Saturday , September 24 2022

The Circle Unbroken – The Sacred Healing Power of a Women’s Circle

By Kristi Derkacy

There are a few things you should know before you join a women’s healing circle. You will be welcomed unconditionally, in whatever state you are in, exactly as you are. There is space for all of you, no matter what your stories are, how you feel about yourself, or how your life appears to be unfolding. You are whole within yourself, a valuable piece of the circle, that your contribution and connection make the circle whole and unbroken. You are also whole and unbroken.

Most of us will have experienced a type of women’s circle by having attended an all-female book club, wine tasting or gathering with friends. We know the energy that we feel when we get together to exchange as women. It is palpable, and it is unique.

When we take that same vibrant and connective energy and use it for the creation of a safe space to do our healing work in, the results are limitless and expansive. Because we show up for ourselves, we show up for each other. Because we commit to unconditional love and acceptance, we show those to all we meet in our circle.

Coming together to form a group container for healing is a beautiful and rich practice. There is always strength and power in a group setting that should not be underestimated, and when we come together as women, we connect to our shared experiences of our lives in this world. We form a sisterhood—a deep bond created out of the journey we have all undertaken towards our healing.

When we gather, we share; when we share, we connect; when we connect, we come to the deep resonating realization that we are not alone. Not now, not ever. And, we come away knowing that we are supported and understood in a way that allows us to be our authentic, fully expressed selves.

When a healing circle is designed to be a facilitated program, we are guided through the learning process of how to hold space, how to be a witness, how to listen to ourselves and our bodies, while also listening to each other. She who leads is guiding the group and showing us the way into the work—into ourselves—and into a deep relationship with all the stuff we are made of, both the light and the shadow sides. The facilitator is there to support, as well as to be a teacher, a helper and a guide. She is there to share and encourage curiosity, which is the spark that feeds the internal fire. Each member of this beautiful collective is also there to share, teach, and learn from themselves and each other. That is what makes this experience so unique and powerful. We are all wise women, on our own journeys, using our own unique voices, loving and supporting each other along the way.

Kristi Derkacy
is the founder and facilitator at Resonance Restorative Women’s Collective, where she serves as a Reiki practitioner, writer and speaker. She also hosts lunar events, shares the practices of conscious relating, offers group work programs (including a healing circle!) and works one-to-one with women to restore their divine nature and bring them home to their true selves. She is committed to curiosity and knows that we are all each other’s greatest teachers when we take the time to ask what we are here to learn. For more information or to contact Kristi, please visit

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