Friday , August 14 2020

Learning to Love Change

By Angel Carlton –

We embrace “opportunities” but reject change. Change is merely an opportunity we have yet to discover, and is simply our higher self, reminding us to live our magnificence, to create a life of significance. To fully embrace this truth, it’s helpful to first understand the reasons behind the changes in our lives and the struggles we have to endure. Let’s become aware of how change is generated in our lives, so that we may learn to embrace its meaning, and take from it the lessons of love that change delivers.

The first step toward embracing change is changing your perspective toward it. Change, simply put, is to alter, modify, or to make or become different. We know changes are happening in the world, in our lives, and in the lives of everyone around us. But how well are we coping with these changes? Just take a look at the news; the violence, stress, and anger all around us, locally and globally. According to one study, 45% of society is living under “extreme stress!” That’s nearly half of your circle of friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors who are on the brink of a breakdown. Surely this is an indication that we desperately need a way to adapt to our changing world, and sooner than later! It’s time we begin to see these changes as opportunities to gain a better understanding, to learn from them, and utilize the lessons so that we become a better and stronger society. Let’s no longer look at ourselves as helpless victims in an increasingly destructive world. Instead, let’s stand up, be strong, and move forward as drivers of change and generators of positivity, in hope of changing the focus of the lens through which we view the world.

What generates change?
Understanding how change is generated will help you get to the core of the purpose, lesson, or gift each change or circumstance delivers. There are three ways to best describe how change occurs within our lives: from Happenstance, through Intention, and by Default. The primary key to embarking on the path to positive change is recognizing which category each one falls into.

The first generator of change, Happenstance, is when change just seems to happen, be it negative or positive. Some people grow and evolve without even being aware of the changes that are causing their growth. Some of them seem to have the “Midas touch,” where everything they touch turns to gold. They flow through life, happy-go-lucky, with a positive attitude about everything. Then there are some people who seem to have bad luck—who simply can’t get a break, and forever find themselves in a rut. So, while we’re all creating our own experiences, some people know it, and others walk through life completely clueless about this amazing power we all possess.

The next type of change is deliberate Intention. People who change this way are determined to seek ways to improve their lives, and strive daily for a more fulfilled life. These are the individuals who have realized there is more to life than going to work, making money, sleeping, and eating. They realize there’s a greater vision, and as a result of change, they’ve had a glimpse of life’s truer purpose many times through the eyes of change. This glimpse has sometimes been referred to as a “spiritual awakening.” When this occurs, it’s like the healthiest obsession one could possibly imagine. Everything in life becomes a quest to conquer more of that same feeling of clarity, truth, and meaning.

Finally, change is also generated by Default. These people usually have an unexpected experience or traumatic event that forces them to wake up and see life through a different lens. They grow because they have to. For example, the death of a loved one will often force people into a life change. It’s understandably not a pleasant experience, but those who discover a healthy coping mechanism will move through these unhappy times, and be emotionally stronger on the other side.

These are what promote change in our lives…Happenstance, Intention, and Default, and when we Embrace change (HIDE is the acronym), life truly does become an adventure. There’s really no reason to “hide” from change any longer. Change is what gives us the ultimate human experience. Become a master of change, and your life will become a masterpiece.


Angel Carlton is the author of Staying Afloat During Tides of Change: How to Navigate the 6 Stages of Transformation, and Founder of Power Up People! Inc. She is a public speaker and transformation facilitator for individuals, companies, and organizations.

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