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Aura Photography with Susan & Jack Lewis


Aura Photography with Susan & Jack Lewis by Theresa Puskar

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Among his many gifts, Edgar Cayce could read auras. In fact, on one occasion he was getting into an elevator. However, before the doors closed, he decided not to get in and immediately exited it.  There was a malfunction, and all inside crashed to their deaths.  The reason Cayce did not get into the elevator was that he saw the auras (or energy centers) were of those embarking. None of them had any color; their aura was black. This was a sign of their imminent deaths.  

While few of us have Cayce’s extraordinary gift, there are tools available to us that will assist us in seeing our auras.  On Thursday, August 13th, I had the pleasure of getting an aura reading from aura experts Susan and Jack Lewis. They spent the evening photographing our auras, and then providing us with an enriching seminar on auras at the remarkable offices of Frances Gaik, Psy.D.

Before I continue, I have to say a word about the venue in which this seminar was being held. Frances Gaik is an outstanding psychologist, who, in my opinion has truly mastered the art of manifesting. Surrounded by wildlife, nestled in a magical wooded area of Oak Brook, these offices radiate health and vitality. Each room has many large windows that look out into the lush green area that surrounds them. Of course, green being the heart chakra, I noted that the atmosphere was permeated with heart energy. What a wondrous healing place! 

Now back to the event. Based in Midland, Michigan, the Lewis’s have a plethora of knowledge and experience in spiritual healing. On this particular occasion they offered aura photographs, along with short one-on-one readings of the photos and a one-hour lecture on the subject. 

The aura photography process was interesting. While I’ve known of this process for years, I have never had an auric photo taken. I sat in front of the camera and placed my hands upon some steel plates. They were then covered by a black cloth while the photo was taken.  I later learned that the auric reading was taken through the energy of my hands and then transmitted onto the page that shows the shape and size of each of my chakras on a black full body image. For those of you who are unfamiliar with chakras, they are energy centers that are located throughout the body, and oversee certain body, mind, and spirit functions. While opinions vary on the number that exist in and around the body, most agree that there are seven main chakra or energy centers. They start at your groin area and run along your spine to above your head.  Each chakra has emotions and organs affiliated with it. 

As part of the package, we were given charts that link each chakra to its related gland, sense, organs, mental and emotional issues, physical dysfunctions, ages of development, stones, oils and herbs, vitamins and minerals. This chart helps us to understand the chakra system in relation to our mind-body-spirit health, and provides us with tools to assist us in balancing any chakras that may require some attention. 

One insight that Jack and Susan shared was that this technology melds the “seen” world of science with the “unseen” world of energy. I am fascinated by the fact that the reading that I received matches challenges and choices that I am currently facing in my life. In fact, there are three that fascinated me in particular with this reading. While I am never surprised at such affirmations, I am still delighted every time they come my way. I am currently writing a theatrical solo show (I will be doing a reading at Chicago Dramatists on August 29th at 2:00 p.m.). I was truly amazed with how much the body scan paralleled the issues that I noted as I flushed out the material for the show. 


To start with, the largest chakra center on my body is my 2nd chakra, located in the sacral area. It was markedly larger than all of the rest. The 2nd chakra is related to the sexual organs, large intestine, urinary tract, lower vertebrae, pelvis, appendix, bladder, and hip area. The mental and emotional issues related to it are: chronic lower back pain, sciatica, ob/gyn problems, pelvic/lower back pain, sexual potency or lack, and urinary problems. Interestingly enough, I just returned from the doctor regarding lower back/sciatica issues.  Along with the physical match, there was also an emotional one as well. Since returning from India, on several occasions as I practice deeksha each day, I set an intention for causeless joy for others and myself. This chakra is the joy center, and while I was warned that a larger 2nd chakra could turn into pleasure-seeking obsession and work-related apathy, I was not concerned.  Apathy and non-productivity are not issues I struggle with. In fact, if anything, I am challenged with the opposite issue – overwork. This reading was an affirmation of the focus that I have been putting on experiencing the magic of causeless joy in my life. 

The second revelation I had in the reading related to my 3rd chakra, located at my solar plexus. The organs related to this chakra are the abdomen, stomach, upper intestine, liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, adrenal gland, spleen, and middle spine. Courage, trust, fear, self-esteem, self-care, self-confidence, self-respect, decision-making, personal honor, and sensitivity to criticism all factor into the makeup of this chakra. In my case, unlike the 2nd chakra, this energy center was particularly small. This did not surprise me. I know that self-acceptance is central to my soul’s journey in this lifetime. What surprises me however, is that Susan mentioned that for those of us who are particularly intuitive and sensitive, if we are exposed to toxic individuals or situations on an ongoing basis, that too can cause this chakra to close in a protective stance against the negative energy. Suffice to say that I am currently struggling with a couple of particularly toxic relationships in my life at this time. A gesture that Susan shared to inhibit the negative energy from entering into that area is to place one of your hands against the solar plexus (with the palm of your hand facing outwards). This sets a protective energetic barrier in motion, after which you can focus on further in that area, blocking the negativity from permeating your energy field.  Of course, she reminded me that we must not personalize the negativity of others. If they are toxic for us, the energy is theirs, not ours. 

Finally, a photo was also taken of my head and the energy that surrounds it. When I matched it with a photo on their website, it mirrored a photo that listed the colors as creative, emotional, and entrepreneurial. In my particular case, however, a large energy block appeared around my lower face and neck. It was so strong that it was difficult to see my face on the photograph. Susan shared that this block was most likely related to lack of self-care. What can I say? Guilty as charged!  In fact, I reference the daily non-stop treadmill that I live in my show as well. I ask myself, “What I am running from or to?  Why do I choose to stay so busy?” This photo is a strong message that I need to slow down and create some “Theresa” time in my life.  The good news is that I love all that I do. I am blessed in my career choices. However, I know that I also need to focus more love and quiet time on myself.  

Once you know which of your chakras require balancing, you can use the related stones, oils, herbs, vitamins and minerals to assist in the healing. While getting this reading was invaluable, if you are conscious, intuitive, and honest with yourself, you can get a sense of which of your chakras may be out of balance. While Susan and Jack offer chakra-tuning sessions, there are also several simple techniques you can use to balance and cleanse them. One of the easiest and best suggestions came to me from psychologist and medical anthropologist, Dr. Alberto Villoldo when we were recording an audio program together several years ago. He suggested the following: when you shower, spin your fingers counter-clockwise in front of each of the chakras to open them. Then envision the water of the shower cleansing them. See any unneeded energy sloughing off, and then see each chakra clear, balanced, and vibrant.  Then spin your fingers clockwise in front of each to close them. During your daily meditations, you can also envision each chakra as balanced, vibrant, and healthy. As we all know, intention is very powerful, so doing so can actually shift the energy. 

In the end, it comes down to “How many times do we have to be given the same message, and when are we going to take action?”  For many years I have known that I need to slow down, and I know that now is the time. As they say, the universe starts with a whisper, yet if we don’t heed it, that whisper turns into a yell.  So if you are an over-doer like myself, I encourage you to join me as I stop, quiet my busy life, and smell the roses (that is, AFTER I complete my solo-show, kick up my books and audio marketing, finish my latest training modules, create some new seminars, and…and…and. 

To learn more about Aura photography with Dr. Jack and Susan Lewis, log onto their website at 

Theresa Puskar, our All About Town contributor, is a writer, trainer, speaker, and inspirational audiobook producer.  She has recently authored The Terri Series – seven children’s books that focus on social issues such as bullying, honoring diversity, celebrating creativity, non-judgment of emotions, finding alternative to technology-based entertainment, discovering a non-judgmental God, and overcoming fears. She has also recorded a powerful seven-CD experiential audio program, How to De-clutter Your Mind and Live a Heart-Centered Life. To learn more about Theresa and her upcoming engagements, log onto  

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