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Astrology & Numerology

September… “Closing Up Shop”

September… “Closing Up Shop” by Elizabeth Summers Column: The Magical World Of Numbers As we write, say, even think the Number of a particular month, its influence of energy returns to us from the Universe.  Perhaps not in a blatant way but be on alert for the subtle influence of each month’s themes. As we …

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Tarot: The Flexibility Of The Three-Card Spread

Tarot: The Flexibility Of The Three-Card Spread by Vincent Pitisci Tarot card spreads are usually described as having “positions”. I prefer to use the term “elements” instead of “positions” as you will see as you read on. These positions / elements are usually laid out in a specific order. When …

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Cosmic Daily Weather

  Cosmic Daily Weather by Kelley Hunter  September 2015 Overview The classic pair of mythic lovers, Venus and Mars, hangs low in the morning sky to begin the month with emotional fireworks that impact relationships. Pay attention to your loved ones and give due honor and appreciation. After weeks of …

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