Sacred Acoustics: A Doorway to the Infinite

By Mary Montgomery


It was an email from the Chicago chapter of the Institute of Noetic Sciences ( that alerted me to the Sacred Sound Meditation workshop at the Theosophical Society in Wheaton ( on June 11, 2016. Two things kindled in me a desire to go: the presenters, Eben Alexander, MD and Karen Newell, and the fact that I already regularly incorporate binaural beat-type sounds into my meditation practice.

Ever since I heard one of his first public lectures at the 2011 International Association for Near-Death Studies Conference, I have viewed Eben Alexander as a mentor and guide in the scientific understanding of consciousness and near-death experiences. I wrote about his experiences in my February and March 2012 CyberWeave columns, and over the years, I have often referred to Eben’s work and insights, although I had never gotten into a deep understanding and practice of this Sacred Acoustics sound modality.

Ah! Here was my chance. I attended the workshop; or playshop as Eben likes to call it, with at least 100 other spiritual sound seekers. We were not disappointed. The day-long playshop was chock full of pertinent information, and in-depth practice. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Eben, of course, did an overview of his deep NDE, which was precipitated on November 10, 2008 by bacterial meningitis-encephalitis. You can read all about it; and I’m sure many of you already have; in his bestselling books, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife, and The Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People Are Proving the Afterlife. The key for Sacred Acoustics is the role of sound in Eben’s NDE. As Eben traveled to the higher realms, it was the vibrations of the Angelic choirs that allowed him to ascend.

That knowledge led Eben to explore brainwave entrainment technology as a means to revisit the realms he encountered during his NDE. In 2011, Eben met Karen Newell and Kevin Kossi, co-founders of Sacred Acoustics, and the partnership to bring this technology to the world was born.

There is a lot to say about the technology, and why it works. You can find out about that at Let me instead touch upon the sacred acoustic meditations and our reactions to them. Here are the insights from the Heart Center/Ground and Expand meditation:

“I feel like an instrument that was strummed so hard that the vibration is still shaking me. It was phenomenal… I almost want to cry…”

Karen’s comments: “The crying thing is not unusual. We’re focusing on the heart. We’re activating the heart…Crying is an excellent way to release those traumas…Any time the sensation of crying comes up, my recommendation is CRY! When you resist it you’re putting it back in.”


“…It was so extremely intense and after a while I didn’t feel my heart at all… It was all vibration, spirit.”

Karen: That’s another common thing [losing sensation of your physical body in some fashion]. It’s putting the body profoundly to sleep, but the mind is still awake. It’s finding that balance…”


“…At times I was the vibration, then I was the observer and would observe these other thoughts like the chattering mind that was way far away and I didn’t feel the emotion of it…” (sic)

Karen: “It is the observer that notices the thoughts. That’s your consciousness… And when you can notice yourself noticing—that’s the key…The observer is very neutral. What you’re observing is not neutral…”


“My wife passed away in 2015… I reached her, and we had a conversation.”

Karen: “That is also not unusual and can happen very unexpectedly.”


“It was a joyful experience…it’s about a loving connection…and also to connect with knowledge, with wisdom…”

Karen: “You can also tap into that wisdom. Really, everything that’s happened here on earth—inventions, spiritual texts, everything—is channeled material.”


“…I found that I would almost be going through a tunnel type process and then I would pull myself back… Then I’d flow again… Then I finally let go…”

Karen: “…you felt that push and pull and eventually let yourself go… And truly letting go almost involves not caring any more… Then, lo and behold there it is!


My Advice: Check out the Sacred Acoustics CDs at I purchased some of them at the workshop, and have already had some amazing experiences as I listen and meditate. I bet you will too!


Mary Montgomery’s company, Montgomery Media Enterprises, specializes in public relations, writing projects, and social media development, especially in the non-profit sector. Ms. Montgomery has a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies from Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS). She has completed the coursework in doctoral studies with a focus on Altruism and Unconditional Love. Contact her via email at [email protected]. Please use Cyberweave in the subject line. You can also visit her new blog,


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