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Cosmic Daily Weather – February 2018

By Tara Aal –


Welcome to February! Astrologically, this month is like a soothing bath, as Venus, Mercury, and then the Sun, begin their transits of Pisces. No planets are retrograde, and we will not even experience a Full Moon. Perhaps a little healing salve for the body, mind and soul will have the time to soak in – we can all use a period of respite and rejuvenation.

Astrology is like a map of your personal wiring and energy. It also reminds you of your deepest desires and intentions for growth. It’s an amazing tool to bring about awareness, raise consciousness, and increase empathy and compassion. Check your natal chart out at www.astro.com.

The Moon takes about 28 days to complete her orbit through the 12 signs, spending approximately two and a half days in each sign. When we say the Moon is void-of-course (VoC), it means the Moon makes no more major aspects to other planets until it leaves the sign that it’s in. We sometimes say the Moon is floating between signs during these times, and it creates a sense of timelessness. You can embrace these events by slowing down and tuning into your inner guidance. It’s not the best time to start new things, but it’s a perfect opportunity to make room for what’s to come. If you want to know more, check out www.moontracks.com.

The New Moon on February 15 will be in the sign of Aquarius, the Water Bringer. In a sweet way, we can imagine this Aquarius New Moon ushering in the water of Pisces – for the Sun enters Pisces, the sign of the primordial sea; the ocean of life, just days after the New Moon. New Moon is the best time to set forth wishes and intentions, and in the sign of Aquarius, consider initiating new ways of progressing and liberating yourself and others. Where or how have things become too dry and rigid, desperately needing the renewing power of water? Visualize yourself as the figure in The Star Tarot card – how can you bring hope, healing, fresh ways of thinking, beauty and freedom into your life, and into the world? The Star of Hope is within you.


Thursday, February 1

Do something with the abundant Aquarian energy today. This is the time to step back and see things from a more objective and detached perspective. Never lose your heart-centeredness, but practice applying it in service to a greater audience. Leo Moon VoC begins 4:59 AM until 1:14 PM when the Moon enters Virgo.


Friday, February 2

Hypersensitivity is likely today with the Moon-Neptune opposition. Some people will choose to space out and seek some form of escape from the emotional depths – don’t assume the person next to you is fully present. MoonNeptune combinations can blow open psychic awareness and connect you with otherworldly dimensions. Reconnect with your dreams!


Saturday, February 3

This morning kicks off with a Moon-Chiron opposition, continuing the theme of sensitivity. Chiron represents our deepest sense of wounding, and in opposition to the personal, emotional and body-involved Moon, we are challenged to recognize our self-inflicted feelings of imperfection and to open our hearts to experience more acceptance and love. Virgo Moon VoC begins 1:07 AM until 3:48 PM when the Moon enters Libra.


Sunday, February 4

With the Moon in Libra, today is a perfect day to enjoy your relationships and the gift of the mirror of “other”. How do you see and feel about yourself when you are with each of the important people in your life? How do you help them see different aspects of themselves?


Monday, February 5

Expect the unexpected today, especially when it comes to your moods and reactions. The Moon-Uranus opposition aims to liberate us, but freedom does not always come with ease and grace. Libra Moon VoC begins 12:47 PM until 9:57 PM when the Moon enters Scorpio.


Tuesday, February 6

Scorpio wants to be fully acknowledged today. When the Moon is in Scorpio, things can go dark. Ultimately, Scorpio draws us to transform – to drop the dead weight we carry around and empower ourselves to grow, and experience life more intimately. Pack a metaphorical (or real) bag for charity and fully let it go.


Wednesday, February 7

Scorpio is not through with us yet! With today’s Jupiter-Moon conjunction in the sign of the Scorpion, Eagle, and Phoenix, transformative potential reaches a whole new level. Jupiter-Moon aspects increase emotion and sensitivity. In Scorpio, you may find your feelings take an intense dive. Expect defensiveness because Scorpio is extremely self-protective along with the Moon. If you are willing to confront your shadow self, you will find many buried treasures.


Thursday, February 8

After the intensity, and potential emotional drama over the past few days, we welcome the Moon in Sagittarius. Invite the energy of the Archer to raise your spirits and renew your sense of optimism. Scorpio Moon VoC begins 1:17 AM until 7:54 AM when the Moon enters Sagittarius.


Friday, February 9

With a Moon-Mars conjunction, you might start the day with an extra dose of the fiery Warrior. Mars stirs up passion, drive and anger. Since Mars wants to separate as an individual and act upon her own desires, she can cause friction with the Moon who wants comfort, sensitivity and a deep sense of belonging. Use the tension as a spark for something creative, working with your wild emotions.


Saturday, February 10

Venus enters Pisces, a graceful placement for the goddess of love. Venus represents personal love. Neptune is often referred to as the higher octave of Venus, as Neptune is unconditional Universal Love. As ruler of Pisces, Neptune is infusing Venus with love beyond her normal capacity. Can you feel this shift today? While Venus was in Aquarius, things felt a little less personal, perhaps even less romantic, allowing us to see beyond our personal attachments and needs. With this new sense of freedom and purpose around relationships, we are ready for the next step. Venus in Pisces will teach us about healthy sacrifice, compassion, joy, forgiveness, and the magic in accepting things just as they are. Sagittarius Moon VoC begins 5:20 PM until 8:22 PM when the Moon enters Capricorn.


Sunday, February 11

We start today with a Moon-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, so if you need to make things happen and take charge, this will help. We often refer to Moon and Saturn as symbols of parents – Moon as a nurturing parent, and Saturn as an authoritative parent. With both “parents” in the sign of practical, goal-oriented, authoritative and respectable Capricorn, expect an overall parental vibe today. Set healthy boundaries around what is truly your responsibility and what is not. Be your own authority, and others are less likely to boss you around.


Monday, February 12

Emotional drama may seduce you today. A Moon-Pluto conjunction can manifest as highly controlled emotions with pressure building. We are not always our most generous or caring selves with this combination. The underlying threat of losing power motivates us to sting in self-defense, sometimes in exaggerated proportion to the moment. Capricorn Moon VoC begins 11:44 PM until tomorrow.


Tuesday, February 13

Imagine drawing a magical circle around yourself, and then a larger circle around it, and continue drawing expanded circles until they are beyond sight. Let the Aquarian Moon remind you of your inherent genius, and wake up to your own call. Capricorn Moon VoC ends 9:12 AM when the Moon enters Aquarius.


Wednesday, February 14

Are you committed to following your heart and shining your own light? Today, the Sun is conjunct the asteroid goddess Juno. Juno, in a marriage, represents upholding vows and commitments. If the Sun is the essence of your energy, and sense of purpose, Juno asks you to honor and show dedication to yourself.


Thursday, February 15

Happy Aquarius New Moon! Set forth your intentions now – making wishes at the very start of the Moon’s waxing phase infuses them with the fiery potency of new beginnings. What do you want to manifest in your life? Say it out loud and let the power of your words start the process. Aquarius Moon VoC begins 3:06 PM until 8:42 PM when the Moon enters Pisces.


Friday, February 16

With the Moon in Pisces, conjunct Venus, indulge your imagination today. Imagination can be understood as images of, or from, the soul. The line between dreams and reality is not black and white. Pisces, Moon, and Venus together in their greatest expression is overflowing love that bridges heaven and earth. Use this heightened sensitivity and depth of feeling to expand your heart in beautiful ways.


Saturday, February 17

Today, we experience a Sun-Mercury conjunction, and Mercury enters Pisces late tonight. Minds, mouths and talking hands may be extra active, especially when it comes to communicating and making real use of unique and inventive ideas. Before Mercury enters Pisces, there may be an extra push for freedom and individuality. Pisces Moon VoC begins 4:14 PM until tomorrow.


Sunday, February 18

The center of our solar system is now radiating light infused with dreamy, artistic, fantastical Pisces. The sign of Everything and Nothing creates unbelievably amazing paintings, music and poetry – things that transcend time and space – “somewhere over the rainbow”. How are you channeling the energy of the cosmos? Pisces Moon VoC ends 6:05 AM when the Moon enters Aries.


Monday, February 19

We’re in the last month of winter here – braving cold and icy days and looking forward to the return of the Sun with spring. Have you taken advantage of your natural instincts to retreat, rest and dream? Winter is a time to renew and build your light within. Are there ways you can align with the Sun’s cycle to make better use of your own energy? There are so many ways to shine!


Tuesday, February 20

Enjoy the Moon in Taurus, honoring her ruler, Venus, also known as the Empress. Legend tells of flowers springing up wherever Venus stepped. In the Tarot, The Empress is pregnant, enjoying the luxury of life and surrounded by abundance. Moon in Taurus reminds us to indulge in the simple, yet rich, pleasures of our earthly existence. Aries Moon VoC begins 5:12 AM until 1:12 PM when the Moon enters Taurus.


Wednesday, February 21

Today’s Venus-Neptune conjunction washes over all of us with a wave of healing blessings. When the planets of love come together, look for (or feel for) a rainbow. If you need a dose of renewed hope and sense of higher and meaningful orchestration, tap into this vibration. Let this energy remind you of the greater work of art and your place in it. Surrender to the wonder and believe.


Thursday, February 22

With the Moon trine Pluto today in earth signs, make the choice to step up and empower yourself in practical ways. Where can you make changes in your routine, job, diet or finances to be more self-supportive? Taurus Moon VoC begins 5:46 AM until 6:08 PM when the Moon enters Gemini.


Friday, February 23

With the Moon in Gemini, ruled by Mercury in Pisces, choose words of love today. Communicate from and with your heart.


Saturday, February 24

Are you keeping your own fire going, or are you looking outside yourself for motivation? Do you feel excitement and passion for life? With Mars conjunct asteroid goddess Vesta, we are encouraged to champion that which we hold most sacred. Ignite and continuously feed your own flames, honoring yourself and creating the fuel to serve your truest purpose. Gemini Moon VoC begins 1:59 PM until 9:07 PM when the Moon enters Cancer.


Sunday, February 25

If you feel a bit put upon, an extra air of judgment, and sense of duty today, you’re experiencing the Moon-Saturn opposition. Use the gifts of Saturn to your advantage by bringing projects to completion, making efficient use of time, and enjoying hard-earned satisfaction.


Monday, February 26

Today has the potential to stretch, snap and expand your emotions. With Moon square Uranus and trine Jupiter, our sense of security and comfort will be challenged. Do you respond or react when your emotional buttons are pushed? Today is a wonderful day to comprehend the bigger picture, and not get stuck in old patterns, beliefs and behaviors that are based on ancient history mixed up with current feelings. Be willing to get to the truth, and it will set you free. Cancer Moon VoC begins 3:52 PM until 10:42 PM when the Moon enters Leo.


Tuesday, February 27

Ceres represents deep grief and how we can truly feed ourselves on all levels. She is Demeter, goddess of the grain and harvest. When she was stricken with grief at the abduction of her daughter, Persephone, she brought famine upon the earth. The Moon-Ceres conjunction today might stir up feelings of sadness and defeat. We need to feel and express our grief – to honor our losses with full mourning. In doing so, we make room for the abundance of life once again.


Wednesday, February 28

The Sun is nearing conjunction with Neptune, which can bring us face-to-face with illusory success. It’s a good time to check in with yourself as heroine/hero on your life journey and make sure you are pursuing the prize that is true to your heart. Be careful not to slay dragons, mistaking allies for enemies. Remember, every illusion and delusion you see through brings you one step closer to your Truth. Leo Moon VoC begins 5:14 PM until 11:58 PM when the Moon enters Virgo.


Tara Aal is a practicing astrologer, writer, and teacher. She studied Evolutionary Astrology with Laura Nalbandian and is a certified Soulsign Astrologer through Adam Gainsburg’s program. Visit www.TaraAal.com

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