The HeART of Community – Big-HeARTed

By Misty Soderholm –


The greatest gift you can give does not have a price tag. It has a heart tag, a sentiment from a deep place in your spirit that speaks love in its very presence. The greatest gift cannot be bought in a store; it’s mainly found within your sacred HeART space. A poem, a song or piece of art made by you will last in their spirit much longer than an insignificant material possession. Even something as simple as a hug and a smile or giving all your attention to that person in the present moment is truly one of the biggest forms of love you can give. A gift from the heart is filled with a powerful intention for someone’s happiness and can deeply touch the person’s life forever.


The HeART of generosity is giving without expectations. Giving from a space of true unconditional love is not about what you will get in return. Cultivating good karma in our lives is based on what we give is what we get and having the attitude of gratitude. Giving from our heart is an outward expression of our spirit’s compassion, understanding and forgiveness of others. No act of kindness is ever wasted and unexpected kindness is always the best. You don’t need a holiday for a reason to share your love. Gifts out of obligation carry no spiritual meaning, but gifts out of genuine good will carry true happiness with them. There is no better reward than seeing a smiling face after you have reached down to help rise another up or given something worthwhile from your heart. When you are full of generosity in the spirit, then you are full of joy in your heart. Your gracious heart is shown by your benevolence throughout your lifetime. Before you run out and spend all your hard earned money on more stuff for your loved ones, stop and think how you can give a purposeful gift from your sacred HeART space instead. Tap into your creative HeART and shower your loved ones with drops of meaningful kindness instead of material things. Its time to be Big-HeARTed in the most simple and genuine way and to always give from a creative space of grace.


The Greatest Gift

I give you my shoulder so you have a place to cry,
I give you my unity so we never have to say goodbye.

I give you my smile to brighten your day,
I give you my hand to help you on your way.

I give you my heart to fill yours with love,
I give you my prayers to bless you from above.

I give you my body so we can release your pain,
I give you my happiness when it’s pouring rain.

I give you my silence so we can sit and rest in peace,
I give you my belief so your miracles never cease.

I give you my air so you can take a deep breath,
I give you my eternity so you release the fear of death.

I give you my life so we can save yours,
I give you my strength to help you open new doors.

I give you my dreams so your hope doesn’t die,
I give you my truth so you never have to lie.

I give you my embrace to bring you out of the cold,
I give you my energy to stand up and be bold.

I give you my courage to be strong and never hide,
I give you my spirit so you can feel yours deep inside.

I give you my ear to listen and understand,
I give you my world so let’s go make our footprints in the sand.

— Misty Soderholm


Misty Soderholm is a Founder & Director of SoderWorld Wellness Center & Academy. We are proud to offer a huge variety of the most amazing treatments and spiritual classes available,;;


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