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The HeART of Community – A Leap of HeART

By Misty Soderholm –


Are you ready to take that jump? A leap of HeART that requires every ounce of courage you have to live your purpose. As you prepare for your wildest dreams you must step outside of your comfort zone and live each moment as if it’s your last. No one goes to their deathbed wishing they had worked another day. Most go with regrets of words not spoken, time not spent with loved ones, places they didn’t see and risks not taken. Look at your life as a piece of artwork, with each brush stroke being a breath from the universe to create your beautiful masterpiece.


When I think of happiness, it means living each moment to the fullest with a childlike heart and playing this game of life with no fear. Trusting in your creative HeART to lead you on whatever unique adventures are meant for you. Ask yourself, if money was no object how would you spend your time? Where would you travel? What would you accomplish? These are the things that only you can discover deep in the stillness of your spirit.


To create your HeART’s desire, you must put your thoughts and dreams into action. The first step to that is writing them down and creating your “Bucket List”. As you begin to cross each milestone off, continue to add to this never-ending tally of your life’s journey. You will then begin to achieve what once seemed impossible.


Winner of our Photo Contest Holly Coop, with her image titled “Leaping Out of My Fears and Into My Purpose,” said it best about her photo. “This is a woman ready to take a leap, to jump outside of her fears and into her purpose. Finally standing on her own two feet.”


“Bucket List“

They say you shouldn’t end this ride,
With all your life’s music still inside,
So they insist, that you write a bucket list.

It’s a list of goals and things to do,
Before the bucket is kicked by you,
So nothing is missed, write a bucket list.

My list was customized for my personal style,
I kept adding to it all the while,
Anything I couldn’t resist, I added to my bucket list.

I saw spacious homes and sleek-looking cars,
Tropical islands where you could see all the stars,
And I said, “I gotta put this, on my bucket list.”

I tasted flavors of ice cream that melted and dripped,
While I was driving my convertible fully equipped,
And I said, “I gotta put this, on my bucket list.”

I heard voices sing songs that were tender and sweet,
And music that invited me to tap my feet,
And I said, “I gotta put this, on my bucket list.”

I sniffed gardens of flowers for potpourri,
Selected interesting courses for a college degree,
And I said, “I gotta put this, on my bucket list.”

I saw the fast lane and heard the starter’s gun,
And I saw those long muscular legs on the run,
And I said, “I gotta put this, on my bucket list.”

I had fast driving, sky diving, and bungee jumping,
And other adventures to keep my heart pumping,
Until tragedy hit and I said, “I gotta fix my bucket list.”

It doesn’t matter if tragedy was a great big fall,
Or a tiny stumble or a short-term crawl,
The point is, it was a wake-up call.

I had a long list, once upon a time.
I narrowed it down to peace of mind.
And I said, “I can live and die with this.”

The music inside me still keeps me thrilled,
But peace of mind keeps me fulfilled.
And I said, “I’ve completed my bucket list.”

Don’t you worry, don’t you fret
I don’t think death is upon me yet
Cause peace of mind, is on eternal time.

That’s it, that’s my bucket list!


From “A Tiny Drop: The Poems,” Copyright © 2011 by E. Madeline Morgan.
Reprinted with permission of the author.


Misty Soderholm is a Founder & Director of SoderWorld Wellness Center & Academy. We are proud to offer a huge variety of the most amazing treatments and spiritual classes available,;;


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