Cultivating Consciousness

8 Ways to Foster Self–Love

By Debra Landwehr Engle Imagine that a three–year–old says to you, “I’m bad. I don’t deserve to be loved.” How would you respond? Without hesitation, you would scoop up that three–year–old in your arms and say, “Of course, you deserve to be loved. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!” …

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The Age of Harvest

  By Jakeb Brock Throughout this age the emphasis has been on the evolution of consciousness of individuals, not on the collective.  The collective has, in fact, remained stuck in an evolutionary holding pattern.  But the collective’s intractability has neither hindered nor impeded the evolutionary impetus of the individual.  It …

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Everyone is Intuitive, Especially in Dreams

By Dr. Michael Lennox If you are someone who regularly remembers your dreams, then there is a good chance you have had the eye-opening experience of precognitive dreaming. My own fascination with dreaming began when I was a teenager.  I was an avid dreamer and relished the process of waking …

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Connecting With The Creative Unconscious

By Michael Grosso, Ph.D. H.H. Price (1899-1984), an Oxford University philosopher, thought that modern Western civilization is the most unspiritual in human history. Are there ways we can re-connect with our lost inner life? Price devised an experiment to test his creative subconscious.  It’s an experiment anyone can try.  You …

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