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Astrology & Numerology

Cosmic Daily Weather – August 2016

By Kaye Berjot Overview: This month we have one planet going direct and one planet turning retrograde. Saturn during the middle part of the month turns direct. This indicates your need to set boundaries. Over the course of Saturn’s retrograde period you reevaluated how to protect yourself using newly discovered …

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Sacred Acoustics: A Doorway to the Infinite

By Mary Montgomery It was an email from the Chicago chapter of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (chicagoions.org) that alerted me to the Sacred Sound Meditation workshop at the Theosophical Society in Wheaton (theosophical.org) on June 11, 2016. Two things kindled in me a desire to go: the presenters, Eben Alexander, …

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Cosmic Daily Weather – July 2016

By Kaye Berjot Overview: The larger planets are retrograde this month, so we can expect some external changes. With that said, the expansive energy of Jupiter in Virgo allows us to adapt to these changes with a little more finesse and grace. The New Moon on July 4th gives us …

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Play as Spiritual Practice

By Mary Montgomery Recently I tuned in to a TED Talk Hour on NPR that was dedicated to play (npr.org/programs/ted-radio-hour/390249044). What an eye opener! Research is not only showing that play can make us more empathetic and loving, it is also demonstrating the serious effects that play deprivation has on …

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Cosmic Daily Weather – June 2016

By Kaye Berjot Overview   This month is about movement and perseverance. Even when you think that you can’t, you’ll find out that you can. The new Moon will give you an extra boost of insight while the full Moon in Sagittarius will help to fill in some gaps. At …

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