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The Spirit of Money How to Bring Love and Light to the Money in Your Life

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The Spirit of Money- How to Bring Love and Light to the Money in Your Life by Theresa Puskar

Column: All About Town…

Flowering Heart Center – Downers Grove, IL  September 15th, 2015

“There once was a man who decided to take a trip.  He struggled to pay for it, and lived on only cheese and crackers for the duration. He saw others on the ship eating delectable feasts, and thoroughly enjoying their voyage.  While he struggled, he did what he felt he needed to do. On the last day of the journey, someone who had noted that he had only been eating cheese and crackers stopped him and asked, ‘Why are you living on such meager rations?’  To which he replied, ‘I could not afford the lavish food and drink that is sold on this ship.’ ‘But sir,’ retorted the guest, ‘All of the food and drink on this cruise ship were covered with the purchase of your ticket!’  From the moment I heard this story, I sought out every “cheese and crackers” story I could find! If he had only inquired about the cost of the food, he could have thoroughly enjoyed the ride.  Why are we here today?  We are here to enjoy the ride!” – Sherrin Ross Ingram

I know what my “cheese and crackers” story is.  Do you know what yours is?  We have to know what our current story is before we can even begin to rewrite it! On September 15th I attended Sherrin Ross Ingram’s seminar entitled, The Spirit of Money: How to Bring Love and Light to the Money in Your Life at the Flowering Heart Center in Downers Grove. The moment I met Sherrin, I could feel her passion, her might, and most significantly, her open heart. She has an eclectic career past, having once been a practicing lawyer, then a real estate investor, and currently a professional writer, coach, and motivational speaker. 

pic 1 all about town oct2015Sherrin Ingram and host, Frank Panek

A force to be reckoned with, she has published many books on a variety of topics, including marketing, branding, empower-ment, strategic planning, wealth-building, and decoding your desires. While a great deal of her speaking engagements are with professional organizations on the tips and tactics to acquiring wealth, she shared that she enjoys speaking with audiences like ours the most: spiritual seekers who want to grow emotionally, spiritually and financially.  Perhaps what I loved most about this seminar was how Sherrin spoke from her heart, and based her suggestions on her own personal experiences.  Along with sharing powerful theories and great words of wisdom, she also provided tried and true techniques that she used to overcome her own feelings of poverty and lack. 

“You could have greater impact in the world 
if you weren’t worried about money.” 
– Sherrin Ross Ingram

Have you ever considered that by not living up to your full potential, you are actually cheating others of theirs?  This is a theory that I have never really explored before.  In my experience, I think that we often see wealth as a pie. If I take a big piece, I am selfish, and I take it from someone else who could have enjoyed it.  However, if we truly believe in the abundance of the world, and that all things are infinite and come from our divine, then wealth is unlimited and our birthright.  Taking this a step further, if we do not follow the gifts that are given as our birthright, then we are cheating others from experiencing the higher energy that comes with our success. We are also cheating them of the example and “soul food” that comes from living an abundantly fulfilled life.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to live the following paradigm: It is not our soul’s right to live in abundance, but in fact, it is our responsibility to do so, both for the sake of ourselves and others.  

“Resources flow to those who make the most valued use of the resources they already have.” 
– Sherrin Ross Ingram

One of the first questions Sherrin asked was, “What does money mean to you?”  I suggest that you take a moment, get a pen and paper, and ask yourself this question.  She then asked, “Do you value money?”  Consider this. If you don’t, then you will always repel it.  For you will tend to move away from what you don’t respect or value. A key component of valuing money is respecting it. Thus if you respect it, you will use it wisely. How well do you use your money?  Are you resourceful with how you manage it?  

“All forgiveness is about self-forgiveness.”
 – Sherrin Ross Ingram

How many times in a day do you think or say, “I can’t afford it?”  I never thought I spoke a great deal of lack until my sister, who was recently visiting from Canada, pointed it out to me.   First and foremost, I believe we have to take ownership and responsibility for the lack in our lives. If we see ourselves as victims, that’s what we will be!  I know what my “cheese and crackers” story is:  I deserve more. I’m not paid enough for the talents that I have.  I feel embarrassed as I write this, yet I know that exploring it will heal it.  There is a paradigm here; on one hand, I absolutely know that I am only a victim of my own limited beliefs. However, in the same breath that I speak this truth, I catch myself blaming others for the lack that I experience; the banks, the companies I work for, the clients I service, the local government, or even the world economy, just to name a few.

“Visualize enjoying the manifestations of your desires 
and how they benefit others.” 
– Sherrin Ross Ingram

One of the key take-aways that I noted at the seminar was that my visualizations on acquiring the wealth that I desire would be greatly enhanced if I also focused on how manifesting those desires would not only benefit me and others as well.  To expand upon this point, Sherrin gave an example of a new car.  By purchasing the car, she would benefit the sales rep with the commission he would make. She would also benefit the mechanics that worked on it, the staff who assembled it, the insurance broker who insured it, and each and every individual who would be involved in its ongoing maintenance and upkeep.  By doing this exercise, you take your thinking beyond your personal desires and into a more altruistic mindset. This, in turn, fuels your passion and the power of your visualization considerably, as you are moving from self-healing to the betterment of many. 

“You have the power to command the unseen forces to assist you. Use it wisely!” 
– Sherrin Ross Ingram


pic 3 all about town oct2015Theresa Puskar and Sherrin Ross Ingram

While Sherrin touched on quite a number of key points around building wealth in our lives, one of the key messages she shared was that we each have the power to change our relationship with money.  I believe that the secret lies in knowing what that relationship is; where it is wounded or misguided, and where we can open energetic portals to shifting our thoughts, then our actions, and finally the outcome of our stories. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to move beyond my boring “cheese and crackers” story, and into the “abundant” world of experiential delights that I draw to me as I make use of the emotional tool belt that Sherrin provided.  In doing so I am fully convinced that I will manifest my wondrous desires in all of their opulent glory. And so it is!

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Theresa Puskar, our All About Town contributor, is a writer, trainer, speaker, and inspirational audiobook producer.  She has recently authored The Terri Series – seven children’s books that focus on social issues such as bullying, honoring diversity, celebrating creativity, non-judgment of emotions, finding alternative to technology-based entertainment, discovering a non-judgmental God, and overcoming fears. She has also recorded a powerful seven-CD experiential audio program, How to De-clutter Your Mind and Live a Heart-Centered Life. To learn more about Theresa and her upcoming engagements, log onto  

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