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Health in Astrology


Health in Astrology by Kaye Berjot

Column: Astrology Basics 101

This month we will discuss the topic of health in astrology. It’s a topic that is top of mind for me, because I’ve recently struggled through a case of walking pneumonia. Although, it didn’t land me in the hospital it sure did make me take a good look at how I was too busy taking care of other things before taking care of myself. 

When you walk out of a doctor’s office with 4 different prescriptions to cure something that could have easily been healed months ago, it makes one reconsider how important health is in your life. Therefore, in this article, we will look at what sign, house and planet help you to become better acquainted with your own health needs. 

Virgo is known as the Virgin in astrology. It symbolizes purity, before becoming influenced by others words or way of thinking. It is the whole self before being split into two. It is the child that has grown into the young adult and who hasn’t yet been controlled by circumstances. 

If there were a sign that helped you hone in on your earth bound health needs, then Virgo would be that sign. Remember, Virgo is an earth sign and it is Virgo that taps into the part of you that’s untainted.  So, what happens when, it becomes influenced by external forces? The short answer, you become ill. This illness can show up in many forms but the reason that it happens is because we don’t want to admit that our “crops” have become influenced by outside circumstance.  

Recently, I was speaking with my good friend, fellow intuitive and tarot reader, RoseWolf about The Hermit.  The Hermit is the card that represents Virgo in the tarot deck and I’m talking about it because astrology gets really interesting when we start to merge it with other esoteric dynamics like tarot and numerology.

Her interpretation of the Hermit was that of the individual that doesn’t go out and have the real conversation because they don’t want to be told that something has been tainted. This resonated with me, because I look at Virgo in a chart as representing purity but it should also be noted that as we get older and have experiences something happens to that purity and it becomes something else. Some might say that the something else is discernment of what is healthy and of what isn’t. 

The 6th house, is naturally ruled by Virgo and if you remember from previous articles the 6th house is the house of health and service to others. In that article I mentioned that you have to first take care of yourself before moving on to the 7th house of partnerships. The 6th house is the one right before the self meets others, so it’s very important to nurture that part of self and to make sure that it is grounded and rooted in the right frame of mind. 

As with everything in life, we evolve through the houses and various happenings impact how we feel about ourselves. Those circumstances can make us experience great highs as well as great lows, but when we dwell on the great lows we inadvertently carry burdens that we shouldn’t and therefore we unintentionally cause ourselves great harm. If you take a look at the sign that is in your natal 6th house, it will give you a good indication of what allows you to be healthy. For example, if you have Gemini in your 6th house, verbal expression will allow you to release whatever is ailing you or clearing out the no longer necessary will help if you have Pisces in that house. I can’t reiterate enough, the importance of having access to your natal chart so that you can best see how these houses work for you. 

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo. Because, Virgo rules thought and interpretation this communication is largely mental. We all know the importance of thinking and have heard the phrase that thoughts become reality.  Planets have a tendency to take on whatever sign or house they are placed in within your natal chart. So if you have Mercury in Libra, this would indicate communication with others and if it is in your 9th house it would indicate understanding how to communicate either mentally or verbally. So what would be required for the individual is to communicate to others what they have learned in order to release the tension that is prohibiting healing. 

So, how do we put all of this together to achieve a healthier you during the month of September? First, get your chart, if you don’t yet have it. You can find a free chart on astro.com. Second, locate Virgo in your chart, if it’s in the first house then you are looking at how to create a healthier you or if in the 4th house how to create a healthier home. 3rd look at where Mercury is in your chart, if it’s in your 10th house of career in the sign of Sagittarius, then it would be about understanding how to communicate what you want to be remembered or known for in society. 

The key to freeing yourself of any hidden illness is to find its source and that requires us to do some analyzing, which is a Virgo trait. It requires us to not deny our needs, which is a lesson from the Hermit. It requires us to remain true and pure to ourselves before taking care of everything else, which is a 6th house characteristic. It requires us to communicate our needs, which is a gift of Mercury. And it requires us to forgive the circumstances that have brought us to unhealthy places and to have faith in ourselves that we can come back to a place of wholeness, that is a gift from Pisces who sits across the table from Virgo.  

I always say that, if you want to know how to be your ideal sign then look across the zodiac table to see who is directly across from you. But, I’ll save that topic for another day. As always, thank you for continuing to support the Conscious Community family. 

Until Next Time!

Kaye Berjot is a transformational astrologer who can be contacted for readings and guidance at kaye@askkaye.com.


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