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Hope in the Midst of Chaos

By Lori Daniel Falk As this issue goes to press we are in the throes of one of the most heavily disputed political elections of all time. To say that these are tumultuous times would be an understatement! At every point in history, even during deeply tumultuous times, there are …

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It’s not About the Website

By Alan Cohen A young entrepreneur came to me complaining that she was having trouble completing the text for her website. “Where is the roadblock you are hitting?” I asked Barbara. “It’s the About Me page,” she answered with a contorted face that told me how painful this process was …

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Johrei in America

By Joe Jarnol Johrei was developed in Japan during the 1930’s by the Japanese artist, philosopher, ikebana master and spiritual leader, Mokichi Okada (Meishu-sama). He devoted himself to healing the sick as well as searching for spiritual aware- ness. Meishu-sama began following the Divine Will of God and felt certain …

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How to Connect with Angels While Living a Crazy Life

By Christine Alexandria Angels have been with us since the beginning of time and are always assisting humanity in global as well as personal situations. They are ever joyful, loving, wise and at times rather pushy in helping you to live your dreams for that is their purpose; helping you …

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