Cosmic Daily Weather – February 2022


By Bernadette Evans 

The month begins a little slowly, which gives us time to catch our breath. Mercury is still retrograde for a few days at the beginning of February and then it will take a while for it to gain traction again. Venus stationed direct at the end of January, and she also needs some time to get some momentum. Then it will be smooth sailing for a couple of months — at least when it comes to retrogrades.

The Aquarius New Moon was a few minutes before February 1. When you wake up on February 1st, you may want to think about what you’d like to create for that month. With the New Moon in Aquarius, it’s time to let your unique self shine through for all to see. Pick up the phone and call a friend or get outside and go for a walk with him or her… it’s about connecting with those closest to you. Another great use of this energy is to think about how you can help a charity or an organization close to your heart.

The Full Moon is in Leo on February 16th at 10:56 a.m. This is a great time to tune in and see if you’ve found the right balance between self and others. Only you will know if something is missing or if the scales are lopsided. Have you been focused mainly on yourself? Maybe you’ve haven’t been showing yourself enough love! The full moon in Leo also wants to be playful. Schedule some playtime for yourself, and for you and your partner if you’re in a committed relationship. You could also make time for fun with a good friend.

The Moon takes about 28 days to complete its orbit through the twelve signs, staying approximately two and a half days in each sign. When we say the Moon is Void of Course (VoC), it means the moon makes no more major aspects to other planets before it leaves the sign it’s in. At these times, it can be difficult to get focused and accomplish a task. You may want to relax, meditate or do something where your focus is turned inward. Don’t try and get a new project off the ground when the moon is void. If you want to find out more about the Void of Course moon, check out

The times below are listed in Central Savings Time.

Tuesday, February 1

The New Moon occurred at 11:46 p.m. last night, which makes today a good today to think about what you’d like to create over this month. Happy Chinese New Year (Tiger). You may want to collaborate with like-minded friends toward a mutual goal. It’s easier to join forces when you find people whose energies align with yours. Together you can make magic and achieve your desires! Moon VoC at 5:01 a.m. and void all day.

Wednesday, February 2

The Moon enters the sign of Pisces at 5:00 a.m. It slowly makes its way to conjunct Jupiter. Sensitivity, emotions, and intuition are heightened. Spend some time today going within. Allow your emotions to flow freely. Be grateful, have fun, and spread your joy and enthusiasm to others. The more you share with others, the more you’ll receive in return.

Thursday, February 3

The Moon is still in Pisces and it will conjoin Neptune. There is a dreamy feel to the day. You may feel the need to retreat from the world for a little bit as it makes hearing your intuition that much easier. Trust your intuition and follow the nudges you receive. Mercury stations direct at 10:13 p.m.

Friday, February 4

Today is all about taking action! The Moon is in go-getter Aries, Mars will sextile Jupiter, and the Sun will conjoin Saturn. Things are changing, you’re putting in the time and effort, and you’re determined to see the results. They may not happen as quickly as you’d like, but as long as you’ve done your research and built the foundation, you have nothing to worry about. Moon VoC at 3:41 a.m. until 8:57 a.m. when it enters the sign of Aries.

Saturday, February 5

Responsibility and duty are highlighted with the Moon Saturn sextile. Often, you’re the source of strength for friends and family, so they may call you for help. You’re happy to help them.  If you’re working on something and feel exhausted, tap into your reserves to push through…you can do this. When the Moon sextile Sun, you’re seeking harmony and balance. You can see both sides of issues and want everything to be fair. This could be the perfect time to work through any difficulties you may be experiencing with your partner.

Sunday, February 6

The Moon is in Aries, and the last aspect it makes before it goes void is a square to Pluto. What are you searching for? Is there something in your life of which you’re trying to let go? Maybe it’s time to wipe the slate clean. After all, life is a series of beginnings and endings. Release what doesn’t serve you, say yes to endings and beginnings, and watch what happens. Moon VoC at 11:21 a.m. until it enters the sign of Taurus at 4:52 p.m.

Monday, February 7

You may be looking for a change of pace with the Moon-Uranus conjunction. They say that a change is as good as a rest. You’ll be more refreshed and able to see certain things in a new light. It’s possible that you’ll be presented with an exciting new opportunity. Remember that it’s alright to change direction if you want! Then the Moon will trine Venus, adding an element of playfulness and joy to the mix. Venus is also about beauty; it resides in the sign of Capricorn. What could you add to your surroundings to make it more attractive? A few sprigs of this or that could liven up the space.

Tuesday, February 8

In the early morning, the Moon will square the Sun. You could feel irritated with a person or a situation. It’s possible you’re being stubborn and too rigid in your way of thinking. Remember to give a little, so as not to break. Then Mars (the planet of action) forms a harmonious trine with Uranus (the planet of freedom and inspiration). Maybe you’re feeling inspired to explore a new business or an idea. Don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. This aspect may also turn up the heat and spice things up with a significant other, both physically and spiritually. Moon VoC at 10:48 p.m.

Wednesday, February 9

The Moon enters the sign of Gemini at 4:27 a.m. and doesn’t make any major aspects today. This energy is light, curious, and playful. You may want to know a little bit about everything and then share what you’ve learned with others. Be careful of thinking you know more than other people or talking over them. Have fun sharing what you know while giving others the space to talk and contribute as well.

Thursday, February 10

When the Moon trines Saturn, you’re interested in putting innovative ways of working to the test. You’re determined to follow through on a plan or project and do a great job. You want to work smarter not harder, so remember to stay open to suggestions from co-workers and friends.

Friday, February 11

The Moon is Void of course at 2:23 a.m. until 5:27 p.m. when it enters the sign of Cancer. It may feel like you have a lot of balls in the air, and you’re not sure if you can keep them all moving.  Breathe…take stock of which areas of your life need attention and then restore the equilibrium. You can use this time to gather any information before making any moves. Mercury will conjoin Pluto, which could lead to some interesting and in-depth discussions. Really listen to what’s in someone’s heart. Sometimes that means listening to what’s not being said. It could take your relationship to a new level.

Saturday, February 12

While the Moon is in nurturing and sensitive Cancer, it will oppose Mars and Venus later tonight. Your feelings are what propels you forward and get you to take action. But don’t do anything hasty and don’t react impulsively toward people or situations. You have a lot of inner wisdom — combine it with practical knowledge and focus. You’re looking for a connection… whether it’s getting together with friends, co-workers, or your significant other. Pick up the phone, schedule a zoom call, or snuggle on the couch. It’s why we’re here.

Sunday, February 13

When the Moon is in Cancer, it forms a harmonious trine with Neptune. Don’t look to others for the answers, you already have them. Sometimes it is hard to believe that you have as much wisdom as other people. Trust and follow your inner guidance. Watch for synchronicity and signs along the way.

Monday, February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day! The Moon is in Leo and not forming any major aspects. When the Moon is in this fire sign, you probably want to have fun and share the good times — whether you’re single or attached! Find something with which to be grateful as it will bring you joy and happiness. Mercury enters the sign of Aquarius at 3:54 p.m. Moon VoC at 4:27 a.m. until 5:17 a.m. when it enters the sign of Leo.

Tuesday, February 15

You may feel like giving yourself a time-out when the Moon opposes Saturn. Stepping away from your troubles and enjoying a respite from life could help you put everything into perspective. Don’t rush, don’t try to push for answers, everything will sort itself out. This may be just the hiatus you need to replenish your soul.

Wednesday, February 16

There’s a Full Moon at 27 degrees of Leo at 10:56 a.m. Full Moons are always about something coming to light. Did you begin something new at the Aquarius New Moon on Feb. 1? What does it look like? Where are you in the process right now? When the Sun and Moon are opposite each other, it can give you more perspective. The Moon in Leo wants love and to be generous and playful. Meanwhile, the Sun in Aquarius can be more detached and wants what’s best for others. How do you find the balance between enjoying life and love, while also doing something good for others or standing up for a belief? It takes some awareness and juggling. Notice your focus and if you need to make some adjustments. Moon Voc at 10:56 a.m. until 2:42 p.m. when it enters the sign of Virgo.

Thursday, February 17

Your heart is full, and you want to be generous with others when the Moon opposes Jupiter. You could also want a little time to retreat and just think about life and where you are. Then later tonight, Jupiter will sextile Uranus. Whenever Uranus is involved, there’s the potential for unexpected surprises, while Jupiter is about expanding. It’s possible that an opportunity falls in your lap or maybe a windfall! Maybe you just feel that you need a change of pace; or maybe you want to study something. The possibilities are endless!

Friday, February 18

The Sun enters the sign of Pisces at 10:43 a.m. Happy Birthday my dear Pisces friends! When the Moon opposes Neptune, you may not be seeing situations or people clearly. If you’re not in a good space, you’ll be emitting that vibration and consequently, that will be reflected in your experiences. Be clear and positive with your intentions and expect a positive return. Your thoughts and feelings run deep when the Moon trines Pluto. You’d like to have serious, passionate discussions; just be aware that not everyone may be ready to dive head-first into the deep end. Be gentle with them and yourself. Moon VoC at 5:20 p.m. until 9:51 p.m. when it enters the sign of Libra.

Saturday, February 19

You may need to cultivate patience today when the Moon quincunx Uranus and then Jupiter, as not everything is happening as quickly as you’d like. Take your time, or you could be backtracking and redoing things. It’s also possible that an unexpected event has you on edge. Don’t do anything rash or impulsive.

Sunday, February 20

When the Moon squares Venus and Mars, you could feel irritated that things aren’t progressing the way you’d like. Instead of pushing to get your way (a way to not make friends), release the need for control and see what happens. You could be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Moon VoC at 11:02 p.m.

Monday, February 21

When the Moon squares Mercury, you may feel like expressing how you feel — even if you’re grouchy! Do yourself and everyone a favor and try to look at things in a more positive light. It’s also possible that someone else around you feels miserable. You can try and pull them out of their funk, but if that doesn’t work, it’s okay to tell them that you’ll talk to them another day. Moon enters the sign of Scorpio at 3:19 a.m.

Tuesday, February 22

There’s the potential of feeling depressed when the Moon squares Saturn. Your thoughts could be going in a downward trajectory. This is a temporary condition, so don’t make any permanent decisions that you’ll regret later. Remember, you do have people in your corner who care about you. Nurture your spirit by doing something you enjoy or call a good friend.

Wednesday, February 23

You could be more aware of the needs of others when Mars sextile Neptune. Intuition and imagination are heightened; take some time to meditate or journal, you never know what inspiration and messages you’ll receive. Let go of any preconceived attachment as to what it should like. Desire and creativity come together; it could be genius! Moon VoC at 3:24 a.m. until 7:29 a.m. when it enters the sign of Sagittarius.

Thursday, February 24

Venus (the planet of love, money, and relationships), will form a harmonious sextile with Neptune (the planet of intuition, creativity and illusion). You could feel warm and loving toward the people in your life, wanting to do something nice for them. It’s easy to lose yourself in a piece of music or while watching a movie.  Another aspect of which to be aware is the Mercury-Uranus square. You could have a million ideas, and they could disappear as quickly as they came, so write them down. One caution:  don’t stick your foot in your mouth or you could be backpedalling tomorrow. Moon VoC at 9:24 p.m.

Friday, February 25

Moon enters the sign of Capricorn at 10:27 a.m. When the Moon is in this earthy sign, it’s about focusing on a task and completing it. Make sure you’ve done all the research and prep work in advance, so that going forward, you’re building on a strong foundation. You’ve got your eye on the prize and nothing can deter you. Remember to replenish your reserves by doing something nurturing for yourself after you have finished your work.

Saturday, February 26

You may have the opportunity to be generous with friends when the Moon sextile Jupiter. Express your unique self and be open to the Universe and all the possibilities. Hope and optimism are in the air, and you want to share your good fortune or positive energy with others. Expand your horizon by interacting with new people or studying something new. As long as you’re open, the Universe will hear you.

Sunday, February 27

The Moon conjoin Pluto is the last aspect at 8:49 a.m. before the Moon goes Void of Course. When these two are together, there’s the possibility of some drama or manipulation. Look at the situation from a higher perspective so you can gain some new insight. Then the Moon will enter the sign of Aquarius at 12:36 p.m. Whenever the Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, it gives you the opportunity to connect with like-minded people. Maybe there’s a cause in which you believe that needs your help.

Monday, February 28

When the Moon and Mercury are conjoined, your feelings could color any communication. Try to find balance in your emotions. Look for harmony in situations and try to observe your feelings with detachment. The Moon-Saturn conjunction emphasizes going within and examining your feelings, relationships, and foundation. You may feel unworthy or unlovable based on old stories or past situations — don’t let them define you. Reclaim your power and know that you are loveable and worthy. Moon VoC at 8:01 p.m.

Bernadette Evans is a counselling astrologer, hypnotherapist, Registered Professional Counsellor, and writer. You can visit her website orcontact her at [email protected] to schedule a consultation. You can also follow her on Instagram at @bernadette_evans.astrologer.

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