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Cosmic Daily Weather – December 2017

By Kaye Berjot –


December Overview:

This month we will experience an array of emotions. As the winter solstice arrives on December 21 you could see yourself wanting to push ahead as you feel the encroaching remnants of shortened days. Do your best to remain calm as the moon becomes your light. On Dec. 3 Mercury will retrograde until Dec. 22. This cosmic event will have you contemplating events that transpired to the middle part of November; therefore be confident in your decisions because others will do their best to have you rethink them. On Dec. 1, Saturn will finally leave its retrograde zone, presenting you with the opportunity to create new karmic alignments as it makes its way into Capricorn. This is perfect especially when Uranus finally goes direct at the beginning of the year. So, what is this month all about? It’s about bridging gaps between time and space. This means that you get the opportunity to align your true self with your future self, so that you can walk in your own footsteps. Every year around this time, you get this opportunity, yet this year is somehow different. Perhaps that’s because Saturn returns home, or because the wounded healer is finally healed, or simply because Venus meets Saturn in a way that allows you to start fresh. Whatever it is that makes this December different from all of the other Decembers doesn’t really matter because you have new tools that will make the journey ahead worth fighting for.


As a side note, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to share with you my take on the daily planetary movements. For two years, I have been the author of this article. It has helped me heal Chironic wounds that I didn’t even know existed. The Conscious Community Magazine family, of which I count you a member, has helped me grow and expand in ways that I could not have done alone and for that I am truly grateful. This will be my final daily astrology article as I set off on a new journey. I wanted you all to know that I will forever cherish your likes, comments, kind words and feel good emojis that you have provided me with over the course of these years. Please show my predecessor all of the kindness that you have shown me. Love and Light. Muah!


Friday, December 1

The Moon trines a conjunct Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius today. This indicates that you have become more versed at directing your emotions and verbal thoughts. A little goes a long way when you deliver the message in a way that is valuable to all who receive it. Moon VoC begins 7:53 PM until tomorrow.


Saturday, December 2

You have learned how to be more disciplined when it comes to balancing the intricacies between you and others. It’s not that you are holding back. It’s that you are recognizing that if you plant your emotional values strategically, they have a better chance of creating the change that you really want in your life. Passive aggressiveness has no place in the new paradigm, so be mindful of this as you start building from the ground up. Moon VoC ends 3:21 PM enters Gemini.


Sunday, December 3

There are three T-Squares in the sky today involving the Moon, Neptune, the Sun, Venus, Pluto, Mars and Uranus. All I can say is that the struggle is real as you triage through your emotional self, others emotions, the past, the future, love, light, boundaries and breakthroughs. Do your best to resist overwhelming yourself and others. Big changes often require big clean ups. Therefore, even though it’s an emotional journey, it is one that needs to be undertaken. Full Moon at 11 degrees Gemini.


Monday, December 4

When the moon lands in communicative Gemini it opposes a conjunct Saturn and Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius. This could push you to say exactly what’s on your mind as Mars in Libra battles it out with retrograde Uranus in Aries. You’re not likely to let others push you around today, even if that has been the norm. Indecision no longer works. You’ve made your choice, and you’re going to stick with it. Moon VoC begins 1:12 PM until 2:36 PM enters Cancer.


Tuesday, December 5

Now that the Moon is comfortably placed within its home sign of Cancer you can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s either that or let the floodgates open and release fear, uncertainty and doubt. A brand new wave of influences head your way as you release old values that you once held dear. It’s days like today that clear a path towards your future. Water your gardens appropriately and they will eventually bear fruit.


Wednesday, December 6

As the Moon travels through Cancer, it squares Mars and retrograde Uranus while opposing Pluto. This tug of war won’t last for long as you set boundaries and distance yourself from the ties that bind. Prosperity can be yours when you exert the right amount of energy and effort so remember that one step at a time is all it takes. This is one of those moments when time is on your side. Moon VoC 11:55 AM until 2:37 PM enters Leo.


Thursday, December 7

When Venus, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn congregate in Sagittarius, you are bound to gain insight that has the potential to stop you in your tracks. The Moon squaring Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Scorpio could have others in a bit of emotional turmoil causing you to think fast on your feet. Luckily enough, you have been through this rodeo before and you understand how to be compassionate while being stern.


Friday, December 8

When you call upon your intuitive senses, you are able to show others the benefit of learning lessons. Chaos is often there to make us stronger by showing us where the bridges are weak. With a little bit of coaching, others will be able to see that too. Where they see the end, you see the beginning. Moon VoC 4:40 PM until 5:08 PM enters Virgo.


Saturday, December 9

The Sun, Venus, Mercury retrograde and Saturn conjunct today in Sagittarius causing a square to the Moon in Virgo. Emotional health is important for you as you pick and choose your battles. Utilize your blade to cut the cords, rather than using it to harm yourself. You do not have to sacrifice yourself all the time, therefore, give yourself a fighting chance.


Sunday, December 10

Today the Virgo moon analyses patterns. Learning life’s lessons is often determined by ideologies of love, value, connection to others and obligatory duties. Recognizing which duties are yours and which ones are others will become an essential learning tool for you. In this next iteration of your life, you won’t be so willing to take on others baggage because that only creates chaos for you. Learn to create a chaos free zone. Moon VoC 9:02 PM until 11:01 PM enters Libra.


Monday, December 11

Today is a bit of a balancing act as the Moon enters Libra. Basically this means that you must practice what you preach. You can’t run to everyone’s rescue. Some people cry wolf because that’s all they’ve ever known. Therefore, you’ll have to determine whether the sky is falling around you or if it’s a stepping stone.


Tuesday, December 12

Manipulation by others is a very powerful weapon often used to undo your plans and destroy your work. Don’t let others manipulate you in this way. Guilt often disguises itself as love so do your best to see things clearly. The illusion has been broken, and eventually, the other party will see this too.


Wednesday, December 13

Temper tantrums are at an all time high right now. You can often feel change before you hear it, you hear it before you see it, and you often see it before you understand it. This means that there is no use in holding on to faulty scenarios because the truth will be exposed. Neptune, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, the Sun and Saturn have spoken. Moon VoC 6:27 AM until 7:58 PM enters Scorpio.


Thursday, December 14

Today it’s show time when Uranus trines the stellium in Sagittarius and Neptune trines the congregation in Scorpio. As you educate others about what you’ve learned it becomes obvious that course correction must follow. The beautiful thing about these aspects is that it’s not necessary to turn around and go back to ground zero. What you are doing is showcasing how you are going to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Moon VoC 7:42 PM until tomorrow.


Friday, December 15

Someone in the position of authority sees your vision today. Even though you might find it hard to believe, they have experienced the same things that you have. Your ability to quantify their beliefs has been a real wakeup call and a bit of a relief of the both of you because that was the objective you were being measured on. Moon VoC until 7:07 PM enters Sagittarius.


Saturday, December 16

You could be a little emotional today as you release emotional attachments. Sighs of relief and tears of joy are on the agenda and as the Moon inches closer and closer to Mercury, Venus, the Sun and Saturn. You’ll understand why you had to go through certain obstacles. Uranus wanted you to uncover a different path which was one that exposed your true potential.


Sunday, December 17

With five planets in Sagittarius, you are exposed to many opportunities. Deciding which ones to take can seem overwhelming; yet you know that it’s important to take decisive action. You don’t have to choose disruptive change to get what you need. The only requirement is that you write your destiny in a way that allows you to truly believe in yourself.


Monday, December 18

Redefining the meaning of true love requires you to be present all the time. Questioning your trials and tribulations means that you don’t show up for your own tests. As Mercury continues its last few days retrograde remember that. You are the only one that can live in your future. No one else can do that for you. New Moon in Sagittarius at 12:31 AM. Moon VoC 7:09 AM until 7:33 AM enters Capricorn.


Tuesday, December 19

The wounded healer, Chiron, has been squaring Venus and the Sun for some time; so if there was an undercurrent of pain, now you know why. Roots run deep and as you snip away at the harmful ones you’ll understand what true healing feels like.


Wednesday, December 20

The Moon and Pluto meet up today creating a cosmic ka-pow. These are groundbreaking events occurring around you. This change will be fast and furious, and you will love every moment of it. Moon VoC 9:37 AM until 8:29 PM enters Aquarius.


Thursday, December 21

On this Winter Solstice, agendas are being pushed today. Everyone seems to be chasing a deadline which can cause emotions to run rampant. Don’t let aggression get the best of you. Consider what is the most important in your story. Yes, details are important; yet the true importance lies in where you’re headed.


Friday, December 22

Saturn finally makes its way into its home sign of Capricorn while conjuncting the Sun. You are the leader of your destiny, and you start that destiny today. Mercury finally stops its retrograde status and has led you up to this moment in time. If you hear the choir singing in the background make sure to sing right along with them.


Saturday, December 23

Emotionally you are feeling just fine. Moments like this remind us of the song, “If You’re Happy And You Know It.” There is something to be said about feeling like a kid again, yet with all of the knowledge of adulthood. Moon VoC 4:12 AM until 8:41 AM enters Pisces.


Sunday, December 24

Words misspoken in haste can cloud your judgement, which is why it’s necessary to create boundaries that protect your unconscious state. When you change the frequency, you change the message because you hear what it is that you need to hear because you are directing rather than following. Moon VoC 8:48 PM until tomorrow.


Monday, December 25

Venus meets up with Saturn today at 0 degree Capricorn. Today your worlds mix allowing you to bring love, light and stability into your view. Emotions could run high, yet that’s only because you have changed your perspective and bridged your communal gaps. Moon VoC 6:26 PM enters Aries.


Tuesday, December 26

Today you are on fire as your passions run deep. It’s difficult to contain your excitement so why should you. Be happy, content and on fire.


Wednesday, December 27

When Mercury makes a positive aspect to Uranus and the Moon you have this sense of knowing, yet you can be unsure of what it is that you know. Feeling your way through this sensory connection means that you must vocalize your concerns so that you can address them in a way that doesn’t encourage breakdowns. Moon VoC 2:57 PM until tomorrow.


Thursday, December 28

When the Moon enters Taurus it positively aspects Saturn in Capricorn allowing you to remain grounded. You know what you love and you know on which side your bread has been buttered. Even when you’re away those that hold the keys to your heart are always there with you. Moon VoC until 12:23 AM enters Taurus.


Friday, December 29

The opposition between Mars, Jupiter and the Moon can create a bit of static causing you to be a little stubborn and defensive. Think about what it is that you are building before you go about destroying something that is vital to you. Don’t let your thoughts get the best of you. Moon VoC 8:01 AM until tomorrow.


Saturday, December 30

Now that chaos has been thwarted you have a better grasp on reality. As you prepare for the end of one year and the start of another realize that all of this groundbreaking activity has occurred because you needed a new way to interact with yourself. Moon VoC until 2:31 AM enters Gemini


Sunday, December 31

Today Mercury in Sagittarius opposes the Moon in Gemini causing us to reflect. As your daily astrologer for these last two years, I find myself on the tail end of a journey that has allowed me to write about what I know about astrology while sharing my intuition with my Conscious Community Magazine family. It has been a real honor and one that I will always cherish. Like many of you, I too am moving on to a new journey in my life and with every like, comment and heart emoji just know that you have helped me to heal my own Chiron in ways that I never would have been able to do alone. Please show my predecessor the same kindness and love that you have shown me. Namaste. Moon VoC begins 5:38 PM until tomorrow.


The Moon Void of Course (VoC) is the time period from when the Moon makes its last aspect in one sign before moving into the next sign. The Moon is the fastest-moving planet, and transitions from one sign into the next every 1-3 days. What that means is that the Moon is constantly in motion, it’s never retrograde, so it’s inevitable that she will connect with “something,” i.e. another planet or transit, until the moment that she doesn’t. During the moments when she doesn’t connect, we call it the Moon Void of Course. When these events occur, the best things to do are to meditate, sit still and listen to your higher guidance. Sitting still does not mean to physically sit still, although that can be beneficial.



Kaye Berjot is an Astrological Coach and Mentor who has studied astrology for over two decades. Her focus is Chiron, the wounded healer,

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