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Full Moon August 3, 2020 – Positive Burst of Activity

By Donna Stellhorn

There are some interesting energies for this Aquarius Full Moon. If we draw an imaginary line across the chart from the Sun to the Moon, we see that Uranus (the planet of change and disruption) crosses that imaginary line like a big truck running a red light at an intersection. So, as you’re going about the course of your normal routine, someone may drive a big truck through your plans asking you to change your schedule, to change the way you are doing things, or to hop on board with them.

Mercury sits opposite Saturn this month. This energy promotes your ability to do critical thinking, make decisions on important matters and look at situations in your life with a clear head. This aspect is also marked by a feeling of isolation as we all continue to maintain social distance. This energy gives you the ability to assess what’s not working in your life and make changes. It’s also a great aspect for studying a difficult subject—one that requires concentration. If you are thinking to take an SAT test or the exam to get a real estate license, this is a great aspect for preparing for taking any standardized test.

Mars squares off with Jupiter bringing a positive burst of energetic activity. You might be tempted to jump into new projects with optimism and enthusiasm. This aspect does promise quite a bit of success in your endeavors. This is a great aspect for co-creating with the Universe. By using meditation, affirmations or visualization, you can send your messages out and collect the abundance that comes flowing back to you. This is a good month to redo your vision board. It’s good to have optimism backed up by action now.

When we put all this energy together, it suggests taking a good look at your plans and making changes and then moving forward full speed with the knowledge the Universe is helping you to succeed.


The harmonious Leo Sun lands in your area of risk-taking, fun and romance. They call it “falling” in love for a reason, and you may take a tumble this month. Finances improve. However, there are some tasks you don’t necessarily want to do. Once those are done, you can reap the rewards. If you been working at home, you may be called back into the office. A career project can go very well. This is also good energy for finding a new position. In general, you have more energy especially for playing sports.


You’re noticeable and attracting people to you like a magnet even though your inclination is to stay home. Finances are tied to communication, and there might be a lot of paperwork that needs completing this month. A contract for employment or for your business finally arrives. You have more energy this month to get your list of things done. You may be doing more reading, taking classes or working on your novel. There is positive energy around publishing, teaching and connecting spiritually.


School and education, in general, are the focus right now. You may be getting information about the school year or financial aid, or you may be working on your finances in general. Money derived from career looks strong, and you may be getting an opportunity to make more money this month. A friendship could move from the “friend zone” to something much more intimate. It’s good to change your evening routine to get better sleep. A person you admire gives you a wonderful compliment.


The focus this month is on pulling in the people around you to help you out. You may feel isolated, but there are people lining up this month who are available for what you need. You may be connecting with a friend from your past, one who you haven’t talked to in many years. A new source of income is quite possible, or you might be getting a new job. Sales are improving which is good news if you’re on commission. Your relationships, in general, improve a great deal. There is more harmony and laughter.


There’s very positive relationship energy for you this month despite the fact that you keep getting interrupted by work and other people’s requests. Looking at your personal time management plans would be helpful. Job income shows improvement, and you have the opportunity to get more hours. It would be helpful to find ways to delegate some of the tasks on your to-do list. There’s some wonderful news connected to education or a contract. Negotiations can go your way when you speak up.


This month, you may be making a change in your daily routine by adding in meditation or spiritual rituals. This could add a great deal of meaning to your life and bring you countless benefits in the long run. Your charisma is strong, and your house of intimacy is quite active. This adds up to some fun this month. There is a promise of a raise or bonus, and while it’s not quite here yet, you know it’s coming. There could be a temporary addition to the family through somebody visiting or pet sitting.


Fun and romance, as well as risk-taking, are highlighted this month. If you’re looking for love, you may be zapped by Cupid’s arrow. Spending happens as you may be purchasing some new technology, such as a phone or laptop. You’re allowing some luxuries in your life now, and this is good. Finances improve, especially those connected to business income or investment decisions. A difficult work project may have you procrastinating. Once you get started, it goes quite well. Set up a place for quiet work.


The Full Moon lands in your house of home and family, and you have more interaction with relatives and friends. You may be unpacking from a move or making some renovations, especially around the garden or outdoor spaces. Issues with a neighbor can be resolved with some patience or feng shui. You may be working more hours which will bring you more money in the future just not quite yet. There may also be a large financial outgo towards educational materials or an online course.


There’s a focus this month on transportation as well as communication. You might be getting back in the car and even taking a trip. A new work project becomes available to you. There could be a change in your work team, and you may be asked to take the lead. Your finances benefit by you sticking to your budget. An increase in money coming from your job is probable as more hours and sales are available. Romance energy is very strong. This month could be a lot of fun if you’re willing to take a chance.


Finances are under the spotlight this month as you have opportunities to create new streams of income, especially around creative projects or by taking calculated risks. This would be a good month to start your own business. You’re able to meet influential people who could be of help to you. A chance meeting or meeting online could bring some romance. But because of all the inner work and personal growth you’ve been doing, your focus is really on how to improve your quality of life.


The limelight is on you as this is the Aquarius Full Moon. Your relationships get better as people step forward to engage with you, ask for your friendship. Others are supportive now. Money is flowing in, but it’s also flowing out—especially for work equipment or tools for keeping up the house. Your ability to do your job is noticed, and your talents are complemented. Giving yourself more time for rest would be helpful now. Consider less screen time. Instead, find a creative project you enjoy.


This month, your growing intuition and spiritual connection with the Universe are emphasized. You may be receiving dreams or messages especially around the number 11. A new contract for employment is possible. There’s the temptation to spend money impulsively—especially on something shiny that catches your eye. Give yourself a 24-hour cooling-off period before hitting “buy now.” There may be the opportunity to gather with friends or someone you haven’t seen in some time.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 16 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram@donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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