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Full Moon October 1, 2020 – Adapt and Adjust


By Donna Stellhorn

The powerful Aries moon comes in while its ruler Mars is retrograde in Aries. Aries helps you be courageous, self-reliant, and yet, it can cause changes and restlessness. You may find your foot tapping as excess energy runs through you. It’s a good idea to find physical projects to take on, such as exercise, cleaning out the garage or building something. People around you may be quick-tempered, impulsive or even aggressive. Many in the world will step up to try to lead and feel the need to control others. Be prepared to adjust your plans and adapt to new circumstances, and you can use this energy to sail forward.

Around Oct. 9, Mars squares Pluto. Use extra care when driving, as this can bring out aggression in some people. The best use of this energy is to focus your actions on a big goal. This energy benefits people with great ambition.

On Oct. 13, Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio. Often the two weeks before Mercury goes retrograde brings some gyrations in financial markets. And with Mercury retrograde, it’s a good idea to avoid purchasing a car or an electronic device over the next few weeks.

Around Oct. 18, Mars squares Jupiter, and this brings the best period during the month for success from activities you’re doing. This is an excellent time to do sports, take business risks or start a new venture.

On Oct. 31, there is the magical Full Blue Moon in Scorpio. We’ll talk about this energy more in-depth next month, but this blue moon falling on Halloween is quite significant. Halloween is a time of letting go when the veil between worlds is thin. Spirits can pass back and forth from this world to the other side. The blue moon spotlights and magnifies the Halloween energy giving you the ability to connect with your ancestral past and your living spiritual family. This is a good day to do magic.



This month, the full moon is in your sign of Aries, making this possibly your most significant month of the year. There is positive career energy along with a confidence boost as you’re receiving support from someone you admire. A small uptick in finances gives you an idea for a new source of future revenue. Love becomes quite clear as you both speak your mind and reveal your heart to someone special. But adjustments are needed. Impulsive action is not as beneficial as a measured response.



While you may be filled with restless energy, this is a good month for taking a break. You may want to schedule yourself a mini-vacation to contemplate that there’s more than one road to success. Taurus natives who are in school can receive some very positive feedback from a professor or an institution. Later in the month, a love opportunity presents itself through someone you know from a job. It’s a good idea to review your finances or you may be helping an older relative with a financial matter of theirs.



There is a lot of activity around friendships. You may be on the phone a great deal or in more Zoom conferences. Your love relationship grows stronger through some open communication about your intimate life. You may find you’re more in agreement than you think. There’s an opportunity to pick up more hours or some other windfall at work. Even though you’re feeling more confident in your abilities this month, it’s wise not to step on anyone’s toes who signs your paychecks.



Most of the energy and activity this month centers around your career and how people see you. If you’re looking for a job, this is a very good time to post to your resume and connect with people on LinkedIn. Relationships are also in the spotlight; however, this is where some adjustments are needed. Now you can flow around obstacles. Towards the end of the month, you have more balance and a stronger sense of knowing what you want. There’s an opportunity to gain near and around your house.



Contracts and legal matters are highlighted, but with Mercury going retrograde this month, you will want to read the fine print carefully. Negotiations could get heated, but you have a strong opportunity to come out on top. Work could be hectic bringing additional income. Because of this, you may be tempted to spend more money this month. There is good communication with friends and especially with your significant other. If you’re looking for love, reach out to someone you find interesting.



There’s a focus on finances this month, and you may have access to resources you didn’t have previously. Avoid excess shopping, but instead, open your hands to receive. Others notice how magnetic you are right now. You are drawing in some very interesting people. Taking a risk on a new venture is possible; however, it would be best if it was funded by someone else. Travel may be interrupted, so be ready to make adjustments if you’re planning any trips to other cities or beyond.



Relationships and partnerships of all kinds are under the spotlight this month. There is an emphasis on how you work with others and your willingness to receive. Time for some adjustments at home, possibly moving furniture or having someone move in. A new financial arrangement or revenue stream could become available. If this seems to slip away, be patient; this opportunity will return in a few weeks. What you thought might be a confrontation with a supervisor turns out to be a compliment.



This month, you may be spending more time probing for information behind the scenes. You’re keeping a watchful eye on what’s going on around you. A contract may land on your desk that has errors or points to be negotiated. A problem in the office vanishes—at least for the time being. A friend could express how much they admire you; this may even turn romantic. For those Scorpio natives already in a love relationship, a small change in the tone of your conversation brings happiness to both of you.



Fun and romance are highlighted for you this month. Making some adjustments in your schedule can leave more time for enjoyable pursuits. Additionally, making some changes in your spending habits could make you the hero of the family. There’s a strong desire to take a business risk but wait for the promised support before launching. You are more intuitive than usual right now, and a dream may hold some keys to a question you’ve been struggling with. Something that was lost is now found.



The emphasis for the month is on your home and family. If you’re considering moving, recognize that with Mercury retrograde, there could be some delays. A sudden unexpected romantic liaison can happen, leaving your head spinning. You’re quite lucky this month when you take direct action. Hanging back in the shadows could cause you to miss an opportunity. Finances improve; however, there may be a need to transfer money to a new or different account to help you reach your goals.



There’s a lot of interaction this month with close family members and people in your neighborhood. Someone you know may be getting married or at least engaged. Intimate, spontaneous fun is possible in your own relationship. For those Aquarius natives looking for a job, there is an opportunity at a place you’ve worked before or have applied to previously. Give yourself some extra time for rest this month; you may have been pushing too hard lately.



You have a very strong awareness of your finances this month. This can mean you’ve decided to handle your money differently. While your relationship is going well in most areas—especially intimately—there can be some desire to make a true partnership. There is also a lot of activity with friends, possibly outdoor events or a lot of Zoom conferences. There is a career opportunity related to someone you used to work with. You may receive a call out of the blue regarding a big business deal.


Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, a Feng Shui expert and the author of 16 books. Her website is Read her weekly predictions at see her videos at .

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