Cosmic Daily Weather – August 2016

By Kaye Berjot

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This month we have one planet going direct and one planet turning retrograde. Saturn during the middle part of the month turns direct. This indicates your need to set boundaries. Over the course of Saturn’s retrograde period you reevaluated how to protect yourself using newly discovered tools. By realizing that there are many different options, you should finally be able to redirect energy in a way that provides you with long term stability. During the latter part of the month Mercury will begin its retrograde process. This pattern will continue throughout September when Mercury turns direct.  While Mercury is retrograde you’ll be asked to rethink patterns wherever Virgo falls in your chart. Fostering a healthy attitude could be a priority, when Mercury retrogrades in Virgo. Do your best to maintain a positive outlook, regardless of how stressful the month seems. The New Moon in Leo, and the Full Moon in Aquarius are mirroring each other, so pay attention to what you begin, and what you end during these time frames. These signs sit opposite one another on the wheel chart, therefore they are connected. Each sees the other in their truest forms.  Aquarius represents the community and friendships, while Leo represents creativity and new endeavors. A great deal of planetary energy is concentrated in Virgo during the month. Jupiter spends its final days in this sign, and appears to be magnifying the energy of any sign that comes within its rays. It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of all the planet of abundance has to offer, in the sign of mental clarity and healthy living before he makes his exit. There will be a great deal of T-squares during the month, which could represent some tension. The key when dealing with this energy is to remain calm, and evaluate the source of the tension to see how you can best navigate around it. Remember that sometimes the way around something is through it.

**Please see the end of the month for information about the Moon Void of Course (VoC). **


Monday, August 1

There is a bit of a tug of war between a retrograde Pluto, the Moon, Mercury, and a retrograde Neptune. Your logical mind and your emotions could be at odds. Try not to get carried away with emotions, because with a fast moving Moon your emotions could change overnight. Don’t sacrifice stability for temporary feelings. Moon VoC 7:44 pm to 8:12 pm. Moon enters in Leo.

Tuesday, August 2

There is a New Moon in Leo at 3:46 pm, indicating new beginnings that have the potential to generate the growth you’ve been craving. Although there is a T-square in the air involving Venus, Mars, Mercury, retrograde Saturn, and retrograde Neptune, it’s ok to move forward even if you feel a little overwhelmed.

Wednesday, August 3

The Moon and the Sun are cuddling up today, and both positively aspect Mars, retrograde Saturn, and retrograde Uranus. Now is the time to go, go, go. You have the emotional willpower and the stamina to follow through on any objectives that you’ve set forward. Moon VoC 11:13 pm until tomorrow.

Thursday, August 4

The Moon and Venus are nestled together in emotional harmony in the last degrees of Leo. This indicates that the urge to follow your heart is what you’re after today. You might possibly be able to catch a glimpse of the fruits of your labors. Therefore, keep a watchful eye as things begin to blossom. Moon VoC until 2:34 am. Moon enters Virgo.

Friday, August 5

Mars is at 0 degrees Sagittarius, and it’s putting a little stress on Venus, Mercury, and the Moon. At the same time, it’s conjunct a retrograde Saturn, which is making a positive aspect to the Sun. This could indicate that some extra due diligence is necessary in order to push through. You’ve got the will today, and you’ve got the power. You are in the process of creating, building, and redirecting your life. Don’t give up now. Moon VoC 10:20 pm until tomorrow.

Saturday, August 6

Venus sits at 0 degrees Virgo today, and you’re at the beginning of taking a look at what you now have. If you’re frustrated, don’t be. It takes time to unlearn some things. Try not to fret.  You’re just at the beginning stages, even if it seems like you’ve been doing this makeover for a long time. Moon VoC until 11:57 am. Moon enters Libra.


Sunday, August 7

Today looks a lot like yesterday, yet the air is a little different. As Mercury inches closer and closer to the North Node in Virgo, you get a clearer view of the faulty logic that you’ve been using to recreate a healthier sense of self. Now that you understand that logic a little better you can evaluate whether or not it’s the right tool for the task. Grab another tool if the one that you have isn’t quite doing the job.


Monday, August 8

Today just might be the day that you make a major decision, because Mercury and the North Node are sitting in the same seat today. It’s what some might call an “aha” moment. There are still some things that need to be worked out, and retrograde Saturn positively aspects the Sun, giving you the leeway to do it. Moon VoC 12:41 pm until 11:51 pm. Moon enters Scorpio.


Tuesday, August 9

The Moon starts out the day opposing retrograde Uranus. Sometimes when the Moon is in Scorpio we can catch a case of the moody blues. The opposition to Uranus probably isn’t helping that much either.  Do your best not to allow the fluctuating energy to overwhelm you. Just remember where you’re going, and what you’re growing.


Wednesday, August 10

Today you might experience a big sigh of relief. If you haven’t already, then you should. It seems as though the skies are delivering answers as quickly as the challenges arise, because all of the planets are playing fairly. It goes like this; if the planet of “chaos and innovation” doesn’t have the answer, then the planet of “fulfill your potential” will.


Thursday, August 11

Today Neptune wants you to dream bigger. Its positive aspect to retrograde Pluto makes it to where you can make change happen. When Mercury, Venus, and the North Node get in on this action, you have a sense of knowing what the next steps need to be. You might not be ready to take that big step, yet somehow you are ready. Even if you don’t take the step, at least you have the beginnings of a plan. VoC 12:22 am until 12:24 pm. Moon enters Sagittarius.


Friday, August 12

If you have the feeling that you should understand the signs, yet somehow you just aren’t able to make sense of what you’re seeing, then you’re tapping into the energy that is being created by the loose conjunction between retrograde Saturn, the Moon, and Mars. If you feel like you’re in information overload, then that’s probably due to the Venus, the North Node, Mercury, and Jupiter. During times like these, pay attention to the Virgo energy, and ask yourself which is the healthiest course of action, and which has the best possibility for success.

Saturday, August 13

Today you have a Grand Fire Trine where retrograde Uranus, the Sun and the Moon, Saturn, and Mars are starring. If there was ever a day to review your options, today would be that day. It’s like a fire has been lit, and it is time to get moving. There is only one way that makes sense today. Follow that way. VoC 12:37 pm until 11:11 pm. Moon enters Capricorn.


Sunday, August 14

Today looks a lot like yesterday. The only difference is that you are on the other side of whatever decision was made. With the Moon in Capricorn, you’re feeling emotionally withdrawn. It doesn’t mean that you’re not excited about whatever choice you made; it’s more like you know that this small action will change just about everything. Take it all in, because Saturn just went direct.


Monday, August 15

Today there are positive aspects all over the place. The majority of the energy is being transmitted to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. Rather than you changing, things have officially changed. VoC 9:45 pm until tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 16

Emotionally you’re at a different place, and you could be surrounded by an entirely new community. This could cause you to question how you might reinvent yourself. The thing is; you don’t have to be anyone other than you, even if you’re in the process of discovering who you really are, and what your Sun sign wants you to be. VoC until 6:52 am. Moon enters Aquarius.


Wednesday, August 17

When Mercury moves closer and closer to Jupiter you begin to communicate and think big. This is an expansive time for communicating, and in doing so you start to uncover parts of yourself that you never knew existed. The stressful angle from Neptune to Saturn and Mars could have you wanting to hold tight to some old habits. Don’t let fear of the unknown deter you, because at this moment right now, you’re meant to dream and think big.


Thursday, August 18

It may feel like the Moon is never going to budge. With this type of energy that is brought on by a Full Moon in Aquarius at 4:29 am, you could feel overwhelmed by your emotions. It’s ok to let it out, because at the end of the day you’ve got to move forward. Today just might be the day that you decide to let go, and let a higher power take over. VoC 4:26 am until 11:34. Moon enters Pisces very late in the night.

Friday, August 19

With the Moon in Pisces conjunct retrograde Neptune, you are emotionally at a different place. You have no illusions about the choices that lay ahead of you. With that said, you have a newfound understanding of how you should look at the path that is being paved. It looks nothing like the one that you’ve just traveled upon.


Saturday, August 20

When the Moon bumps up against Chiron you get a sense of why you’ve been worried. It has a lot to do with understanding how to create boundaries. No worries, you’ll learn how to do it, and in the process you’ll discover how to stand on your own principles. VoC 7:21 am until 2:18 pm. Moon enters Aries.


Sunday, August 21

With the Moon in Aries positively aspecting Saturn and Mars you get a big dose of “let’s do this.” Although there is a little bit of tension, it’s not enough to stop you in your tracks. On the contrary, it’s enough tension to get you motivated to seize the day. Carpe diem.


Monday, August 22

If you wake up in the morning asking yourself if you can do it, just say to yourself, “Yes, I can, and I will!” The Moon conjunct retrograde Uranus trine the Sun guarantees it. VoC 6:48 am until 4:19 pm. Moon enters Taurus.


Tuesday, August 23

The Sun is at 0 degrees Virgo today, and it’s a brand new day. This is the day when a healthy and positive outlook on life is possible. Yesterday you may not have been so sure whether or not you could take a big step, yet today you are just fine.


Wednesday, August 24

It’s another beautiful day. The Grand Earth Trine of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo have you feeling quite grounded. You’re determined to dig deep, embrace your mind, and lay down new foundations. It hasn’t been easy getting to this spot, yet here you are. Congrats because you absolutely love where you are right now! VoC 2:38 pm until 6:40 pm. Moon enters Gemini.


Thursday, August 25

Today we have a Grand Cross in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, so you are going to need to go with the flow. Opposing situations could have you a little out of sorts, yet you’ve learned a great deal about adapting. Exercise your mind, and figure out ways to navigate around any obstacles that might present themselves.


Friday, August 26

Try not to allow your emotions to get the best of you when talking to others. Your values aren’t the same as others. What you’re trying to build is not the same thing that others are trying to build. You are not the star of their movie, and neither are they the stars in your movie. If you know who you are, and what you’re about, allow others the opportunity to learn the same principles. VoC 7:30 pm until 10:06 pm. Moon enters Cancer.


Saturday, August 27

It sure does feel like you never get a break from learning something new. In fact, it could seem as though this entire month was about learning. In case you hadn’t noticed, it was also a time of unlearning, so that you could relearn again.


Sunday, August 28

When the Moon is in its home sign of Cancer it’s comfortable. This could cause you to be a little protective, and perhaps a little guarded. It’s not necessary for you to shout your feelings from the highest mountaintop; at the same time, you don’t have to fly solo either.

Monday, August 29

You could wake up wanting to bite someone’s head off today, and the way you’re feeling any head will do. This has a lot to do with the tense conversation between Uranus, the Moon, and Pluto.  Try to remember that the stress that you are feeling is only temporary. If that doesn’t work, call up your bestie and ask for a virtual hug. VoC 1:23 am until 3:11 am. Moon enters Leo.


Tuesday, August 30

With the Moon in Leo positively aspecting Mars and Saturn you could be emotionally over the top. It could be excitement; it could be creativity, or it could be that you are in super work mode. In any case you’re in a good place because you are tapping into your light force. VoC 11:20 pm until tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 31

Mercury is retrograde, and will back into Jupiter carrying along the energy of Venus. If there is something that you still need to unblock, then you’ll get a few weeks to think it over. It’s important that you take advantage of this Mercury retrograde, because when Jupiter enters Libra for a year- long stint you’ll want to be sure that you have done your due diligence so that you can take advantage of its positive energy. Moon enters Virgo.


The Moon Void of Course (VoC) is the time period from when the Moon makes its last aspect in one sign before moving into the next sign. The Moon is the fastest-moving planet, and transitions from one sign into the next every 1-3 days. What that means is that the Moon is constantly in motion, it’s never retrograde, so it’s inevitable that she will connect with “something,” i.e. another planet or transit, until the moment that she doesn’t. During the moments when she doesn’t connect, we call it the Moon Void of Course. When these events occur, the best thing to do is to meditate, sit still, and listen to your higher guidance. Sitting still does not mean to physically sit still, although it can be beneficial.


Kaye Berjot is a transformational astrologer who focuses on Chiron, the wounded healer. Read more articles, weekly astrology insights, and request readings at

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