Sunday , August 14 2022

Chanting OM in the Key of the Earth

By Steven Halpern


According to the ancient spiritual traditions of India, OM is the primordial vibration that is the harmonic building block of our three-dimensional world.

For millennia, people have chanted this mantra to enhance attunement with the quantum field in meditation and yoga practices.

OM ZONE 432 began as a research project. I’ve been quite pleasantly surprised with the effects of being surrounded by over an hour of music tuned to 432 Hz. I feel the subtle difference vs. in 440 Hz more than I’ve noticed any of the musical examples I’ve ever listened to.

What makes this album unique is that it is tuned to the natural Earth resonance harmonic A=432 Hz rather than A=440 (standard Western tuning). In Bach’s day, orchestras were tuned to a lower pitch than current ones. A growing number of researchers suggest that music tuned to a harmonic of Earth’s dominant harmonic, the Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hz (cycles per second) would yield even greater healing potential.

I invite you to experience the possibilities for yourself on this new recording. It is exclusively available on my website

Intention Behind the Recording

My intention in producing this recording is to create an uplifting, meditative soundscape that can be listened to as background, or as a ‘spiritual karaoke’ soundtrack, a virtual yoga choir that supports you in chanting OM or other mantras. (Most people find that chanting by oneself can get somewhat boring fairly quickly.)

OM ZONE 432 is different. It includes stellar solo performances by special guest Silvia Nakkach, as well as my duets with Silvia and Melissa Phillippe.  Each track offers either more ambient or more ‘musical performance’ options.

The Cymatics research of Dr. Hans Jenny demonstrated that when OM is chanted into a steel plate covered with sand, the sand forms a geometric image of interlocking triangles universally known as the Sri Yantra.

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Yours in the resonance,

Steven Halpern


Steven Halpern is a Grammy nominated recording artist, researcher, and pioneering sound healer. His latest releases include OM ZONE 432, Optimal Health at the Speed of Sound, and Relax into Sleep at the Speed of Sound. Learn more at

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