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In Print-October 2015

In Print

In Print by Kayla Hancock


Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness: Heal and Transform Yourself and Our World with Ancient Shamanic and Modern Methods, by Llyn Roberts (Moon Books, $22.95, Paperback)

In this book, Llyn Roberts shares her years of experience with indigenous people who practice shapeshifting their realities. Transcribing these ancient techniques into modern, practical steps towards higher consciousness, Roberts teaches readers how to shapeshift their own lives, from a personal and collective standpoint. This powerful guidebook combines shamanism, spirituality, ecology, and activism in a way that truly uplifts the human spirit and inspires us to rise and become the best that we can be.

Not I, Not other than I: The Life And Teachings Of Russel Williams, by Russel Williams (O Books, $15.95, Paperback)

A spiritual teacher for over 50 years, Russel Williams has not once had his teachings put into print. This book, which is part biography and part teachings, is the first time Williams has ever had his work published. Touching on various topics such as dealing with pain, near death experiences, the importance of stillness, the ego, and more, Williams reminds readers with his teachings that there is a sacred simplicity in following ones true path.


Mind Wars: A History of Mind Control, Surveillance, and Social Engineering by the Government, Media, and Secret Societies, by Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman (New Page Books, $15.99, Paperback)

Since the beginning of time, there has been a desire amongst humanity to control the thoughts and behaviors of others. This book includes stories of ancient mind control using rituals and spells, cults, and mental reprogramming. Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman also inform readers about modern mind-control techniques that include hypnosis, electroshock therapy, radiation, and drugs. Are you really in control of your own mind? The truths revealed by Jones and Flaxman may shock you.

Mindfulness in Motion: Unlock the Secrets of Mindfulness in Motion, by Dr. Tamara Russell (Watkins Publishing, $17.95, Paperback)

In today’s world, we tend to live in our heads.  Could the answer to relieving mental clutter and anxiety be simply to connect with our bodies? 
In this book, Dr. Tamara Russell presents a groundbreaking approach to mindfulness that, instead of focusing on stillness, involves engaging with the moving body. The exercises included are easily accessible to everyone, and can be especially helpful for those who struggle with traditional Zen style mindfulness and sitting meditations. Provided are over 45 brain-training exercises, with step by step illustrations and photographs  as well as easy tips for incorporating mindfulness into your daily life regardless of how busy you are.


The Essential Tarot: Unlocking the Mystery, by Vincent Pitisci (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, $16.95, Paperback)

This book has everything you need to know about reading Tarot cards. Vincent Pitisci reveals why the Tarot works so accurately in predicting the future and guides readers through applications to both classical cards spreads and spreads that have never been seen before. In addition, he offers card interpretations ranging from Traditional definitions to easy, simplistic, keyword meanings. Pitisci also gives readers a deeper look at the versatility and other advantages of the classic twenty-one card Gypsy Spread.

The Afterlife Healing Circle: How Anyone Can Contact the Other Side, by Candace L. Talmadge and Jana L. Simons (New Page Books, $14.99, Paperback)

One misunderstood spiritual practice, a séance, can actually pose real dangers to those who abuse it. Now, Candace L. Talmadge and Jana L. Simons share with readers how to peacefully communicate with deceased loved ones and those who have not been born using a healing circle. Based on decades of study and experience, Talmadge and Simons provide safe and proven techniques for communicating with those who have passed on. They provide information such as when and where to hold healing circles, how to further develop your intuition, and how to avoid the possible dangers of a séance.

Can’t Fight Fate, by Lisa N. Edwards (Lisa N. Edwards, $7.99 on Amazon, Paperback)

Nikki thought she had her life mapped out. She saw herself getting a career, finding a partner, starting a family. It all seemed simple, that was, until she went with a friend to see a psychic who changed her life. The psychic foretells of her soul mate, a “Mr.Hollywood” she will meet in her future…whom Nikki comes face to face with 17 years later. The psychic warned her that if she chased him, he would flee. But how is she supposed to live with this information without telling him they are meant to be together?

Between Now and When: How My Death Made My Life Worth Living, by Richard House, MD (New Page Books, $15.99, Paperback)

When Dr. Richard House was only a teen, he heard a prophecy: a voice telling him that he would die at the age of 33. At just that age, House found himself at death’s door. After completely surrendering, he was led into the fourth dimension, where his body was magically healed.  This was only the start of a journey of self-discovery and expanded awareness. This book will take you around the world, open your heart, and help you to understand why suffering is an important part of gods work.


The Spiritual Awakening Guide: Kundalini, Psychic Abilities, and the Conditioned Layers of Reality, by Mary Mueller Shutan (Findhorn Press, $19.95, Paperback)

This practical guidebook on spiritual awakening covers just about everything: from the first steps on a spiritual path to enlightenment, as well as information about the different types of awakenings, ranging from mild to dramatic, that we endure. Mary Mueller Shutan uses the concept of twelve layers that hide our awakened state to explain how to overcome hindrances such as family, past lives, archetypal, cultural, and cosmic layers of energy. Shutan explains how to move through each unique layer to gain an understanding of where we are each at on our spiritual paths. This book provides a new vision of how we are meant to be in this world, as awakened beings inside human bodies.

Seven Cups of Consciousness: Change Your Life by Connecting to the Higher Realms, by Aleya Dao (New World Library, $15.95, Paperback)

In this book, Aleya Dao shows readers how realizing that you are actually a spiritual being having a human experience can change your life. Dao teaches readers how turning inward can benefit your outer world and that with the help of energies such as the higher self and angels, a new world of purpose and joy becomes available. This book gives step-by-step instructions built around “cups of consciousness” that are created to give readers access to other realms and all of the resources within them. Also included are eleven downloadable audio meditations to help readers through the processes.


Kayla Hancock is 21 years old and humbled to be able work for both Conscious Community Magazine and a healthy carry out restaurant. She is a certified Deeksha blessing giver and loves helping others find guidance using her tarot cards.  She also loves to write and is interested in astrology, holistic health, and dreamwork.


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