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Publisher’s Letter – February 2019 – Let Your Inner Light Shine

By Kasia Szumal

Katarzyna (Kasia) Szumal Publisher

There once was a miner; he was older and experienced. He knew the mine very well; knew all the roads, the turns, the places where you could find coal. When this miner went down to the mine, he would carry a very heavy lamp that worked well. This lamp was really good at revealing all the hidden places and things that he could not see with his eyes. The miner easily got tired from carrying the lamp when he needed to go the mine, but he had to carry the lamp with him. It was really heavy, uncomfortable and big. One day, when he was coming back from his shift, he stumbled over some rocks and broke his lamp. The light disappeared and he was in darkness. At first, he was happy because he finally did not need to carry the heavy lamp. He started thinking he may buy a new, more convenient lamp that would be lighter and easier to carry.

Then the miner said to himself, “I know this mine like the back of my hand. I should not have any problems getting out of here.” But it did not happen as he thought it would. He started to walk in the darkness touching walls that he had never seen before or touching holes that he did not recognize. After a while of walking in darkness and hurting himself a few times, he fell down on the floor and hoped that someone would find him. The next day, another miner returned to the mine, finding the miner with his own large, heavy, uncomfortable lamp. The miner knew that without the lamp, he would not have survived.

Just as the miner needed to carry the heavy light while in the mine, we need to be able to shine our light into our darkness. This is crucial to becoming our best selves. Holistic Psychotherapist and author Susan Wisehart shared her expertise with Janae Jean and Spencer Schluter in this month’s interview, Clearing the Way for Love. They discussed how important it is to look deep within ourselves so that we can remove blocks and learn to love our whole selves, even our shadows.

Did you know that love is not just crucial for our emotional well-being but also our physical health? Johns Hopkins University professor and cardiologist, Armin A. Zadeh, MD, Ph.D, explains how in 7 Surprising Health Benefits of Love. Read even more about the mind-body-spirit connection in this month’s All About Town, where Theresa Puskar shares an enlightening experience she had speaking with the Holistic Health and Spiritual Expo’s founder, Melissa Wilhelm. Also, don’t miss Lisa Peten’s 9 Foods That Increase Your Vision.

We live in the 21st century where wireless technology has made it easy to get anything we desire effortlessly and instantly. You can order coffee on your phone and it will be delivered to your home or office. Or you can easily play games on your phone for a whole day without even noticing that someone just came home. My question is, “Is wireless technology healthy or harmful for our spirit, mind and soul?” You can find the answer to this question in Ania Wilewska’s article, Wireless Technology: Convenience or Environmental and Health Hazard?

February is the month when we celebrate love. In this month’s issue, we celebrate unconditional love in all of our relationships. Read Alan Cohen’s column, A Happy Outcome is Assured for a look at familial love; see Alecia Rice’s Ask Alecia column for romantic relationship advice; and see this month’s Community Happenings and Pulse Calendar for enriching events to attend with your loved ones!

Sending you love and light this Valentine’s Day!

The Best,
Kasia Szumal  


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