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New Year Intentions, Epigenetics, Affirmations, and Brain Balancing Music

© 2016 By Steven Halpern 

The New Year is always a good time to set our intention to make some positive changes in our lives… but why limit it to just the first days of January? Why not take advantage of the latest research and your own biological neurotechnology to do so?

I’ve often been described as “a Type A ex-New Yorker.” When I want to relax, I want instant gratification. Paraphrasing the old MTV mantra, “I want my relaxation and I want it now!”

Many years ago, a holistic physician warned me that if I didn’t learn to manage and relieve my stress load, I’d be facing painful and expensive health consequences later in life. That really got my attention. and now is the “later in my life.”

That’s why health and healing, as well as spiritual growth and expanding consciousness, has always been part of my life’s work. Could I enhance my work by incorporating the latest epigenetics research?


Epigenetics, Affirmations, and Orchestrating your Optimal Life
I’m always open to new information on how to improve on my best at any point in time. In the past several years, experts like Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Dr. Deepak Chopra have brought the latest research and concepts to mainstream audiences.  

One of the ways I’ve been answering the above question has been to compose and produce new albums that put these concepts into practice. Even better, benefitting is as simple as listening to the beautiful music, which has multiple levels of additional neurotechnology encoded into the sounds.

Can you speak to your genes, and if so, what would you say? Can you just think a thought and direct it to your genes, your, DNA or your subconscious mind?

According to many leading researchers, the answer is YES!

When I first met Dr. Bruce Lipton at a Science and Consciousness conference about 10 years ago, we became instant friends. One of the first questions I asked him was: “What special formulae or esoteric language should I use?”

I’ll never forget his response. “English. It seems to work well enough.”

How could something so simple work on such profound levels? I quickly moved on from the trap my logical mind was trying to use to rationalize my resistance to the concept, and began working in the new mind-field paradigm that operates in our reality. 

In their book, Super Genes: Unlock the Astonishing Power of Your DNA for Optimum Health and Well-being, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Rudolph E. Tanzi provide a comprehensive summary of the research. They also provide specific examples of scripting that we can use to instruct our genes on how to behave. 

Imagine that! It represents an unparalleled potential and opportunity for each of us to set our intention to manifesting optimal health and well-being.


Putting Theory Into Practice: Next-Gen Brain Balancing Music
That’s the intention I had when I began producing the latest albums in my “Brain Balancing Music for Mindfulness” series, which began in 2007. Many of the new albums combine healing music with affirmations that speak, in English, directly to the subconscious mind and genes, each with a specific focus.

All of the new recordings followed breakthroughs I’ve experienced in fine-tuning the brain to heighten receptivity with precise alpha or theta frequencies. My albums Deep Theta, Deep Alpha, and SleepScape Delta were all birthed after my personal paradigm shift.

I find that my latest compositions evoke predictable, demonstrable, and repeatable results. That is why I include a few of these key tracks on my most recent albums. It’s the most effective music I know of, and much more listenable than what I’ve heard on competitor’s products.

The new albums include: Optimal Health at the Speed of Sound, Manifesting Abundance at the Speed of Sound, Relax into Sleep at the Speed of Sound, Mindful Piano: Music for Meditation, Pain Relief at the Speed of Sound, and Clutter Clearing at the Speed of Sound. All of his  CDs are now exclusively available at

You can also make your own recordings, with your own affirmations. Simply call your cell phone and record a few positive statements. You might choose to have some mindful music on in the background, or other favorite music.

Why not start with three? As I see it, the important thing is to take action. The new age of sound-enhanced self-care is here. Can you hear it?

For 2017, I invite you to make more conscious use of sound and music in your life, as in these times, it’s more essential than ever.

Steven Halpern is a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum recording artist and pioneering sound healer. 

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