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Pyramids, Politics, and Sound Healing

By Steven Halpern

My last column was written as I flew off to Chicago to be a presenter at the first Global Pyramid Conference. I've been fascinated by the Great Pyramid ever since I read Edgar Cayce's channeled information about ancient Egypt.

In 1980, I was part of the first Atlantis Rising tour to Egypt, with many of the leading researchers at that time, including Patrick Flanagan, John Anthony West, and Bill Cox.

All of us, plus others, conducted experiments inside the King's Chamber. It was like the old 'blind men and the elephant' routine. Having so many bodies in the room at the same time totally changed the acoustics, the resonance, and the silence.

I vowed that if and when I ever returned to Egypt, I'd find a way to do an audiophile recording inside the King's Chamber. That intention magically manifested in early 1981.

INITIATION: Inside the Great Pyramid

My recording engineer and I were able to get access on three occasions. The recording came out as a cassette, in limited release. It remained a well-kept secret; it was so different from all my other recordings that it confused some customers.

In 2005, we located the original analog tapes, which we thought had been destroyed in a studio fire. I immediately had them transferred and digitally enhanced. The result was INITIATION: Inside the Great Pyramid.

As soon as I began to play the opening OMs, there was an amazing energy shift in the conference room. This audience understood. Many of them had actually been there already, on their own journeys.

They were having extraordinary flashbacks and past-life memories activated. The recording, as a historical audio document, was finally appreciated for what it was.

I featured the meditative "Silence" that we recorded. If you listen with headphones, you can actually feel the acoustic pressure of being there. (Using state of the art pressure sensitive microphones was our secret.) To this day, there is still no other recording like it on the market.

Dr. Sam (Semir) Osmanagich was a featured speaker, and I soon found out why. He is the archaeologist who is most responsible for unearthing and excavating the huge Bosnian pyramid. (Did you know there is a huge pyramid there, bigger than the one in Egypt?)

Guess who is trying to keep that a secret? The Egyptian Ministry of State of (or for) Antiquities. They know it's a major competition for their tourist income.

I thought I had been keeping up with what was new in the pyramid world, yet suffice it to say, his presentation blew our collective minds. Especially impactful were the low frequency sounds (at 7.83 Hz- the Schumann resonance) that have been recorded by several researchers coming out of the top of the pyramid!

Each of the other presenters had fascinating research to share. I especially enjoyed the research of Dr. Carmen Boulter. Like Dr. Sam, she uses the latest technology, including the updated Kirlian photography apparatus that I used in my 1973 research, GDV (Gaseous Discharge Visualization), and hi-tech Ground Penetrating Radar to locate hidden chambers under the sand, or under hundreds of feet of rock, soil, and trees.

If you're interested in this topic, you'll want to know about both of them, at least. First time Conference Organizer Rev. Marta Thomas manifested an extraordinary conference, and I was honored to be part of it.

To get the full list of presentations and their topics, go to:


Audio recordings are available, only until June 30, from, or call 706-857-6300. My presentation is #12, with some of my insider stories that I never shared in public.

I also showcased a video with an extraordinary dancer I worked with in the mid-1980s. You could hear a pin drop in the ballroom when it was over. Her performance is mesmerizing.

Steven Halpern is a Grammy® nominated recording artist, researcher, and pioneering sound healer. His latest release Clutter Clearing is exclusively available at, as well as his classic Initiation: Inside the Great Pyramid.

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