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Letter from the Publisher: The Magic of Self-Love – February 2017

by Kasia Szumal –

Aloha! First of all, I want to let you know that Conscious Community magazine is stronger than ever, and we have a few new team members. Our new Circulation Manager is Rebecca Balogh, who will be assisting me with managing the magazine. Also, I want to introduce you to Lori Kumskis and Jen Heine, who will help us with organizing Conscious Community events, as well as selling advertising space. These ladies are volcanoes of ideas and energy who can move and shift everything! Welcome ladies!
Are you a mover and a shaker? Are you an organized self-starter?

Do you have a desire to help out? If so, please call us at 847-966-1110.

February is the month of love, because of February 14th, Valentine’s Day! I think Valentine’s Day should be all year round, every day. Love creates us and it is all around us. Do you feel it?  

The true love starts from loving yourself, and it doesn’t depend on having a boyfriend or husband. My true self-love practice starts with me, connecting with my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. My favorite self-love practices are: stretching myself and feeling my whole body expanding, drinking a glass of lemon water right after I stretched, taking yoga class, getting a massage, writing a gratitude letter to myself with all the aspects that I love about myself, or reading an inspirational book. I also like going to the mirror and saying aloud: “I love you, Kasia, and you are perfect the way you are. I am love.”  When I do some of my self-love practices, I feel connected to my higher self, I am grounded, and I feel inspired and radiant!

I strongly believe that you need to truly love yourself in order to love others. There is no way around this. Also, I believe in the Law of Attraction, and that you attract not what you want, but who you are.

I really encourage you to find time for yourself, because you are worth it and every part of your body is made from love! You are love!
Do whatever makes you feel good, relax, smile, and be vibrant!

Be gentle to yourself, and stop comparing yourself to other people. You are a unique human being. You are one of a kind!
In this issue, we have a few articles about what love is, self-love practices, connecting to your self and your needs to live up to your full potential, and have a harmonious happy life! Enjoy it!

The Best,
Kasia Szumal

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