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Full Moon September 1, 2020 – Action and Reaction


By Donna Stellhorn

There are some powerful energies for this Pisces Full Moon. The planet Uranus is at 10° of Taurus making an exact trine to the sun at 10° of Virgo and a perfect sextile to the moon in 10° of Pisces. This brings an urge to act independently whether that be freedom from family rules or societal roles. Many people will be channeling their inner rebel spirit. The flipside of this is the benefits of adaptability. Sometimes operating within a restricted environment brings out your creativity and resourcefulness. This month, you get to choose which end of the seesaw you want to ride.

Venus exactly opposes Saturn and these two planets square Mars forming a T-square. The higher octave of this energy is when you find the way forward is blocked, you find another way through. This can be such a quick and fluid process that you barely notice there was a block at all. The lower form of this aspect is to feel blocked and to stop. A tantrum then ensues and this can cause disputes, arguments and separations. This month, when something blocks your path look for another way around.

Mars goes retrograde on September 9. Mars is the planet of doing and the retrograde brings an opportunity to re-do. Now you get a second chance at things. This will include opportunities you missed or things you attempted but weren’t happy with the results. Mars will be retrograde until November 13.

The North Node makes an exact inconjunct with Saturn in Capricorn. The planet Saturn helps you grow by giving you both ambition and a feeling of inadequacy. Saturn helps you strive to conquer what you don’t understand or what you think you cannot do. The North Node is your life path. It’s a little bit scary—a little bit outside your comfort zone—and it’s the road to your happiness. This month, the hard things that take concentration and make you sweat are also your path to happiness.

So, this month, act independently at times but also remember being adaptable is a good skill to have. Move around blocks in your way and choose the uphill road, even though it’s more work, as it’s the road that leads to happiness.


The full moon lands in your house of intuition and your quite psychic this month. You have lots of ability to take direct action as Mars is in your sign. As it goes retrograde, a missed love opportunity may return. Your desk at work may be overloaded with projects and reports, but there is an opportunity to delegate some of these duties. Extra money comes your way through a side job or some overtime. Something important can be achieved if you will dive into the paperwork and get it completed.


The full moon lights up your area of friendships and you may have a sudden connection that turns into something very special. There could be a mountain of schoolwork to go through either for yourself or with your kids. You just have to take it one assignment at a time. Mars is rising in your chart, giving you extra energy and you may be up late several nights a week. This month, don’t let a lack of funds stop you from pursuing a dream. Look for creative ways to finance what you want to do.


The full moon at the top of your chart could bring you a new job opportunity or recognition from a supervisor. If you own a business, a collaboration could give you more reach. There’s a temptation to overspend this month, but first, check with friends as you may be able to borrow what you need. Mars goes retrograde in your house of associations, and it’s good to join groups again. Don’t wait for permission from someone else to act on a cherished goal. Time to look for a creative solution.


The full moon could bring a contract you’ve been waiting for. This could be for employment or some other big lifestyle change. Your significant other is your mirror this month. Make changes yourself and their behavior will miraculously change. Mars goes retrograde in your house of career bringing you some recognition from someone you’ve known for a long time. The North Node is rising in your chart bringing magical synchronicity. Some wonderful opportunities can come this month.


The full moon highlights your house of resources from others and someone could give you an unexpected helping hand in your career. You may have been working very hard the last few weeks, and it’s time for a break. Mars goes retrograde at the top of your chart, bringing you back to a beneficial spiritual practice you had in the past. A new opportunity may require you to change your schedule around to make time. A good friend may ask you to join them in a business venture.


The full moon lights up your house of relationships, and you could make an unexpected connection with someone who’s on a similar spiritual path as you. There’s a desire to take a risk, to break out and do something new. As you do, the resources you need become available to you. Mars goes retrograde in your house of intimacy, and there can be some sexy fun this month. Your tight schedule may need some creative solutions when juggling child care, pet care, family care and your career.


The full moon lights up your house of work, and there could be a new job with some terrific benefits coming your way. What you post out in the world could be seen by many. More people are supportive of what you’re doing than you realized. Mars is retrograde in your house of relationships, and you could meet someone for a significant connection. You may be considering some further education, but it will mean some changes at home or some adjustments to make with your family.


The full moon highlights your area of love and romance. Single Scorpio natives could fall head over heels, and those already in a love relationship could feel a renewed interest in the partnership they already have. You may have to rush to get a contract signed quickly. Mars goes retrograde in your house of daily routines, and you could make a successful shift to a healthier eating plan. Completing an application could lead to a financial benefit. A passive income source may become available.


This full moon is in your house of family, and you may have a get-together after being separated for weeks or months. Single Sagittarius natives can breakthrough and dissolve a block to love. If you’re already in a love relationship, you’ll likely have more intimacy. Mars goes retrograde in your house of risk-taking, and someone could bring you a very interesting proposal. You and your family may come together to agree on how to handle money or a resource that has come into your possession.


The light of the full moon is in your house of communication and could bring you a beneficial experience around education or good results on a professional exam. Others seem to be lining up to tell you what a good job you’re doing. Mars goes retrograde in your house of home and you may be doing repairs or some renovations. Procrastination ends when you realize you really do want to work on your business, your novel or your new exercise plan. You’re able to complete a large project this month.


The full moon lights up your house of money, and there could be an increase in cash flow from real estate, working at home or from something connected to your family. A job offer can come in that you secretly feel you’re not qualified for but would be a good idea to accept. Mars goes retrograde in your house of brainpower. You may be playing games to increase your mental awareness. A dream or an idea you wake up with gives you a solution to a problem. Your relationship with a sibling improves.


This full moon marks the most significant four-week period of your year. You may have strong intuitive flashes—especially through meditation or journaling. You may find by letting go of a connection (or stuff) suddenly new opportunities open up to you. Mars goes retrograde in your house of money, bringing a sum of money that was owed to you. A new revenue stream is also possible. This month, you recognize some family traditions are worth keeping and some family rules are worth breaking.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, a Feng Shui expert and the author of 16 books. Her website is Read her weekly predictions at see her videos at .

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