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All About Town – Business Accelerator 2020 – Dr. James Dentley III

By Theresa Puskar

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it in yourself.” — Dr. James Dentley

Left to right: Dr. Kara Scott-Dentley, Theresa Puskar, Dr. James Dentley

Speaking of greatness, have you noticed how certain people own the room when you walk into it? They have a commanding presence that directs your eye to them, so much so, that you can’t help but listen when they speak. Such is the case with Dr. James Dentley. Last November, my brilliant marketing coach, Tajuana Ross, suggested that I attend Dr. Dentley’s Inspired2Speak weekend conference at the Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook. As is so often the case when I’m given a directive that I am meant to heed, all of the elements fell into place. My weekend schedule was wide open and the venue turned out to be five minutes from my home. While I was still in the midst of writing my second book, I got a clear message from that wise, still voice within me, that attending this event was a priority. I went and was not disappointed!

Upon arrival, I was immediately taken aback. After attending hundreds of conferences, I noted that the vibe was something I had never experienced before. The extraordinary quality of the event—along with the character of the presenters and attendees—was inspiring and eye-opening. Fast-forward four months and Dr. Dentley held another conference from March 6 – 8, 2020. This conference was even more transformative!

Each of us has the power and the potential to do even greater things than we can imagine. The question is, ‘Who will lose when we decide not to win?’” — Dr. James Dentley

What was different was that the room was filled with winners. People who believed in themselves and held a strong abundance of consciousness. Within minutes, I learned that lack consciousness and negative talk were not permitted. Forgive me, fellow consciousness-seekers, but I have noted, especially as of late, that there is often a great deal of lack consciousness among the spiritual seekers that I have been in community with. (I include myself in this realization.) While I can’t speak for you, I know that I need to be re-programmed. I have known this for quite some time. In response, I set an intention to shift out of lack and into abundance consciousness. I felt like this event was the seed that planted the foundation for my life to open to greater valuing of myself and my skills. In embracing this, I look forward to receiving the energetic reciprocity for my talents and skills in the form of greater financial well-being. I know with all of my heart and soul that my time is now. My bank account needs to reflect the wealth of soul, passion and skills that I possess. Perhaps, now is your time as well?

To backtrack a moment, let me share a bit about the event’s host, Dr. Dentley:

Dr. James Dentley is a world-renowned professional speaker, trainer, author, entrepreneur and business strategist to many notable business celebrities. He has been a successful entrepreneur for over 30 years, helping over 400,000 people throughout the world learn what it takes to become high-performers in their business and personal lives. He has personally helped to create over 80 millionaires by using his proven success strategies. Furthermore, James has also consulted with many companies in the areas of training, profitability, communication and leadership development.

We are all unique and, just like everyone else, we are where we decide to be. Conformity is the enemy of creativity.” — Dr. James Dentley

Chantelle Simone and Theresa Puskar

Dr. Dentley hosted a plethora of amazing expert speakers at both events. At the most recent one, three of the keynote guests were Sharon Lechter, co-author and co-founder of the Rich Dad empire, Dr. Sonja Stribling, founder of Born to Be Powerful Academy, and Bill Walsh, founder of Powerteam International business success program. The Friday afternoon luncheon I attended was hosted by a fellow native Canadian, Chantelle Simone. She was a wonderful host, radiating beauty and grace both inside and out. Other workshops I was privileged to attend were presented by Dr. Kara Dentley (Lifestyle Ambassador), Heather Schooler (Business Growth), Jay Johnson (Presentation Expert) and another native Canadian, Susan McVea (Success Sales Strategies). What was most outstanding about Susan’s workshop was her commitment that each and every individual in attendance would leave with new knowledge and valuable information that they can immediately apply to improve their business. Her generosity of spirit and that of the other presenters was palpable, inspiring and deeply appreciated!

Susan McVea and Theresa Puskar

I was also blessed to have an opportunity to speak with Dr. Dentley as a panelist with my dear, wise friend, June Kortum (the founder of Gathering Lighthouse and the host of their upcoming Women in Business luncheon on March 26, 2020.) I am excited to be a panelist at her luncheon as well. It too models higher-consciousness, focusing on supporting women in business.

“Stop dreaming about a better life and live life better!” — Dr. James Dentley

Dr. Dentley is a driven man who has overcome a great deal. How? Through sheer determination and the will to accept nothing less than affirmative messaging. His wonderful wife, Dr. Kara Scott-Dentley, exudes warmth and a wealth of compassion, joy and love. Dancing at these events with her was one of the highlights!

I want to be clear that the breakthrough that I am committed to experiencing around wealth-building is not based on materialistic needs. I know that one of my greatest life lessons is around getting out of my own way to allow myself to experience abundance. I know that as we each heal and honor this commitment with ourselves, we raise the consciousness of the world and support others in liberating themselves from their fears as well.

The next Inspiration2020 Business Accelerator event will be held at the Hyatt Lodge on McDonald’s Campus, June 26 – 28, 2020. I highly encourage you to attend. At $97 (including two lunches) general admission, ticket prices are insanely cheap. If you are interested in the VIP package or want to learn more, you can call 708-691-4017 or email Like me, I anticipate that you will not only leave feeling more abundant, but you will have amassed a great deal of practical knowledge, inspiration and new information on how to grow and nurture your business.

On a final note, my new book, 8 Ways to De-Clutter Your Brain is now available on Amazon and in other bookstores. If you enjoy my articles, be sure to purchase it. I include 12 introspective personality profiles and 25 guided meditations to assist you in quieting your mind, so you can shift from fear-based thinking into causeless joy


Theresa Puskar is a highly-skilled transformation leader, author, performer and keynote speaker. As an unabashed truth speaker and inspirational teacher, she is delighted to spread causeless joy throughout the world. With over three decades of experience as a professional actress, motivational audiobook producer and author, she blends soul-piercing stories, experiential exercises and practical applications throughout her communications to assist her audience in moving forward in their lives. To learn more, visit

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