Wednesday , October 21 2020

Health, Healing & Wellness

Second Chance Gardening

By Sue Odland   Many gardeners view the approaching fall months as a time for harvesting summer crops and closing up the garden. However, Mother Nature rewards avid gardeners with one last chance to create home-grown garden magic through second crop, or cool season planting. August is the perfect time …

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Aromatherapy and Yoga

By Cynthia Gran “The rose looks fair, but fairer we it deem  For that sweet odour which doth in it live.” Sonnet 54, Shakespeare Discovering essentials oils and their therapeutic uses, or aromatherapy, can be as transformative as the first time you realized the profound depth of yoga. Yoga and …

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Natural Pest Defense

By Sue Odland As the heat of the summer intensifies, garden pests do too. Instead of choosing chemical pesticides to eliminate unwanted visitors in your newly planted garden, employ the wisdom of Mother Nature to provide effective natural pest control. These proven methods are simple, inexpensive and safe for your …

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Recognizing the Difference between Therapy and Learning in Equine-Assisted Work

By Blair McKissock, MSEd, RYT Within the industry of equine-assisted learning (EAL) and therapy there is a great debate among professionals; what is the difference between learning and therapy? Having been a professional in experiential education for over 20 years, this was never an issue, because each experience was therapeutic regardless …

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Notes on Prince, Pain, and Sleep Deprivation

By Steven Halpern Writing this column on May 8, the news of Prince’s death is still stunning and painful. During a moment of silence at the ZMR Music Awards on Saturday night, you could feel the wave of emotion in the room. It still feels like it happened yesterday.   …

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Caregiving with Heart

By Deborah Zagorski   Back in mid-2014, I was given a wonderful opportunity. I was asked to provide caregiving services for a lovely woman in my neighborhood. This lady and I had been acquaintances for some time and now our relationship was entering a new era. I was going to become …

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