Taking Back Control – An Inside Job

By Phyllis Light, Ph.D. All that is happening on the planet represents the collective consciousness of humanity. In other words, we’re all co-creating the reality of today’s world together. How did we “create” it to be “so bad?” The answer is simple. There is a “shadow side” to every one …

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From The Heart – From Cheesy Relationships to a Gourmet Banquet

By Alan Cohen In the early 1900s, a European man named Frederic had a dream to travel to the United States. At that time, air travel had not been developed, so he booked passage on an ocean liner. Such a trip required all of his savings, but it was worth …

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All About Town – Enlightenment Blessing

By Theresa Puskar Don’t listen with your ears or your mind. Listen with a grateful, open heart, not your human heart but your true heart. I feel deeply appreciative of my position here at Conscious Community Magazine, for I always get rich and rare nuggets of spiritual gold at the …

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All About Town – The Wisdom of Our Youth – Part 3 – Emily Teran

By Theresa Puskar Emily Teran – Westmont High School – February 2019 In my opinion, our ability to express ourselves through our creativity is one of the most potent and deeply transformative gifts we’ve been given on this earth. Creative expression has great healing power, and it can alter us …

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