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Interview with Tim Bradley of The Salt Escape: Healing with Himalayan Salt

By Anna Anthony –

Anna Anthony: Tim, what were you doing before you opened The Salt Escape, and what inspired you to get into this business?

Tim Bradley:  I am a retired fire Captain with the Aurora Fire Department. I had 32 years’ total in the fire service, and it was the best job ever! I became interested in salt therapy after my first visit to a salt cave. I immediately felt the difference. Days after, I noticed my joints and body felt better also. My lungs had opened up and breathing was very easy. I was hooked from that point on.

AA: It sounds like you did some very extensive research before starting this business. Did you discover any "Ultimate" salt caves in the world that you hope to visit someday?

TB: I was fascinated by the various international salt caves and salt producing facilities. I’ve researched them for two and a half years. What really sticks out in my mind were the salt caves in Poland. They are beautiful, and some of the caves actually had hospitals built above them, so they could take post-surgical patients, and patients with respiratory issues into the cave to heal. I thought that was amazing!

AA: Downtown Batavia seems to be experiencing a large influx of metaphysical & healing-based businesses. Why do you think this area is experiencing this?

TB: I believe that holistic wellness is making a huge presence in all of our lives. From yoga, meditation, and healing crystals, to essential oils and other wellness centers, Batavia seems to attract this positive vibe. These businesses are well received and taken advantage of, to help heal the body and mind. Many people are seeking relief from medications that have negative effects. People seem to be returning to treatments that date back thousands of years. It’s very gratifying when you see what a positive effect you can have on a person’s wellness and peace of mind.

AA: Why is it specifically Himalayan salt that is considered to have healing properties, and what are the benefits of a salt cave visit?

TB: Himalayan salt dates back 230 million years. It’s one of the purest of minerals on the planet, as it wasn’t subjected to pollutants and contaminants we currently deal with. It contains 84 minerals that are all present in our body plasma. It also contains the same natural vibration as the primal ocean and our bodies. That’s why our body knows what to do with the salt when it’s absorbed or ingested. Normal table salt is an actual toxin to our bodies, and is treated as such. Living salts that have not been processed, baked, bleached, or had chemicals added to them to make them non-clumping are all known to be good for our system.

AA: Where did you get all of your salt?! Also, the 12-foot tall mural of Cleopatra is stunning! What is her significance in your business?

TB: All of my salt originates in Pakistan in the Himalayan mountains. It was all hand-cut and laid in place by myself in a mosaic pattern. The floor is covered in food-grade salt also, to massage your feet as you enter. It is reflexology, and stimulates certain organs in the body. This is in addition to our zero-gravity NASA-inspired chairs to give you relief of the spine and hips, by taking away the gravity, and allowing the disc to hydrate. It is also anti-inflammatory, which reduces swelling in the body. While doing countless hours of research I would often see references to Cleopatra being in salt chambers, as she thought it made her beautiful and healthy. I had her painted on my wall as a reminder how long this therapy has been around.

AA: What ailments do you most commonly find your visitors coming in for, and do you have any amazing success stories that stand out?

TB: Different people get different benefits from salt therapy. Some get relief from various skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Others get immediate relief from sinus and lung issues. People with Cystic fibrosis and asthma get huge benefits from this salted environment. Salt therapy is also thought to balance hormonal and thyroid issues. It is known to reduce stress and help people gain focus and peacefulness. People often report sleeping better, and more soundly after salt therapy. Salt is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and known to clean out your lungs by turning the solids that block our alveoli into a liquid state, so it can be absorbed by the body. Some people come here merely to get a good hour’s sleep, and reset their brain to help them with issues they may be struggling with.

AA: What unique events can we expect to be held at The Salt Escape in the future, and what is your long-term vision for the location?

TB: We are already scheduling meditation, yoga, breathing, wellness, drumming sessions, and intuitive readings and paintings. When the weather warms up, we intend to have outdoor furniture, so that when you arrive early for your salt cave session, you can sit outside and enjoy downtown Batavia, the river and wildlife, with a nice glass of tea or lemonade. We hope this will get you in the right frame of mind for your salt cave session. This business is about the entire process being stress-free; from calling or scheduling your appointment online, to walking in the door and feeling an immediate reduction in stress from your daily life. This is our journey and our goal. The Salt Escape is located at 9 N. River St. in downtown Batavia, IL 60510 www.thesaltescape.com Call 630-708-7258.


Anna J. Anthony is the Advertising Coordinator for Conscious Community Magazine. She is passionate about collaborating with and promoting local artisans, lightworkers, and conscious business owners. Anna studies the art of tarot, the paranormal, and is curious about various forms of consciousness, and spreading light and magic to others.

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