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Letter from the Publisher – Conscious Seeding – May 2017

By Kasia Szumal – 

Spring is finally here! A few weeks ago, I planted my first garden, which I was inspired to do by our columnist Sue Odland, who writes our “Organic Gardening” column. It is a balcony garden with veggies and fruits. As a first-time gardener, I bought a few huge pots, some soil, and seeds of veggies and fruits that I love to eat. Do you know that fruits and veggies are the most vibrational foods on earth that you can eat, and raise your vibration thru eating them! After planting all of my seeds, I water them twice a day. As soon as I saw some small veggies and fruits coming up, I noticed that birds started coming and pulling out plants from my garden, and eating the roots of the plants. Then I had an idea; I put some fake snakes between my plants, and hung an owl around my balcony to stop the birds from eating my plants… I got this idea from one of Sue’s articles. The birds stopped eating my plants. Now my greens are two inches long, and I can’t wait to have my first salad with all the fruits and veggies that I planted!  

Watching them growing, it occurred to me that those seeds are like our thoughts that we have every day. Sometimes they are good thoughts that make us feel so wonderful, and inspire us into action to better ourselves, and sometimes they are more negative thoughts that hurt us, or make us live in fear. I have good news for you! Those thoughts are not yours; they are collections of different people’s ideas of you, or they are collections of TV advertising that tell us what we should wear, drive, eat, or how to behave.  

Thoughts create your reality that you are living. If you want to have a better life and fulfill your dreams, you need to start paying attention to your thought patterns. Your positive thought patterns encourage you to apply for your dream job, and start exercising regularly; or, on the other hand, they can be negative, and can discourage  you  from  submitting the resume, or making a change that you want to do.  

Going thru my own transformation, I found some tips that have helped me become the person I am now, and I want to share them with you:  

  • Every day meditation (sitting meditation, or active meditation like walking, biking, or swimming) 
  • Gratitude (say thank you for things that you are grateful for; for example, a good night’s sleep, the place that I live, friends that I’ve met, or have had for years, pets, health, etc.)  |
  • Surround yourself with people that are positive, joyful, feel good to be around… find your “tribe” 
  • Listen to uplifting music that makes you want to move your body and dance
  • Read inspiring literature  

I want you to step up and create your own garden, and plant seeds that you want to grow, and encourage others to do the same!  

Enjoy our May issue!  

The Best,  
Kasia Szumal 

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