Cultivating Consciousness

Moving Beyond Victimhood: The Great Unconscious Metapattern of Our Time

  By Judy Wilkins-Smith “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names shall never hurt me,” was an old adage way back in the early 1800s. For over 200 years it soothed and encouraged many a bullied student and adult. But no longer. Today, it seems we are the …

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Truth, the Greatest Power of All

  By Jakeb Brock In today’s world there are vast numbers of spiritual communities, with each one emphasizing a particular practice or doctrine of choice.  For example, one might stress the importance and value of meditation above all else, while another might hold to the teachings and methodologies of yoga.  …

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(Dis)Comfort Zones

By Dean Fraser BSYA (BL) Public speaking had already become second nature to me, I felt (and still do) a buzz of excitement of pure joy stood before an audience ready to communicate. This will always be an inherently two-way communication. I know my own story inside out; I prefer …

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Learning to Trust

  By Jakeb Brock We live in a very anxious world.  And so, not surprisingly, one of the most insistent aspects of our upbringing is learning to fend for ourselves and use our human strength to gain the upper hand over uncertain circumstances.  We do this primarily as a hedge …

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