Monday , January 24 2022

SAVA WOLF: Clairvoyant Reading as a Healing Art

By Anna Anthony

Anna Anthony: Sava, when did you first realize that you were a gifted clairvoyant?

Sava Wolf: I am also an artist, so for the longest time I just thought I had a lot of artistic pictures in my mind. I've spent a lot of my life drawing pictures. I would meet people and immediately hear and know a story about them, and would also see pictures of the situation or story. I wasn't sure if it was imagination, or just artistic temperament. About four years ago a good friend of mine was a clairaudient who was very connected with her angels. She invited me to an event at InVision (, and this is where I learned that I was clairvoyant. I felt intuition leading me to take training classes. After school I wanted to be an astrologist, art therapist, or even a psychologist. I had already completed so much schooling and had plans to continue on the path of a six-year degree plan from the Art Institute of Chicago. I had no intentions to work as a clairvoyant. I just thought I would do this for self-healing. I was doing readings and energy healing for fun, and then my business began to grow organically and rapidly. I ended up having an issue at work that caused me to abruptly change my path, and it all happened really fast. During the first few months I ended up working for psychic hotlines. I still work for a few during the busy times of the year.

AA: I have had the privilege to receive one of your readings, and I find the process very unique! I really appreciate how you go thru the layers of the aura and break things down on each level. What should a new client expect from a first time reading with you?

SW: I do energy work where I use my clairvoyance to look at your chakras on each layer and move energies out that have stagnated. I use a variety of colors and qualities of energy. I usually work with gold and violet flame, and platinum is a great energy for protection. As I look at the different layers of the aura and the psychic anatomy, I see different pictures. At times I almost feel like I'm detailing a car. Many clients refer to my readings as a "clearing." There are so many variations. I can do a woman's reading that focuses on the female creative force, karmic readings to see what old karma is in your space that is affecting you right now, and past life readings informing you of past lives that might also be affecting your current situation. Many times, past life issues will come up in any type of reading, as it is important that you receive this information. You might have stuck energy, and there might be valuable wisdom from that life that you might need to know about now.

AA: I feel that your art background really comes thru when you're giving readings. You paint very vivid pictures for your clients and give some very colorful picture analogies.

SW: I really enjoy it as an art! You have this big palette and there are all of these colors and materials to work with! I want people to feel inspired, and in a state of euphoria after working with them. I want to help them get in touch with their own truth. A clairvoyant reading is a healing art. As I am looking at the energy and homing in on different things, it can help people get closure, which can be very healing for them. When you get clarity, you can start to do your own healing.

AA: What have been some lessons you have learned along your path that you would like to share with others?

SW: I started out so empathetic! I wanted to help and heal everyone! One of the most important things I learned in this line of work is that in order to be really good reader, you have to get out of that empathetic space and be in neutrality, where you are not wanting to empathize with your heart, you are just wanting to give them a clear picture of the situation and what would be the best possible course for them.

AA: What do you love most about your job?

SW: People are very interesting! When you get to someone's core, you never say this person is boring, or this situation is boring. It really makes you appreciate and love people even more, because you realize this person is so interesting and there are so many layers to them! In our society, it is so common to take people at face value and by their first impression, but really everyone has something interesting about themselves to offer.

AA: What are some self-care activities that you do to ensure that you are always putting your best self forward?

SW: I am certified in reiki and have completed my mastership. I use reiki often. I use it in the shower for self-healing. I infuse it in the palm of my hand and place it over my chakras. I use it to infuse a room. I listen to a lot of different frequency music such as Tibetan singing bowls, and often listen to the frequencies of 285, 528, and 639. I play it while I am sleeping. I try to do yoga at least three times per week. I learned in Kundalini that when strengthening your core, you become more rooted, and less likely to be pulled off your path. This was a profound lesson for me. I use meditation and mantras, and drink a lot of tea daily. I also love incense, and prefer to use incense from India when possible. I like nag champa, frankincense, myrrh, jasmine, and violet.

AA: You teach a clairvoyance class, and I know many of our readers would be interested in this, as individuals or for their vocations. Please tell us more about this.

SW: Yes, I like to teach others to "see" for themselves. When people find out that you are a clairvoyant, they give you so much power and act as if you are the only one who can do this. I believe that we are all capable in some capacity and it is empowering. I think about the story of the Tower of Babel, and I always think that clairvoyance and intuition are how we must communicate after that event. It is the universal language.

Anna J. Anthony is the Advertising Coordinator for Conscious Community Magazine. She is passionate about collaborating with and promoting local artisans, lightworkers, and conscious business owners. Anna studies the art of tarot, the paranormal, and is curious about various forms of consciousness and spreading light and magic to others.

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