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Ask Alecia – April 2020

By Alecia Rice

Q: I’m so ungrounded and fearful lately. I feel like it’s controlling me. How can I change this? 
—­ Fearfully Ungrounded

A: Dear Fearfully Ungrounded,

Fear is merely a thought, yet it can feel very real and solid. It spawns anxiety which controls and cripples us if it’s allowed to have free reign. It’s contagious and acts much like a virus and negatively affects our health through the subsequent physical stress responses. Should it take root, it can spread exponentially to others. It’s imperative to step into the driver’s seat for better control.

Presence is one antidote. Fear only exists in contemplating the future, so one of our most effective tools is bringing ourselves fully into presence through grounding practices like meditation, breathwork and yoga which help ease the “monkey mind.”

Fear can often be dissolved with conscious attention to grounding practices and mindfulness. We can also ask ourselves questions to pinpoint the root of the fear, such as, “What am I actually afraid of,” as it often masquerades as an imposter for other fears.

There are many techniques for grounding and dissolving fear. I suggest googling “5-4-3-2-1 grounding, or “how to ground spiritually” for a variety of options. Searching “detachment” and “how to dissolve fear” will bring up a host of techniques and practices as well. For a better sense of balance in a fluctuating world, start each day by grounding yourself before engaging with social media or others.


Q: I’m freaked out that so many things in society are breaking down, like store shelves being empty from fear of Covid-19. Any tips on how to think about what’s happening? — Seeking Refuge

A: Dear Seeking Refuge,

First, follow my advice for the above question for grounding to clear the mind. We can then build from there, as this is a time of raising consciousness, compassion, and brotherhood. I’m going to concentrate on shifting perspective by highlighting the silver linings to create some positive rays of sunshine and higher purpose in the presence of dark storm clouds.

One silver lining in this disruption is that we’re being guided more towards thoughts of self-sufficiency. As commercial products come into short supply and higher demand, we can google alternatives that we can make at home like hand sanitizer. We’re being prompted to do those things that we know are right but are often too distracted to do, like boosting immune systems by eating nutritious whole-foods instead of processed foods; strengthening the body with herbs, teas, and supplements; getting better sleep and exercising to ward off disease.

Lightworkers like myself, and many of the practitioners in this magazine, have been preparing for decades to be of service during disruptive, unstable times. We assist people in calming themselves, coping with stress, healing, and balancing the mind, body and spirit. We’ve been studying healing arts, personal energy management, medicinal herbs, essential oils, homeopathic medicines, etc. to help humanity heal and detox from chemical overload, toxic foods, pharmaceuticals, trauma, mental/emotional imbalances, as well as cultural programming.

Contracting with local alternative health practitioners shifts money from the corporate level to supporting individuals and their families, which I believe is the next phase of “buying local.” We can then continue learning and developing relationships with caring, present practitioners long after the storm clouds have passed.

During the disruption, it’s imperative that we flow without resistance. This often means seeking out trusted resources to help us cope with the new normal. Such shifts can inspire us to self-educate on the nature of consciousness, detoxing spiritually and physically, setting firm boundaries, as well as learning about how chemicals and EMFs disrupt the endocrine system, while studying practices that strengthen the body, mind and spirit for personal balance.

Collectively, we need a shift in consciousness. Not much shakes us out of slumber more quickly than discomfort. It thrusts us out of routine which causes us to see things differently. I see positivity in being forced to slow down, to be more internal instead of being distracted by the external. Such change prompts us to spend more quality time with people we love, instead of being in constant movement getting to that next event.

Times like these shake us loose from societal norms as we struggle to adapt and thrive. They demand our attention and presence in new ways that can shift societal norms and bring about positive change. They demand collective course corrections, like corporations being forced to encourage flexibility with employees working from home. Much of the new lessons that we learn from the current global circumstances will stick once the threat is gone. This will bring new changes that will create positive ripples throughout society.


Alecia Rice integrates higher concepts with wisdom to bring forth balance, perspective and clarity. She’s a personal advisor, speaker and gatherer of women. For perspective on life issues, you’re invited to text questions and comments to 681-321-1109. Discussions continue at Ask Alecia on Facebook.

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