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In Print – July 2016

By Kayla Hancock


 A Way to God: Thomas Merton's Creation Spirituality Journey, by Matthew Fox (New World Library, $18.95, Paperback)

When Matthew Fox was asked to speak about legendary Catholic monk and writer, Thomas Merton, he did not realize how inspired he would be. To honor Merton’s centennial year of birth, Fox looked back on Merton’s journals, poetry, and religious writings; he also revisited conversations that they had together. This book provides techniques for understanding the contributions that Merton made to the history of spirituality, and will help readers rediscover new layers of Merton’s nature-based mysticism, as they see him through the perspective of Creation Spirituality.


Waking Up to Heal, by Sharon Critchfield (BalboaPress, $12.99, Paperback)

It can be difficult to find a silver lining, when we are going through difficult times. Some people, when faced with hardships, move through them with ease, while others wind up trying to cover up their pain in destructive ways. This book answers many questions. Sharon Critchfield also explains to readers how there are productive ways to heal from any experience that can help each of us become a stronger, more complete soul.


Angel Prayers: Communing With Angels to Help Restore Health, Love, Prosperity, Joy, and Enlightenment, by Joanne Brocas (New Page Books, $15.99, Paperback)

This book is an extraordinary collection of specialized angel prayers and inspirational messages that can help us in all areas of life. Joanne Brocas introduces us to multiple angels of God, and helps us to receive divine guidance. She also helps readers to empower themselves through divine light, increase the joy of their souls, and to overcome negative health issues.


The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization: The Quantum Evolution of Consciousness, by Carl Johan Calleman Ph.D. (Bear & Company, $20.00, Paperback)

In this book, Carl J. Calleman explores the evolution of the global mind and its connection with the human mind. He touches on how our brains are not thinking machines; that, in fact, they are individual receivers of consciousness from the global mind, which has existed throughout all of time. Calleman also examines key differences between humans in the Mayan sixth wave, and the cave painters of the fifth wave. He shows how learning about early civilizations can help us to understand the evolution of consciousness.


Finding the Blue Sky: A Mindful Approach to Choosing Happiness Here and Now, by Joseph Emet (TarcherPerigee, $16.00, Paperback)

According to Joseph Emet, Positive Psychology has been around since the time of Buddha; in fact, he claims that Buddha was the original positive thinker. Emet explores the connection between ancient Buddhist wisdom, and modern research on what makes people happy. He helps readers learn how to transform overthinking into peaceful contemplation, and replace negativity with positive thinking. Readers will also discover that, not only do we have a duty to ourselves to live a happy life, we also have a duty to others to be happy.


The Stress Solution: Using Empathy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Reduce Anxiety and Develop Resilience, by Arthur P. Ciaramicoli, EdD, Ph.D. (New World Library, $16.95, Paperback)

In this book, clinical psychologist Arthur P. Ciaramicoli presents to readers simple techniques for maintaining a positive mentality. Working with many clients struggling with mental disorders for 35 years, Ciaramicoli decided to create this guidebook that offers helpful insight and processes to deal with a wide range of emotional concerns. Some of these techniques include using empathy to perceive situations accurately, and teaching ourselves to produce focused and calm energy.


The Happy Medium: Life Lessons from the Other Side, by Kim Russo (Harper Elixir, $25.99, Hardcover)

Ever since she was nine years old, Kim Russo knew she had a special gift: she could communicate with the dead. After denying her talent for years, she eventually grew to accept her ability, and is now a world famous medium, and star of Lifetime Movie Network’s hit television show, The Haunting Of… In this book, she shares with readers detailed accounts of celebrity readings, and also shares tips on how to access wisdom from the other side.


PEACE and Where to Find It, by Christopher Papadopoulos  (Namaste Publishing, $15.95, Paperback)

We’ve become accustomed to living in a state of conflict; we are so accustomed to it, in fact, that we wake up each day ready to engage in battle. Whether it’s in traffic, with difficult people, or time management, it seems like every day can be a struggle. This book offers an invitation to leave this way of living behind, and experience lasting peace in your life. Christopher Papadopoulos has created this guide for handling the stresses and uncertainties of daily living to help us become calmer, more grounded, and, ultimately more peaceful.


Faith, Hope, and Love: A Personal Journey from i to I, by Sarojini and Shyam Kanagala (BalboaPress, $21.99, Paperback)

In this book, Sarojini and Shyam Kanagala share their journey of faith that began after their immigration to the United States. They hope to inspire people’s spirituality, regardless of the practice, by discussing the power of love. More specifically, they explain how love and other ideologies can actually create constructive dialogue between religions, and how to create a more fulfilling relationship with God.


Dirty Little Secrets of Family Business: Ensuring Success from One Generation to the Next, by Henry Hutcheson, CMC, CFBA (Greenleaf Book Group Press, $18.95, Hardcover)

Written for family business owners, this book includes firsthand stories of the do’s and don’ts of family business. Henry Hutcheson provides helpful information such as entitlement, shareholder agreements, when to let someone go, compensation, conflict resolution, and much, much more. Hutcheson acknowledges that there is no one “right way,” since every family and every family business is different. He gives us a deeper look at the underlying factors that make a family business work.


Kayla Hancock is 22 years old, and is humbled to be able to work for Conscious Community Magazine. She is a certified Deeksha blessing giver and Reiki practitioner.  She loves to write and is interested in astrology, holistic health, and dream work. 

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