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Letter From The Publisher- September 2015

Letter from Publisher

Letter From The Publisher- September 2015 by Walter Perschke

August was the busy month we expected. Thanks to all of our readers who stopped by one of our booths to say hello and offer input on the changes in our magazine. We always welcome reader comments because they are who this magazine is for.

September is another busy month for myself and the staff of the Conscious Community Magazine and the Spiritual Learning Center. Personally, I will be presenting at the Theosophical Society Annual event, TheosoFest, on Saturday September 12. It is an all day expo and my class on dream interpretation begins at 3:30. Last year there were no empty seats in their auditorium for my presentation so come early and avoid being disappointed. I will also be speaking at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Indianapolis the weekend of September 26-27.

There are two Burning Bowl ceremonies that I will be leading on September 23rd and 24th at Crystal River Gifts in South Elgin and at our location in Burr Ridge respectively. Check out the Spiritual Learning Center ad in this issue for further information. The Burning Bowl is an ancient ceremony and a center point focus of release and letting go of all that no longer serves us, a critical feature of a personal journey to a higher state of consciousness. Our “baggage” holds us back and releasing it enables us to move forward and upward in our personal spiritual journey.

The Qi Revolution will be in town September 12-15 at the Schaumburg Convention Center with training beginning and advanced practitioners. Several of our staff will be in attendance so say hello if you see them. See the back cover of our August issue for schedule and an outline of content.

Joanne Macko is sponsoring her annual Lightworkers Conference September 25-27 at Benedictine University in Lisle. Members of our staff will be manning our booth to meet and greet our readers so please stop by to say hello. 

Our national political process plods along at its own pace towards the inevitable 2016 election for President. It offers perhaps the greatest entertainment value of anything in the press or on television today.

What is most interesting to me is the meteoric rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. They have both struck a sensitive chord in their respective parties that no one else in the primaries is addressing. Whether you agree or disagree with one or none of them, they have become a focal point of the “feeling disenfranchised” of both major parties and given them a voice in presidential politics, albeit a very loud one. Their candidacies and polling numbers are a reflection of voters feeling unheard and ignored and most prominently, not represented by any other candidate on either side. I will not be surprised if the polls ultimately show voters crossing over from another party to support the vocal if unelectable candidate of their choice. 

Change is upon us and will be with us for some time to come. An increasing public interest in change of the status quo is being reflected in support for Sanders and Trump. There are other manifestations but this is the most visible at present. Can our elected officials be as far back from the electorate as they seem today? Only time will tell.

Until next time, 

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