday, September 14
The day’s energy reverberates with spacious listening for messages of brilliance, daring originality and authenticity. We may need to stretch deep into outer space and maintain patience in order to hear. Globally we may need patience for all concerned parties to consider how radical options can be to their advantage and before they give assent. As poet Rilke wrote:

“So many live on and want nothing
And are raised to the rank of prince
by the slippery ease of their light judgment…
You have not grown too old
And it’s not too late
To dive into your increasing depth
Where life calmly gives out its own secret.”         

Tuesday, September 15
Now we’re talking. Overnight game-changing decisions are made—or not. Are you moving forward or holding back? It’s time for leaders to make a stand and for each of us to follow or to forge our own paths. Inevitably the news is interesting, but you may need to look at alternative news sites to get the really good stuff with insights into what is really going on. 

Wednesday, September 16
The Moon goes Void of Course first thing, at 12:22am, with a forward thrust of energy. We get time to see how the first balls are thrown into play before we respond. When the Moon enters Scorpio at 10:43am, we can see how certain situations are just about wrapping up. We are already geared up for new developments. 

Thursday, September 17
A busy,intense day. Wishful thinking confronts concensus reality with high idealism and inspiration. Mercury turns retrograde at 1:10pm, giving us pause and dampening the mood a bit, even as possibilities are promising. No need to be in a rush, as things need to be thought through, talked over and agreed upon. Saturn moves into Sagittarius at 9:47pm, sparking vision and motivation. This can be exciting. Bring your enthusiasm to the table.

Friday, September 18
An afternoon Void of Course Moon at 2:49pm may halt the momentum. Use it as a worthy pause that can be well used as a benefit when the Moon shifts into Sagittarius at 10:32pm, immediately meeting up with Saturn. That’s when things happen.   

Saturday, September 19
Whatever is going on may throw us a bit for a loop. Reality confronts exaggerated hopes and fears. Don’t over-react. Take a moment to check that you are reading the situation properly, and then proceed moment by moment, one step at a time, grounding yourself as needed. Don’t take useless refuge in avoidance or substances that dull your senses. We each need to keep our wits about us, so we don’t make a mess of things. Meditation time can align us with the influx of energies coming in today. If you can make this a retreat day, do so. Be kind to yourself.

Sunday, September 20
The path becomes smoother today, as we feel more in synch with the energies and a vision of what is possible. An encouraging and creative emotional flow stimulates excitement and new ideas. Planets in all the fire sign provide plenty of motivation to head out on your new adventure.     

Monday, September 21
A short Void of Course Moon from 3:59-7:33am gives us a break to catch good sleep. Visionary dreams maintain the momentum in the subconscious realms. A business-minded quarter Moon in Capricorn sketches out plans urged forward toward a turning point. What’s on your docket today on this International Day of Peace?

Tuesday, September 22
A confident, pragmatic start to the day can accomplish much. This is a power day, as the Moon meets up with transformational Pluto, creating potentially explosive news. What is Earth telling us? The Moon goes Void of Course at 6:13pm, challenged by Uranus, the Awakener. Rumblings are rocking our world on several levels, on this Equinox Eve. Are you rocking and rolling to the Music of the Spheres? 

Wednesday, September 23
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Fair-minded Librans.

The Sun enters Libra at 4:21am, marking this seasonal balance of day and night, light and dark. We consider our sense of balance in a season when it’s easy to get knocked off balance by the level of change. We need to be responsive to the shifting energies, to maintain even keel. The seas of change can be a bit rough with rolling waves and high tides. Go with the flow. The Moon enters sociable Aquarius at 12:51pm. Conversations and meetings keep us up to speed on latest developments. Big news is on the airwaves.

Thursday, September 24
As the day goes on, so does the Big News. Developments are unfolding before our eyes. Action planet Mars moves into Virgo at 9:18pm, encouraging a pragmatic approach that promotes benefits in the next weeks. We need to be flexible and simple. Nature is a great goddess we do well to consult. Listen to your body to relieve any increasing stress. The Moon is VoC at 11:22pm, leaving some emotional questions to be resolved.

Friday, September 25
Lingering emotional moodiness, along with Pluto’s turn to direct motion, presses some tender points of concern as we head toward a total eclipse. We may feel out of synch with some people around us, or some issues in the public sphere. Such questions are further amplified when the Moon enters sensitive Pisces at 2:44pm. Don’t spin out into the hurricane-force sings. Contain your feelings and focus your actions in a forward direction. Socially, you can take a back seat and choose how far to engage with what is going on around you, examining what you believe to be true and relevant.

Saturday, September 26
A good night’s sleep does wonders for the spirit, and so do meditation and prayer in whatever way works for you. The day continues our questioning about what is really going on. What world do you live in, energetically? By late morning, when the Moon enters a lengthy Void of Course space, the undertone has shifted. Based on how fully we calm and finetune our personal field, we can coast into the dark space of tomorrow’s Full Moon eclipse. 

Sunday, September 27
4 Libra-ARIES at 9:50pm CDT
The open field of the Void of Course Moon gives us plenty of time to clear our heads ahead of this total eclipse. The Moon jumpstarts into Aries at 2:29pm, becoming full and visible at 9:50pm. The eclipse, completely visible in the Midwest, begins at 7:11pm, reaching totality from 9:11-10:23pm, and completely over soon after midnight. Black Moon Lilith has a strong role in this eclipse, along with Mercury retrograde. Imagine the Goddess of Justice looking right into your eyes, weighing your heart on her golden Scales to see how it balances with the eternal Feather of Truth. A poetic suggestion from Rumi is relevant:

"Out beyond idea of wrongdoing and rightdoing, 
there is a field. I will meet you there. 
When the soul lies down in that grass, 
the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, 
even the phrase ‘each other’ doesn’t make any sense.”

Monday, September 28
The impact of the eclipse is felt as the week begins. We may struggle to articulate what cannot be put into words—especially in such abbreviated forms as text, twitter and even email. Be careful and caring, as misunderstandings are more than 50% likely. We miss tone of voice and body language more than we realize. Choose your moments, preferably afternoon. Remember, there are other ways to communicate. This is a big day, with turning points and earthquakes, literal and metaphorical, 95% likely. As channeled teacher Bashar says, “Follow your highest excitement.”

Tuesday, September 29
The Moon goes Void of Course at 2:45am, offering a welcome and harmonizing space to enjoy and coast along into the day. A calmer tone continues as the Moon enters grounding Taurus at 1:57pm. Plan for a couple of productive days, inspired by the recent turn of events. 

Wednesday, September 30
This is the special day of the Mercury retrograde cycle, when the Messenger of the Gods is in “the heart of the Sun.” Special perceptions illuminate the mental field if we are open to them. We may experience mind-melds and other communications via the “psychic internet,” i.e., “I was just thinking about you and now you are calling!” Count all the special moments and store them up like a squirrel with its winter nuts. “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., is an internationally known astrologer and mythologist, enriching her offerings in Depth Astrology with perspectives from psychology, cosmology and consciousness studies. Author of Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine and Black Moon Lilith, Kelley has a special interest in women’s spirituality. She offers personal consultations that illumine the potential of current planetary cycles in your life and relationships. Visit her website at or on FaceBook: Kelley Hunter, AstroMythology. You can contact her by email at