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Full Moon October 31, 2020 – The Month of Rare Events


By Donna Stellhorn

November begins with the energy of the blue moon that occurred on Oct. 31. Blue moons occur every two and a half years when there’s a second full moon in one month (or 13 full moons during the calendar year). The term “blue moon” has come to mean a rare event. The next blue moon will be on Aug. 31, 2023.

Now you are in magical, rarefied energy, which is specifically useful if you want to focus on a goal. Between Oct. 31 and when the last quarter moon begins on Nov. 8 is a very good time to do visualizations or affirmations and work on your vision board. This is a time for sending messages to the Universe. Later, after the new moon on November 14, you can take your plans and implement them in the world. This is when you send the emails, call the people, and make the connections.

November is chock-full of astrological events. On Nov. 3, Mercury stops, turns and moves forward. Traditionally, on a stationary Mercury, it means all information stops. It will take Mercury a few days to get up to speed when information flows again. So, you may have lots of questions you want answers to on Nov. 3 but recognize that with a stationary Mercury, it’s likely there will be no answers—at least not yet.

On Nov. 12, Jupiter conjuncts Pluto for the third time. This is such a rare event it won’t happen again until Feb. 2033. This aspect is marked by a desire for power. It is where you can take your brilliant gifts for organization and leadership and apply great force to achieve your goals. To use this energy, you may decide to say “yes” to a big opportunity at work. Or you might choose to launch your own business. You could hire people or engage a company to do services for you. This energy can pull you outside your comfort zone, and with the sheer force of will, it can propel you up the mountain to success.

On Nov. 13, Mars goes direct. Mars is the planet of action traveling now in the sign of action, Aries. Give it a few days to get up to speed, and this planet will allow you to take direct action on your goals. At this point, everything speeds up, and there are more opportunities available to you.

On Nov. 14, there will be a New Moon in Scorpio. This starts a two-week period of growth. The Scorpio moon is also wonderful for intimate relationships.

And then on Nov. 30, there’s a lunar eclipse at 8° of Gemini, which we will talk about in more detail next month.


For Aries natives, there is a big focus on career. If you’re looking for a job, you can secure an excellent opportunity. Look at taking a leadership role—even if it’s temporary—as you can prove yourself in the process. At the beginning of the month, communication could be blocked specifically with your significant other. Tread lightly. Relationships of all kinds get significantly better as the month goes on. Romance can happen. Time to restart an exercise program; weight training would be ideal.



There’s a very powerful energy around education for Taurus natives. You may be working on 2021 school year applications, financial aid packages, etc. You can take bold action when dealing with legal matters. There could be misunderstandings at work at the beginning of the month, but these will clear later. You show lots of energy for getting things done. Look for ways to stop procrastinating. There’s a lot of benefits to cleaning up your office, home office, or decluttering in general. You can sell the extra stuff.



This month, you have access to resources from others. There are financial opportunities, but you can also tap into other people’s expertise and assistance. Communication in a love relationship could go awry. Take the time to be clear, so there are no misunderstandings. There is a connection with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. This can be a happy reunion. This month, look for some fun things to do, especially if they are activities you’ve never tried before or a bit out of your comfort zone.



A person of some influence and authority has taken notice of you. They may be taking you under their wing to guide you in a business matter. Reach out to loved ones who live some distance away. Set up a Zoom call and help older relatives get online. A problem at work disappears. And while you are very busy, there’s more harmony with coworkers now. Consider decorating your home for the holidays, especially if you haven’t done so in several years. It’s good to try new recipes now—especially baking.



Work is exceedingly busy right now, and you may have new procedures or personnel to contend with. Your desk is piled high with paperwork and your email inbox is overflowing. This will improve before the month ends. It’s good to do more spiritual activities this month. This can include meditation, prayer or even a little magic. You are easily seen this month, and your positive influence is spreading. This is a good time to put your thoughts out on social media or to start your YouTube channel.



There’s very strong energy in the area of love and romance for Virgo natives. Things could get intimate very quickly. When it comes to your money, it may be time to redo the budget. Do some planning now to find where you can save money and generally cut expenses. This is a time to look at investments and see if money needs to be moved. Simplify your life at home by getting rid of excess. Reduce the number of duplicates you have and keep the best. What remains will make a nice donation.



Changes are going on in the home. You may be moving furniture, redecorating or, Libra native, you may be settling in from a recent move. You have the opportunity to teach a class or lead a meeting. All eyes are on you when you speak. There is more harmony in your current love relationship. You’re getting along better than ever. Treat yourself to some pampering. You might be getting yourself a new outfit, a haircut or a new skincare routine. It’s a good idea to start journaling again.



Scorpio natives may be launching into a contract for employment or a large purchase. Wait a few days until after Mercury goes direct on Nov. 3 before signing. Give yourself some extra time for sleeping and leisure this month. It’s good to go back to some wholesome, healthy exercise and eating habits. A secret admirer can turn into a love relationship. Start with some private conversations and see where it leads. A financial opportunity comes towards the end of the month. There will be paperwork.



It’s good to get your finances in order. File paperwork and shred what you don’t need. You may be getting a new source of income, and it’s good to set aside a little for the future by setting up automatic deposits. There’s some miscommunication with a friend. You’re having trouble reaching each other, but it’s worth the effort. There’s a lot of romantic energy, and if you’re looking for love, consider starting a conversation. A new video game may have captured your attention and is taking up your free time.



You have more confidence now, and others are impressed with what you’ve accomplished in the last few months. Your charisma is strong, and you could expand your circle of friends and connections. There could be talk of a promotion at work. Capricorn natives who own a business could expand this month. A family member may need your help with an upcoming move or some changes they’re making to their home. Changes in your routine that help you eliminate procrastination are very beneficial.



Your intuition is very strong this month, and you may be receiving messages and animal signs. A school project can go well, but make sure your work is saved to the cloud. You might be interested in getting a new vehicle this month. Aquarius natives are wise to wait until after Mercury goes direct on Nov. 3 before signing the deal. You may be taking a short trip to the next town or the next state. If you’re looking for love, you could be knocked off your feet this month. It is love at first sight.



This month, you may be overwhelmed by the love and loyalty of your friends. The moment you need them, they’re by your side. Double-check online orders or you may end up with double what you thought you were getting. A potential new source of income starts this month beginning as a trickle but could really flow next year. There’s intimate fun with your sweetheart. Make sure to make time for love. If you have been thinking about moving, now it’s time to take it seriously and do a checklist.


Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, a Feng Shui expert and the author of 16 books. Her website is Read her weekly predictions at see her videos at .

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