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Full Moon August 15, 2019 – Exploring New Possibilities

By Donna Stellhorn

Mid-August brings us the Full Moon in Leo and Aquarius. The Moon in Aquarius sparks our interest in the unusual, the intriguing and even the controversial. We may be exploring new sides to our personality. Consider trying suggestions from others, even if they are way outside our norm. Time to investigate new things in the world.

The Moon is opposing the Sun exactly conjunct Venus, the planet of wants and desires. This is a recipe for excess. Compulsions and addictions are strong now. With this aspect, I fear I might wake up in the morning in a bed littered with empty premier ice cream containers. Be careful of falling into old habits.

The Sun/Venus connection is making an inconjunct to Pluto in Capricorn. It would be nice to think this is the voice of control, but it’s just as likely to be gasoline on the fire of obsession. The solution is to acknowledge feelings without judgment. To remind ourselves, we’re human and we have cravings and that doesn’t mean we’re not marvelous beings. And, it will help to not have a lot of ice cream in the house—if you know what I mean.

Neptune is moving backward to trine the North Node and sextile the South Node. Our vision of the future is actually building before our eyes. At this time, it’s very helpful to have a positive vision, no matter what the media might say. If consuming media is the addiction you have, it’s good to shut it off for a while.

Saturn semi-sextiles Jupiter giving us the “opportunity” to work with or on something we really don’t know how to do. This aspect is the idea that if you can drive a car you can probably drive a moving van, but you may not feel ready. So, if you’ve ever entered into a love relationship before, you can again—even though your heart feels nervous about it. If you’ve interviewed for a job before and got the job, you can do it again—even though interviews are stressful.

Mars is the last planet of this chart, sitting at 28 degrees of Leo. This means action comes at the end. After all the thinking, discussing, planning, rethinking, and, let’s face it, procrastinating, we finally act. So, the sooner you can take action on any project or task, the less stress and work it will be.

Here are my predictions for each sign.

This month your focus is on love and friendships. You may meet someone new, someone unlike you’ve ever known before. A dream you have or a TV program you watch may inspire you towards a big life choice. You may have a test or some professional certification to get through. It’s good to study early and consistently to do well here. There’s a lot of activity around children, younger relatives or pets. Everyone wants your attention, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.

Now your focus turns to home and your career. You may be exploring new job possibilities or looking at new duties at your current job. There’s fun to be had at home with family. This could be a party or family reunion. A friend gives you advice about boundaries or helps you through a sticky situation. A financial matter could be beneficial, but there’s paperwork that needs your attention first. It’s time to complete a home project. You might be finishing a repair or decluttering a closet.

School and education are highlighted now. You may have a child getting ready for a new school or moving away to attend a university. There can be a financial windfall coming from a job or side business. Your partner may want to explore something new in the bedroom. If you’re looking for love, consider attending financial seminars or health-related events to meet new people. This is a good time to go dancing, hiking or biking. Get out in the fresh air and have some fun.

Finances are highlighted this month. Income is improving but perhaps more needs to be directed to savings or debt repayment. A spiritual awakening or sudden insight is possible now. This could be a realization that changes your entire outlook on a matter. A desire to eat healthily or start a new exercise routine goes well but your partner may not be ready to join in. After much deliberation about a purchase—a huge amount of thought—you may decide you don’t need it after all.

The focus is on relationships at this time. If you’re already in a love relationship, you may be called upon to make a compromise for the sake of peace in the house. If you’re looking for love, stop looking for your type. Instead, break the rule and go out with someone different. If the world news is keeping you up at night, switch to a fun novel instead. You’re probably working more than usual. Put some time off into your schedule. Your confidence is stronger this month and this is attracting new opportunities.

Your intuition is heightened now. You are more spiritually connected and your guides are very active. A friend introduces you to a concept or an influencer that could change your future. Changes at home put the kids on notice that it’s better to work as a team. A new pet may be coming into your life. Be sure this responsibility is what you want before signing on. A creative project may not go as planned but is worth the effort. You do well in a competition now whether it be sports, crafts or business.

Your circle of friends expands. You may be invited to parties or giving one yourself. Changes at work lead to more effective results. A co-worker expresses their admiration of you. A trip takes you to a place you feel at home, but the actual travel part has some irritations. And, your luggage may not arrive when you do. This is a good time to complete a project involving technology, your computer or social media. This is a good month to update your vision board.

Your career has a lot of positive energy now, and you can receive recognition for a job well done. If you’re looking for work, there is a door opening for you soon. Taking risks now lead to emotional and spiritual growth. You are learning a lot. There is a financial opportunity but read the agreement carefully before signing on. A contract job may be finishing up but something new is coming. Something you’ve counted on maybe ending, but magically, you find you didn’t need it.

Spiritual connections are highlighted now, and you may be called upon to lead a group, teach a class or head up a team of like-minded people. A family member may ask you to help them with a financial matter. There’s a possible real estate investment for you. It’s okay to spend a little money on yourself now, especially if it helps you learn and grow. Travel to an exotic location is possible and would be really fun. You’re very noticeable now. Keep your social media posts on the positive side.

The focus is on investments, passive income sources and resources from others. You can consolidate bills, increase money flow and may have a small windfall land in your lap. A conversation with a friend reveals how they really feel. Be careful of hurt feelings. Getting more sleep now increases your overall vitality. Your guardian angel is active now but still avoid taking big risks with your physical self. Your sex appeal is quite strong. You may attract admirers and even a lover.

Relationships of all kinds are the focus for you. You may be getting engaged or moving in with someone. You can find new friends now. A business partnership or collaboration is possible. It’s good to invest in your health through preventive medicine, exercise or a healthy eating plan. Partying with friends or too much TV is keeping you up late. This doesn’t help your productivity during the day. A relationship takes a more serious tone as you discuss mingling funds or some financial agreement.

Your health is where the energy is this month. You can find good doctors and medical advice now. Alternative practitioners are also very helpful. You can find a solution or a way forward. There’s pregnancy energy around you. This could be for you or someone close to you. A friend or colleague has a lead on a job for you. This could be a great step in your career. An acquaintance may show some romantic interest in you. If you’re single, this could be fun. If not, make your choices very carefully.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram @donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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